Continuing the epic battles of the original Sacrifice of Angels mod for Homeworld. Sacrifice of Angels 2 uses the Sins of a Solar Empire engine to add on an "empire building" mechanic for a truly epic Star Trek Experience.

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Great mod, great Star Trek feeling. Cant stop playing.

Love the mod, Awesome ships, Awesome game play, thanks for making it ;) I give ya 10/10!

Great work, can definitely tell you guys put time and effort to this, I can't wait to see more in it in the future. Keep Up the great work.

Love this mod. absolutely amazing. Great work!

A most enjoyable experience! You practically forget that you're playing SoaSE!

just amazing love it.....

In my opinion it´s nearly better than the original ;-)

this is a brilliant mod that brings the universe of star trek to life, much better than star trek legacy


Congratulations on turning SoSE into the best Star Trek mod I've ever seen. Your faithful dedication to the Trek universe shines through. Subtle embellishments of sound and graphics portray a mod that quite simply does not feel like a mod, but a full game release destined to become a classic. Thank You!

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