Star Wars: Ascendancy is a total conversion set in the Star Wars galaxy after the Original Trilogy. The first release will feature the New Republic and Imperial Remnant, with more factions coming after that. For more information, see the mod's wiki.

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7 comments by .Corey. on Jan 20th, 2015


We've officially finished all of the content we had planned for the beta (we're going to call it 0.9 from now on). For those who don't remember what that is, it includes the New Republic and Imperial Remnant fully playable with all-new ships, structures and research trees. It also includes all of the non-factional new mechanics we've explained so far in news posts like ship performance that degrades with damage, migration, escape pods. With the release itself we'll provide full documentation on the changes and how everything works. All that's left for us to do is to clean up some UI and text components, do some balance adjustments and finalize a few assets. This means we can finally move on from estimates and give a solid release date for 0.9.

Unless something goes very wrong, 0.9 will be uploaded on:

Friday, February 6th

End of the BeginningEnd of the Beginning

Keep in mind that this is a beta (technically alpha, really), and therefore there are still many things that are still not done yet or unbalanced to some degree. The primary goal with it is to give everything to a larger audience to help generate new ideas, have more data to help balance, and get feedback on systems so we can weed out or change them before they get too entrenched. The primary focus of this news post is going to be to discuss several of the features and content we've still got on the backburner for the full release and beyond, some more specific than others.

...Vision of the Future...

1.0 will essentially be used to finalize existing content and polish what's already there. The first priority of 1.0 will be to finish fleshing out any incomplete areas of the Remnant and New Republic. On 0.9 they have about 90-100 techs each, for example, but there's still room where we feel there could be more, which we'll use to fill out any gaps in their existing trees. We also plan to add one or two new ships. Secondly, this is when the bulk of unit VOs will be added and we'll make a final decision on music. You might be saying "well why don't you just throw in regular Star Wars music," but there are potential issues with that. We'll also finish off planet textures, backgrounds and begin to redo some of the models and skins that need it (something you'll know we do quite often, if you've followed our work on Thrawn's Revenge). Also more maps. Always more maps.

End of the BeginningEnd of the Beginning

Beyond that, though, there are still many things we want to add and change, but did not want to overpack the first release with a mess of changes, or delay it longer. We've started a lot of our military changes with 0.9, and that will always be a focus, however there are several systems we're looking to implement and change in the economic, diplomatic and cultural components of the game to help it live up the the 4X genre. We'll talk about these more in future updates after the release of 0.9.Another area we've talked about before is trying to make the game feel like a more "living galaxy." There are a few primary ways we intend to do this that we haven't implemented for 0.9. The first is to give planets more unique characteristics; Kuat ideally shouldn't feel the same as every Tier 3 Terran planet, and Coruscant shouldn't be the same as every Ecumenopolis. One way we aim to change this is through specific planet bonuses and artifacts. Another is through unique (functional) structures and landmarks, like Centerpoint at Corellia. We also intend to use random events.

End of the BeginningEnd of the Beginning

Finally, and I'm sure for many people most importantly, we still have several factions to go now that the first two are essentially finished. First off, we have the Empire of the Hand, which is itself sitting pretty close to completion and will either be in 1.0 or 1.1. Secondly, we have the Ssi-Ruuvi Imperium. Thirdly, the Yuuzhan Vong, which we haven't officially mentioned before but which we have hinted at and everyone picked up on, and even hidden some Vong fleets in a few screenshots which I don't think anyone's found. Finally, we've been talking internally about what to do with the Hapans. Initially we planned to make them one of the playable factions but leave them relatively underdeveloped, which none of us were very happy with. The other option was to do what we did with the Empire of the Hand and further fleshing them out on our own; they're a faction that canonically has a pretty significant chunk of territory and although they're most famous for the Battle Dragon, Miy'tils and Nova Cruisers, they are mentioned as having multiple other classes (Hetrinar bombers, Beta Cruisers) so it's a bit of a grey zone for us, especially since with the whole Legends canon thing they're unlikely to ever get fleshed out more. Alternatively, if nobody is happy with either of those options they'll be subsumed as a branch of the New Republic's diplomatic tree and left as militia-style forces.

If you want to join the team while we work on this stuff, we have a thread where we describe the kinds of positions we could always use more help in on our forums, so click here if you're interested.

Finally, here's the second part of our second Let's Play of the mod, in which I crush Palpatine and Daala starts to become a problem for the other 3.

That's all for now. The next news post that doesn't have a Let's Play will have a download link for 0.9

...Follow Ascendancy...

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ConstantinoP. Mar 19 2014, 4:07am says:

Hello, I had a couple of questions regarding this mod and would greatly appreciate a response:

1) Is there any possibility of the Home One being added as a capital ship for the New Republic? I think it would be interesting if it functioned as a command/support ship which would increase the effectiveness of nearby ships through the use of its abilities.

2) Has a decision been made regarding the Imperial Remnant's titans build limit? I personally would like to see a build limit of two while allowing a player to build any combination of the two titans (such as two Executors, a Sovereign and a Executor, etc.) as it would serve the Imperial Remnant's play-style well, but then again it might be too overpowered.

3) How will the fighters be balanced? For example, will there be any advantages to using TIE Fighters over TIE Interceptors or Y-Wings over K-Wings? I would imagine that lower quality fighters will have faster build times and will be available only on earlier era ships, but will certain fighters, such as the TIE Defender, also have build limits on each ship they are buildable on?

I would like to once again thank the development team for this mod, as I love great Star Wars mods. :)

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.Corey. Creator
.Corey. Mar 19 2014, 4:14am replied:

1. The Home One itself will be the flagship for the New Republic in the Flagship Victory gametype, in which it will have suitable abilities as Ackbar's flagship. It won't be made into a buildable ship because that wouldn't really make any sense.

2. There is a hardcoded build limit in Sins of 1 Titan. We've considered using other methods to allow more, but there are a lot of balance issues that could cause.

3. Can't really give you a solid answer at this point.

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ConstantinoP. Mar 19 2014, 3:47pm replied:

Thank you for the response Corey.

1) I was referring to a generic MC80 Home One type Star Cruiser, and not Admiral Ackbar's specific ship the Independence.

2) I believe that Sins of a Galactic Empire got around the limit by making titans a call in ability rather than buildable, but as you said, balancing will probably be the greater concern.

Thanks again; I cannot wait to play this mod.

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mrl515 Mar 10 2014, 9:09pm says:

Hope the website gets worked out soon, seems like it's been longer than originally projected. Regardless, this mod looks amazing, and I'll definitely be buying SoaSE just for this! Keep up the good work!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Pieboybom Mar 14 2014, 6:28pm replied:

Id buy SoaSE rebellion regardless if you enjoy RTS's.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Estiqatsi Mar 9 2014, 2:30pm says:

Does Sins support Hero Units, or in other words, will Ascendancy include Hero Units like the EaW mod did?

0 votes     reply to comment
.Corey. Creator
.Corey. Mar 9 2014, 8:26pm replied:

There are ways to do it, however at this point we don't really think we like the gameplay patterns it would produce in this kind of game.

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ahobgoblin Mar 12 2014, 3:36pm replied:

If you're looking for star wars heroes in a mod, keep an eye on Star Wars: Interregnum

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AdmiralAckba Mar 2 2014, 10:09pm says:

Corey on a good estimate what would u say this project is complete?

+1 vote     reply to comment
.Corey. Creator
.Corey. Mar 4 2014, 9:42am replied:

Honestly, any estimate would be a bad estimate or at least misleading at this point. Most of the art is done and ingame as far as basic ship rosters but the rest varies a lot.

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DarkAssullt Mar 1 2014, 2:27am says:

Question about the planets taking damage. Something that always bugged me in vanilla sins was that when you bombarded a enemy planet, the planet didn't degrade or become unusable. You could drop hundreds of nukes as the TEC on a Vasari world and colonize it again without worry. You said above that the Galaxy Gun would damage worlds. Would it be possible to make it so that orbital bombardment does the same. Like in GalCiv 2 when you invade you have multiple options, normal invasion will not reduce the planet class but dropping asteroids will. Can something like that be included in this mod. You can land ground forces and take the planet over, or you can bomb it from space. While landing troops will be more costly than bombardment, if you bombard that planet the total population that it can support will decrease. A example of what I am talking about is if I have a earth like world that supports a population of 300, and the enemy attacks with ground troops and they take it. The planet will still have 300 population support. But if they bombard it and take the planet, it can now only support 250 population. Every time the planet gets attacked it degrades a little more so that eventually it becomes a "dead" world. Like I said I do not know how this might work, but it could add some strategic depth to taking worlds.

+1 vote     reply to comment
.Corey. Creator
.Corey. Mar 1 2014, 5:06pm replied:

The Galaxy Gun destroys them; it's pretty binary. Either the world exists or it doesn't. We can't make planets change classes or degrade like that. You can only apply things to it to limit certain aspects (you can't change a regular world into another planet type like dead asteroid except via the stripped to the core ability, it's hardcoded; we had to use other workarounds for making the galaxy gun), but even then I don't think we'd want to do anything permanent, just temporary debuffs which IIRC already exist in Sins.

+1 vote   reply to comment
DarkAssullt Mar 3 2014, 3:22am replied:

I just thought it would be cool. Either go the costly route and "land" ground forces to conquer the planet. Or bomb it into oblivion and risk damaging the planet. Instead of permanent damage, how about a longer debuff where you are "rebuilding" the infrastructure. I would just love to see some more options other than bring in your fleet. Kill the enemy. Bomb the planet. Repeat.

+1 vote     reply to comment
.Corey. Creator
.Corey. Mar 4 2014, 5:34pm replied:

A problem I can potentially see with this would be that people would always choose to do whatever doesn't damage the planet. Even if this was made more expensive to do, it would still end up less costly in the long run if the damage to the planet with the other method is more than what already exists in vanilla. Damaging the planet would only seem preferable if you expect the enemy to take it back, in which case I'm still not sure the math would work out.

+1 vote   reply to comment
DarkAssullt Mar 7 2014, 7:36am replied:

If I wanted to go a scorched Earth route though. I have my planets but I may not be able to face your fleet. So I hit your planets and damage or destroy them. Asset denial. Like in WW2, with the huge air raids against factory cities. Instead of taking them intact to use the Allies or Axis would blow them to bits to hamper the enemy. A invasion would take more time as well. I would have to sit there with my fleet to prevent you from attacking my troopships, yet you could also be attacking my planets so I would have to weigh the options countering you or continuing my invasion. Just a thought. I understand if you can't or simply don't want to do this. I do not know how to mod myself so I have no idea how this would be accomplished. I really look forward to your mod regardless!! Keep up the great work!!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Mar 1 2014, 8:43am replied:

+1. Its ridiculous that you can currently bombard a planet over and over again with zero consequences.

+2 votes     reply to comment
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