Thrawn's Revenge II: Ascendancy is a total conversion set in the Star Wars galaxy after the Original Trilogy. The first release will feature the New Republic and Imperial Remnant, with more factions coming after that. For more information, see the mod's wiki.

...Ascendancy 0.9 Release...

The Emperor has fallen, and the Empire is in shambles after their defeat at Endor. Can the Rebel Alliance, now reformed as the fledgling New Republic, re-establish the traditions of the old Republic and restore peace or will the Empire manage to unite under a strong leader to once again impose order over a lawless galaxy?

Lambda Shuttle Ready

...Features of Ascendancy 0.95...
Play as the New Republic or Imperial Remnant, each with unique ship rosters, abilities, playstyles and tech trees.
Conquer the Star Wars Galaxy on several new maps with various configurations, featuring several new planet types and canon planet placements.
Completely redesigned UI, and overhauled graphical effects.
Several overhauled and all-new gameplay mechanics, ship systems degrading with damage, and the ability to entirely destroy planets.

For a full new-user guide (don't expect to do everything the same as in Sins) and more in depth information on ship rosters, see the wiki. There's still a ton of information we're working on adding, so it'll become more useful as we go. We also have a board to help people who want to play Ascendancy online to organize games with other players, which you can find here. Keep in mind, this is a beta version and the primary purpose of it is to test features, tweak as needed and to help with balancing (which is currently still very much in progress) so please post any issues you encounter, suggestions, or feedback you may have on our forums.

Before playing the mod to increase stability, also enable Large Address Aware to bypass Sins' 2GB memory limit issues. LAA is included in the download, simply open it, set the mode to basic, find your Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion.exe file and click the box to enable large address aware, then save. This only needs to be done once, so if you have already done it for other mods you can skip this step.

Fighter Update: NebulaPraetor
...Follow Ascendancy...
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...Ninth Anniversary...

Although the mod is nowhere close to resembling what it was in the early days, today marks the 9th anniversary of the creation of Thrawn's Revenge. I originally set out with the sole purpose of adding Thrawn as a playable hero in Empire at War, before Forces of Corruption was even a thing, and the project quickly grew (and sometimes shrank) from there. We on the dev team for both mods would like to thank everyone for their continued support in these last nine years; without it, we'd be nowhere near what we are today.

That being said, I'm sure you're more interested in what's going on with each mod than the fact that if the mod were a person in Canada or the United States (and elsewhere) it would be in the fourth grade, so we're going to do a joint update. If you're only interested in one, just read that part. We won't be offended.

...Imperial Civil War 2.2...

We've made a few changes from the 2.2 announcement; instead of adding the Galactic Civil War scenario, we're focusing on cleaning up and expanding within the current timeline and constraints of the mod. The primary goal is to clean up and finalize the Empire of the Hand and Pentastar Alignment, the latter of which currently relies on outmoded ships and in some cases, leftover models and skins. The secondary goal now that the Defreezer utility exists is to represent the post-Endor galaxy and let the player work towards whatever outcome they want, with whatever group they want (within reason), so essentially if something is available on the map, eventually you'll be able to pick it. In 2.2 this means enabling the Duskhan League in whichever GCs they're already in, and enabling playing as the Warlords, which have been split into Harrsk, Teradoc and Zsinj's empires, who will have a mix of different Imperial units. Ideally this would also include the Hapans, but they'd need a bit more expansion first.

Another goal is to try to mitigate the badness that is EaW's land battles. The first step in this is to remove some of the worse and more tedious ICW maps and re-enabling some of the vanilla maps so we can reduce the unit speed. Honestly, we have pretty much no hope for land ever being anywhere near salvageable but we'll see what we can do (and before anyone says anything, the presence of Clone War units wouldn't actually make ground battles good).

Randomized Z-LayersSecutor

...Ascendancy 1.0...

The goal with Ascendancy 1.0 is much as it always was; we're gathering the feedback from 0.95 to finalize the New Republic and Imperial Remnant, while adding the Empire of the Hand and Pentastar Alignment We're also adding some neutral structures and objectives, including the gravity-manipulating Centerpoint Station. We intended to include several redone models and skins, especially for the Empire of the Hand, however since the focus is still primarily on setting up gameplay mechanic and faction identities, the existing Empire of the Hand ships will be the same versions as exist in Imperial Civil War 2.1. After the release of 1.0, we'll start to redo and update certain models, with the New Republic's Ferret Scout and Empire of the Hand's Ascendancy Star Destroyer at the top of the list.

Tech trees are another primary focus in 1.0. In the existing versions, both factions have about 90 techs available to them, and in 1.0 the goal is to release with each faction hovering around 120, so even the existing factions will have several new dimensions to them upon release. On top of these new techs, each faction will be gaining some units; we've already announced the Imperial Remnant's acquisition of the Allegiance-class and Modular Taskforce Cruiser in exchange for some units being sent to the Pentastar Alignment, but the New Republic will also be gaining some new toys which we haven't mentioned yet, filling out it's currently-lacking Cruiser roster. These are the Sullustan Dauntless and Corellian Proficient.

Anniversary Update: Ssi-Ruuvi AssaultAnniversary Update: Ssi-Ruuvi Assault

Let's Test!

I've made a new channel on which we will be posting Let's Plays of the mods while they're in development, including both ICW and Ascendancy. This way, those who just want to see feature previews and trailers can see them on the Thrawn's Revenge channel, and those who want longer-form playthroughs can see them on the Corey Loses channel. The first series is a playthrough of Ascendancy 1.0 as the Remnant against all four 1.0 factions. I may eventually start playing other stuff, if people are interested in that.

Thanks again for your support for the last nine years!

Anniversary News & Channel Updates

Anniversary News & Channel Updates

5 months ago News 4 comments

A video about videos, and an update about updates. So meta.

A Dangerous Galaxy

A Dangerous Galaxy

7 months ago News 7 comments

"Let me get this straight. You said 'Kiss my Wookiee!' to the most powerful warlord in the galaxy?" - Isolder, Hapan Prince

Help Us, Obi-Wan

Help Us, Obi-Wan

7 months ago News 7 comments

We're looking for talented individuals to join us in our frustration in mod creation.

Faction Profile: Pentastar Alignment

Faction Profile: Pentastar Alignment

8 months ago News 14 comments

The fourth ICW faction makes its debut in Ascendancy. And also complicates the faction select screen, but more on that later.

Squadron Size Reduction (Optional For Performance)

Squadron Size Reduction (Optional For Performance)

7 months ago Sprites 10 comments

This minimod reduces lag by making fighter squadrons smaller, thereby saving your CPU a lot of hard work.

0.95 Hotfix (Requires 0.95 Full)

0.95 Hotfix (Requires 0.95 Full)

8 months ago Patch 9 comments

Fixes a source of the Imperial credit issue, as well as a few other minor issues.

V0.95 Beta (Full)

V0.95 Beta (Full)

8 months ago Full Version 26 comments

The Emperor has fallen, and the Empire is in shambles after their defeat at Endor. Can the Rebel Alliance, now reformed as the fledgling New Republic...

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Guest Sep 5 2015 says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

.Corey. Creator
.Corey. Sep 6 2015 replied:

We're doing VOs as we go, since it's not something we're going to delay the mod as a whole for (they're tedious and you need a lot of people to do it well). All of the voiceovers in 0.95 save for the announcers are stock VOs.

+2 votes   reply to comment
Mister_Vogel Sep 22 2015 replied:

Just wondering,will you use VOs from other SW games(Empire at War,for example),or are you making them from scratch for every ship ?

+1 vote     reply to comment
.Corey. Creator
.Corey. Sep 27 2015 replied:

Making our own, not porting. Same as with models. We don't port.

+2 votes   reply to comment
Palpatine1 Sep 4 2015 says:

After playing this mod for a while and loving it, there are a couple things I didn't like as much:

1) Ship movement needs to have some sort of option for faster access around your empire as it can take forever to get ships from one side to the other if you control a large number of planets and in universe hyperspace travels seems to be very fast, so I find this a bit perplexing. If the mod could have hyperlanes you could take control of between planets (Perlemian route for instance) where ships could move faster it would give you a way to increase movement while also introducing a strategic point for players to fight over to gain an advantage.

2) This bring me to my second issue: There is a lack of overall strategic incentive to take any certain planets because they're all so similar. I'm not sure if the mod team is planning on changing this but I hope they are because in the current release taking Coruscant is not much more of an advantage than taking some backwater world. If you manage to take Coruscant, it should be a huge victory where you gain a major income and production boost along with the ability to build heavy defenses there, as it is the capital of the galaxy.

Right now the only real incentive to expand is by volume instead of any specific planets, and that hurts the quality of the mod because each planet is pretty similar to the next with only small differences. When I take Coruscant or some highly industrialized core world it should be a major victory that gives me a good advantage, not just another planet that bumps up my income a bit and can have its defenses overwhelmed by a moderate-sized fleet.

I don't like to pit mods against each other but I think Sins of a Galactic Empire does that very well. If you take Coruscant and build it up fully then you have a powerhouse planet that makes a ton of money, has defenses that can only be broken by the heaviest of fleets, and can produce a large fleet pretty quickly. It gives players major incentive to take and hold Coruscant or other wealthy planets and I think this element needs to be introduced to Ascendancy in order to give it the strategic depth it needs.

+7 votes     reply to comment
SeraphimD_Kiryu Sep 23 2015 replied:

You gotta think though, Sins of a Galactic Empire has been around for ages before some of Sins' addons. Ascendancy is a fairly young mod. Though what Ascendancy has what SoaGE doesn't have is balance and stability. SoaGE becomes unplayable late game and anything that isn't a capital ship is just useless.

Even in it's current state I would pick Ascendancy over SoaGE since it doesn't slow down to a crawl and the smaller ships are actually useful.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Palpatine1 Sep 23 2015 replied:

I'm not sure you understood my comment. I wasn't talking about performance, I was talking about the fact that SoaGE has a much deeper strategic level of play than Ascendancy because its planets are far more varied in value and that creates focal points for conflict that Ascendancy sorely lacks right now. I do love Ascendancy and know it is still in development, but I do worry that if the planets are left as they are now (which is basically a single generic planet with a few small variations) that the mod will miss out on an important part of creating a great strategy game.

+1 vote     reply to comment
pincuishin Sep 3 2015 says:

Has anyone ever just stopped gaining credits in this mod? mid way through I bought a lot of ships and research and then after all of it got researched and built its stuck at 1....

+1 vote     reply to comment
.Corey. Creator
.Corey. Sep 3 2015 replied:

This was an issue with one of the Techs. It was fixed in the patch though.

+1 vote   reply to comment
pincuishin Sep 3 2015 replied:

Hmmm I should have the patch added oh well I can just do a clean reinstall of it I guess.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Yalio Aug 30 2015 says:

A pet peeve when playing this game is the shield regen on the titans.

The low shield regen doesn't affect the normal capitals too much, as there are usually enough capitals the damage gets spread out a bit and they'll usually be near fully regen-ed in not fast paced games, however this is no so on the titans.

The Sovereign needs 40 min to regen its shield at start, and the other two are much closer to 60 min (if my math is right). You can salvage and rebuild them faster than they'd regen from any heavy fighting they've been in, which is usually a lot since they're the center pieces. Could a passive ability that boosted their shield regen when no enemies are in the gravity well (not fighting) be added so that they can regen in 10-15 min?

+2 votes     reply to comment
.Corey. Creator
.Corey. Aug 31 2015 replied:

This is changing.

+1 vote   reply to comment
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