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Play as the versatile United Federation of Planets, the enigmatic Romulan Star Empire or as the formidable Klingon Defence Force!

The mod will spread over all four Star Trek eras (ENT, TOS, TMP and TNG) and you will find a diverse and well balanced list of starships and space stations at your disposal
This mod aims to bring together the best parts of such classic games as Star Trek: Armada 2 and
Star Trek: Legacy in the beautiful and malleable Homeworld 2 engine

We aim to boldly go where no Star Trek game has gone before!

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Multiplayer on Steam

8 months ago News 9 comments

G'day everyone!

Today I am going to give you a quick run through on how to access the Steam network for multiplayer games!

Step 1: Pretty obvious, go into the mods section of the launcher

Steps for multiplayer

Step 2: Select HW2 classic mods

Steps for multiplayer

Step 3: Select the mod you want to play multiplayer games with

Steps for multiplayer

Step 4: Add "-mpbeta" to the command line section and launch the game!

Steps for multiplayer

We will no longer be making any released for Homeworld 2, or Homeworld 2 Classic (well, maybe some bug fixes on HW2C if the need arises), so expect further updates to start appearing at the new mod page. Click on the picture below and follow!

Star Trek: Continuum - Re-Release GAMMA

Star Trek: Continuum - Re-Release GAMMA

8 months ago News 12 comments

Star Trek: Contiuum has been submitted to the Steam Workshop for play on Homeworld 2 Classic!

Release Γ released!

Release Γ released!

9 months ago News 7 comments

Release Gamma is upon us! This will be our final release for the old version of Homeworld 2 now that the glorious remaster is on its way!

MOTY 2013

MOTY 2013

2 years ago News 5 comments

We've not been vocal of late, but we've not been idle either!

TNG Content Update for Release Beta

TNG Content Update for Release Beta

2 years ago News 12 comments

It has been 5 months since our last news post, how about a TNG content update to make amends?

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STC - Mod Launcher Compatibility Fix

STC - Mod Launcher Compatibility Fix

9 months ago Patch 8 comments

This is a Windows XP compatibility fix for the mod launcher of Star Trek - Continuum (Release GAMMA). Note: Windows XP support has ended. It is highly...

Star Trek: Continuum - Release GAMMA

Star Trek: Continuum - Release GAMMA

9 months ago Full Version 27 comments

This is a full standalone installer version with a launcher and the option to scale back to default shaders and fonts if your system has trouble with...

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QuoNiam Feb 28 2015 says:

Hi ! Dear Devteam,
You weren't kidding about Dark Sentinel's Cardassian ships, they are absolutely terrific !
I've played a round against them in Invasion mode. I lasted until wave 20 (standard difficulty), but all my ships got destroyed but these seven Hutet Superbattleships... and by the dozens of Hideki Destroyers coming right behind (the Hidekis were all destroyed when the starbase exploded, though ! shame we can't earn miney on their heads that way !), I tried the fixed Prometheus class Multi Vector Assault Mode which functions at peak efficiancy now !
A real pleasure it is to switch between the whole vessels and the separated parts depending on the situation, it is indeed in Invasion that they are most useful...

+2 votes     reply to comment
Dark_Sentinel Mar 1 2015 replied:

Hideki and Hutet aren't mine.
What I modelled and textured were Galor, Keldon and Kulinor.

+2 votes     reply to comment
QuoNiam Mar 2 2015 replied:

Sorry, I saw that the Hutet were the same as the ones in Release BETA. But still, the Galor, Keldon and Kulinor have great color, great lighting and are awesome models !

Do we see anywhere in DS9 the Kulinor class? I can't remember it (as in DS9 war episodes, we see so many ships on the screen that it is difficult to spot every of them, even less to see all the details)

+1 vote     reply to comment
Dark_Sentinel Mar 2 2015 replied:

Well, nope.
Kulinor is from ST: Armada 2 game.

+1 vote     reply to comment
QuoNiam Mar 3 2015 replied:

OK, as many models in the game also coming from the Armada series...

+1 vote     reply to comment
QuoNiam Feb 28 2015 says:

Just a detail, it seems that setting the victory condition to "Destroy Team production" doesn't make any difference with the normal "Destroy production" one. When I, or one of my allies destroy the yards and outpost of one AI player who gots allied AI, the rest of its ships get wiped out of the map even if their allies are still alive !

Also, the construction bees are untargetable when their mother yard is destroyed which is annoying when playing in the condition of "Destroy all ships" victory. The bees remain after beeing deployed from an attacked shipyard (trying to repair it) and you can't trigger victory.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Feb 27 2015 says:

rip leonard nimoy

+1 vote     reply to comment
ObeseLobster Feb 25 2015 says:

Im seein other mods on the Steam Workshop already, Im hopin I'll see ST:C on it soon. :)

+3 votes     reply to comment
Nathanius Creator
Nathanius Feb 26 2015 replied:

You'll see STC on there soon! The current installer's files wont work with the new game so we'll be releasing it there shortly :)

+2 votes   reply to comment
Reacon11 Feb 27 2015 replied:

So will we get to see it in the next couple days? I'm dieing to play this and it is one of the main reasons i got HW-R

+4 votes     reply to comment
QuoNiam Feb 24 2015 says:

It is a nice touch to put alien ships in ENT era since Earth doesn't have that many ship types at that time. I always lived Vulcan ships in the series, and seeing them in this Mod is just beautiful !
The Andorian Kumari also is a badass of a ship !

Where did you find the model for the Tellarite T'Garim ? It is nice since the series production cut the budget at the end and decided to put the Xindi Arboreal (the Wookie style guys) type of ship in the 4th season ENT episode about the formation of the coalition.

I also love the Refit of the NX class, as seen in the fan series "The Romulan wars" ! But even with this refit, in the game, the NX is no match for Romulan Dreadnaughts !

To finish, I am very fond of the ENT era Warp 7 Romulan prototype, so much like a Steamrunner class of the 24th Century Fed.
The TOS era Fed Firestorm class very well done too, giving a taste of the past NX class and future Akira and Steamrunner classes !

Nice touch as well about the TOS era Fed scout by naming it Archer class :

+3 votes     reply to comment
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Fantastic mod, really does an excellent job of bringing Star Trek to Homeworld 2. Ships and weapon effects all look great and there’s a lot of little details that really make it come alive. Revamped hyperspace is a great addition as it makes combat and resource gathering much more painless. Only downside is that most maps don’t have a colored skybox, making ships sometimes difficult to see against a mostly black background. Shipyard research also seems a little long, slowing down your midgame…

Aug 20 2011 by SwissKnight

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