Play as the versatile United Federation of Planets, the enigmatic Romulan Star Empire or as the formidable Klingon Defence Force!

The mod will spread over all four Star Trek eras (ENT, TOS, TMP and TNG) and you will find a diverse and well balanced list of starships and space stations at your disposal
This mod aims to bring together the best parts of such classic games as Star Trek: Armada 2 and
Star Trek: Legacy in the beautiful and malleable Homeworld 2 engine

We aim to boldly go where no Star Trek game has gone before!

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3 comments by Nathanius on Feb 20th, 2015

Release BETA

G'day all and sundry! It has been a long time since we have done anything public, we've been quite happy to just toil away in obscurity, however with the Homeworld Remastered Collection coming out we felt that we needed to give a final hurrah to the wonderful original game which started it all!


So What's New?


News Article Screenshots

There is no part of the mod which has been untouched between our last release and this one, there is improved explosions, balancing, graphics, sound effects, music, scripts and there is so much all new content that it would be impossible to list it all here!

We have realised our plans of having a game which includes ships from all four Star Trek eras, TNG (The Next Generation/Deep Space Nine/Voyager), TMP (The Motion Picture), TOS (The Original Series) and ENT (Enterprise). Adding ships alone has been the bulk of the work going on, with one or two ships being added to the mod every week for almost a full year!

This has had a telling effect on the physical size of the mod as well, the main mod file now contains 9017 files in 1742 folders and weighs in at 3.08 GB. This has compressed down to about 1 GB and the installer itself has managed to gain over 400 MB after all this compression.


Continuity Concerns


News Article Screenshots

While TNG, TMP and TOS were straightforward in regards to the expectation of the community the ENT era presented some interesting decisions to make. There was a whole idea of what came before TOS in the years before Enterprise first aired and many of these old ideas were either ignored or shot down during production. We have attempted to reconcile these two schools of thought. Here are the most contentious points...

News Article Screenshots

As the design for the Daedalus had a spherical head it was assumed by the ships from the pre-TOS era would all have a similar design type. If you look on Ex Astris then you'll see many designs of non-canon ships which follow this theory. We have taken the approach that the Daedalus and the Bonaventure from TAS (pictured) were the first true UFP ships, being the results of cooperative ship design and construction from the founding members, Vulcan, Tellar Prime and Andor. Accordingly the two UFP ship are at the end of the ENT era tech tree and the Earth ships are not technically Federation ships at all. The proposed NX refit is also only available after the UFP research is completed.

News Article Screenshots

The other biggest point of contention in Enterprise is the Romulans, they were commonly depicted as being without warp drive due to a single comment by Scotty in "Balance of Terror" in TOS, he said however that they were operating under "simple impulse power only" so this can be interpreted as the powerplant used for their engines as well, instead of saying they only had sublight engines.
The Bird of Prey in TOS plainly had warp nacelles and there was even unused backstory which had the ship be the result of stolen plans of the Constitution class. We have decided to grant the Romulans warp drive in all eras to reflect this and for gameplay reasons.

Before Enterprise the Romulan pre-TOS ships were all imagined to be like the model that Greg Jein did for the Star Trek Chronology, tubular with primitive looking warp engines. Enterprise however rocked that boat with the introduction of the T'Varo class bird of prey (Pictured). This ship looked like it belonged alongside the Norexan class TNG era warbird, not in the ENT era, so we have used it there and had a fantastic model of Gred Jein's design (we're calling it T'Rehu class) created for ENT.

We choose to explain the T'Varo's presence in Enterprise as due to the temporal cold war, but as that was stopped the movement of knowledge and technology (and ships!) across eras was made as if it never was, the Romulans never got their post-modern birds of prey and this really cool design still gets to go in the mod!

Special Mentions


News Article Screenshots

As we have not had the personnel or resources to create all of the models and textures that were needed for the mod we have had to search the Internet far and wide for materials to use. We have been lucky to have been given permission by so many people to showcase their work in the mod, there are literally hundreds of contributors to this mod and I would like to thank each and every one of you!

There are three special mentions that I want to make though, first is the Star Trek Webcomic which is the source of the design for the Romulan ENT era dreadnought you see pictured above. Their "No good deed" comic inspired me to push for the original idea of the pre-TOS Romulans to be pursued!

The next special mention is a whole other modding community, the MSFC is responsible for or have been very helpful with many of the textures on the TOS and ENT era Romulans

News Article Screenshots

Our final special mention is for our team members! HerbyGuitar and Stargazer have been with Continuum from the beginning and you can see their work everywhere you go in the mod. The scripts that make Continuum special wouldn't exist without Stargazer and Herby's fantastic models are above par at every point!

Dark_Sentinel, a new member, came to our rescue with the model of the ENT era Romulan warbird and dreadnought and the best Cardassian ships I've ever seen, as well as helping with the icons at the 11th hour.

SR71 is the talent behind the Federation TMP era fighters, recreating them from screenshots from the old PS2 game Star Trek: Shattered Universe

Brandenator has been my right hand man for the past year though, learning the ins and outs of the mod and generally being extremely helpful, he is the man behind the transfer of most of the new ships into the mod!


The Future


So where to from here? Well to the remastered version of Homeworld 2 of course! If you have been keeping up with the news then you'll have seen how mind bogglingly beautiful the new game is and (with Gearbox's help) we intend to move across to the new platform as soon as possible!

One of the biggest things on our wishlist is to be able to restrict a race if you're not in the right era, this will allow us to do a Cardassian race, a Dominion race, a Borg race, a Gorn race... the list goes on!

The image below is a link, you should really follow that page now too ;)




Don't forget about the forums for providing feedback, bug reports, organising online matches, sharing achievements like your Invasion results, screenshots, war stories or more!

We sincerely hope that you enjoy this last version of Continuum on the old version of Homeworld 2!

Continuum Corp

Star Trek: Continuum - Release GAMMA Desura Digital Distribution

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STC - Mod Launcher Compatibility Fix

STC - Mod Launcher Compatibility Fix

Feb 22, 2015 Patch 8 comments

This is a Windows XP compatibility fix for the mod launcher of Star Trek - Continuum (Release GAMMA). Note: Windows XP support has ended. It is highly...

Star Trek: Continuum - Release GAMMA

Star Trek: Continuum - Release GAMMA

Feb 19, 2015 Full Version 18 comments

This is a full standalone installer version with a launcher and the option to scale back to default shaders and fonts if your system has trouble with...

STC - Release BETA - Hotfix II

STC - Release BETA - Hotfix II

Jun 8, 2013 Patch 7 comments

Hotfix for use on the TNG Content Update ONLY, will not patch earlier versions of the mod!

STC - Release BETA - Content Update

STC - Release BETA - Content Update

May 2, 2013 Patch 32 comments

Content update for the work done on the mod during Q1 2013. This can be applied to both Release BETA or Release BETA with the hotfix installed.

Star Trek: Continuum - Release BETA - HotFix

Star Trek: Continuum - Release BETA - HotFix

Jun 15, 2012 Patch 12 comments


Star Trek: Continuum - Release BETA

Star Trek: Continuum - Release BETA

Jun 7, 2012 Full Version 23 comments

This is a full standalone installer version with a launcher and the option to scale back to default shaders and fonts if your system has trouble with...

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QuoNiam Feb 24 2015, 7:00pm says:

It is a nice touch to put alien ships in ENT era since Earth doesn't have that many ship types at that time. I always lived Vulcan ships in the series, and seeing them in this Mod is just beautiful !
The Andorian Kumari also is a badass of a ship !

Where did you find the model for the Tellarite T'Garim ? It is nice since the series production cut the budget at the end and decided to put the Xindi Arboreal (the Wookie style guys) type of ship in the 4th season ENT episode about the formation of the coalition.

I also love the Refit of the NX class, as seen in the fan series "The Romulan wars" ! But even with this refit, in the game, the NX is no match for Romulan Dreadnaughts !

To finish, I am very fond of the ENT era Warp 7 Romulan prototype, so much like a Steamrunner class of the 24th Century Fed.
The TOS era Fed Firestorm class very well done too, giving a taste of the past NX class and future Akira and Steamrunner classes !

Nice touch as well about the TOS era Fed scout by naming it Archer class :

+3 votes     reply to comment
wheelmandan Feb 23 2015, 4:16am says:

ok few things i have to ask nathanius this work on steam and could put a how to turn it on for this Star Trek: Enterprise year/(ENT, TOS, TMP and TNG not sure where you put it but ds9, but i forgot TNG was around with ds9 was't in any battle but it was in that year still i can't wait too play it on steam just have to learn how.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Nathanius Creator Online
Nathanius Feb 23 2015, 7:42am replied:

Hi there! We've not got the mod on Steam, Gearbox hasn't even done their new release of the remastered Homeworld yet, but when we know what's going on we're sure to let you guys know (other mods will too)

+1 vote   reply to comment
Hammershock6 Feb 22 2015, 5:41pm says:

How easy do you think it will be to install this mod to the Steam version once its released?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Nathanius Creator Online
Nathanius Feb 23 2015, 1:55am replied:

We don't know yet :)

+2 votes   reply to comment
wheelmandan Feb 23 2015, 4:29am replied:

oh shoot your on, haha ok now with the Enterrpise ship we never really saw that era time of ships are you making ships or using other people ships and trying too keep the same mix from the first enterprise ship by first i mean the scott bakula the first command too me he will always be Sam if you know im talking about then your. cool and its ok to feel old haha use to watch his show like was you have to watch it it was always at the end of TGIF haha thoes where the days i would to see more vids about your ships your useing and yea cuz its not out yet for people who have it on steam.

+1 vote     reply to comment
ravennn Feb 22 2015, 2:51pm says:

hey been running into a problem when i try to start a game it loads about 1/3 then just shuts of.

+1 vote     reply to comment
ravennn Feb 22 2015, 3:17pm replied:

found article in forum so i will follow that

+1 vote     reply to comment
tommyf1000 Feb 21 2015, 3:29pm says:

Hi there. I downloaded Gamma earlier today but cant get it running. It installs fine, but when i click launch it comes up with Wfp_STC_Launcher has stopped working. Any thoughts? Mod looks awsome by the way! thanks.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Nathanius Creator Online
Nathanius Feb 21 2015, 8:51pm replied:

Run as administrator ;)

+1 vote   reply to comment
wheelmandan Feb 22 2015, 11:53pm replied:

you listed all the era of star trek will we see the Star Trek Into Darkness ship? no i don't got skills on what the ship name had to look it up USS Vengeance

+1 vote     reply to comment
wheelmandan Feb 22 2015, 10:47pm replied:

hi nat will this work for steam please say yes, and if not why why god why! *shake you why!!!

+1 vote     reply to comment
wheelmandan Feb 22 2015, 11:12pm replied:

I was so shocked this game was mostly getting an update look nothing new but i did have the first a long time ago when i found out this was being released back out to everyone and part 2 it was like a Sold! because an old RTS game came out that day when this was going to come out Star wars battleground

+1 vote     reply to comment
tommyf1000 Feb 22 2015, 5:45pm replied:

If i run as admin the error message no longer comes up, however, i now cannot get the mod to run. The launcher loads, I click launch, the loading spinner shows up, but nothing launches. Sorry for the hassle. Just want to get playing this awsome looking mod.

+1 vote     reply to comment
ObeseLobster Feb 22 2015, 8:47pm replied:

If you have an ATI card you have to download a fix, it's here:

+1 vote     reply to comment
Nathanius Creator Online
Nathanius Feb 22 2015, 8:37pm replied:

Can you try creating a shortcut manually? The arguments you'll need in the shortcut are displayed in the launcher

+1 vote   reply to comment
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Fantastic mod, really does an excellent job of bringing Star Trek to Homeworld 2. Ships and weapon effects all look great and there’s a lot of little details that really make it come alive. Revamped hyperspace is a great addition as it makes combat and resource gathering much more painless. Only downside is that most maps don’t have a colored skybox, making ships sometimes difficult to see against a mostly black background. Shipyard research also seems a little long, slowing down your midgame. Research…

Aug 20 2011, 5:28pm by SwissKnight

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