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27 comments by Bane(Dev) on Jan 19th, 2015

CTA Version 1.1 Changelog:

Cardy/Dom Issues Fixed

  • Dominion Balance - Caps Lowered to 50 Supply, Supply Rebalanced, Dom gains 1 Cap Ship Slot, Manticore Nerfed Shields.
  • Cardassian relationship settings, they are neutral towards borg.
  • Cardy using fed faction names.
  • Hangar Expansion 4 (Hydra Carrier) and Phase Polaron Lance 3(4) (Dominion Dreadnought) don't change the values on these levels.
  • When the Cardassian Titan spawns the Norin class ships the icon in the info card is of an Intrepid.
  • Monac starbase upgrade points.
  • Nor outpost, monac and eaves has stock hud icon.
  • There is a problem with outpost's 2nd weapon upgrade. 1st upgrade gives torpedoes, 3rd upgrade increases weapon damage by 20%, but the 2nd upgrade does nothing.
  • Various String fixes

Feds Issues Fixed

  • Polaris/excalibur photon/quantum mixup
  • Polaris clones can no longer be gemini effected
  • Changed Section 31 research to reduce pirate severity no longer makes neutrals friendly.
  • Build Effect Titan Yard - Avalon shipyard still using old construction particle effect.
  • Defiant Mines Reset to correct versions.
  • C-7 Constructor still using old Antares ship button icon
  • Spacedock button icon is still using the old Argonev one
  • Reintegration for galaxy and prometheus damage
  • Look at FED Jump Cost on Colony Ship versus other factions
  • Picard damage retaliation and turrets retaliation clashes and causes game freeze. Might happen also when fed vs fed, need testing.
  • Miranda ability stacks too much, need to reduce to one stack.
  • Intrepid 2 more supply cost, Rebalanced.
  • Polaris multi adapative shield fix

Borg Issued Fixed:

  • When you click on the Transwarp Gates and hover over the only icon in the abilities area the description card references the Progenitor.
  • Borg Starbase Research for Range and Overall Range increased.
  • Ship speeds
  • Viral on 7 of 9 spins starbases, need to look at.
  • Look into borg ship usage for AI

Klingon Issues Fixed

  • Qehrall call in ability, still uses old predator need to switch to new predator or ktinga.
  • Kurn might have the same issue?
  • Goroth bomber description string needs to be looked at
  • "Elite Engineers" description on Ravenous needs to be looked at, in fact, all Ravenous descriptions need to be looked at
  • Klingon civilian and tactical research base strings need to be looked at
  • Klingon SH-J2 Titan Yard description needs to be looked at
  • Research "The Will of Kahless" goes off screen when hovered over
  • Predator Siege Destroyer research description needs to be looked at
  • Ravenous cloak fleet ability description needs to be looked at
  • Klingon battle cloak description needs to be looked at
  • Ion pulse on outpost not firing correctly
  • Between star jumping conflicting with needing research stations.
  • Unity station sensor upgrade and ability strings
  • Brell has R_pulse instead of K_pulse as sound for disruptors.
  • Sword of Kahless ability strings need updated,
  • abilities get weaker when bastion shield is active.

Romulan Issues Fixed

  • Quantum Absorption on Starbase - making endless noise
  • ICONS on Rom Outpost.
  • Missing Strings in Research Tree
  • Thalen colony ship portrait is stock
  • Praesidium Constructor (Romulan Starbase constructor) has the Cloak Vessel ability, but no antimatter so it cannot maintain a cloak to begin with.
  • Gladius and Javelin need to have their green text looked at
  • Gladius and Javelin bomber icons are differently styled than rest of icons

General Issues Fixed

  • Planet Tier System - Pop Generation
  • Anti module artillery ship use by AI
  • Give all AI 4 or 8 more slots in secret research, due to AI getting stuck on planet research and not enough research buildings
  • Find a way for an AI to never give up and keep doing stuff.
  • Class D Planetoid needs quotes so it says 'Planetoid'
  • Check Weyoun 7 Quote "Time to start packing". Is it Weyoun 6 or 7?
  • Negative Bonuses - Demon Planets
  • CLass Y Demon need more incentive - inc resource extract rate
  • Dreadnought upgrades tooltips needs fixing
  • Tactics management strings need to be polished
  • Orion Pirates have a Nausicaan as portrait - no longer a problem, strings now make it obvious that the Pirates are multi-cultural
  • Species 8472 Bioship needs button icon in UI
  • Tachyon Pulse description needs to be fixed
  • Total bounty string description still mentions "empire" (top right corner UI)
  • Nausicaan raiders missing ship button icon in UI
  • Miradorn Raider missing ship button icon in UI
  • "Back button" in UI needs some antialiasing
  • Large Neutral ships using Fed, Kli, Rom capital ship names. They shouldn't. - Have a solution for this
  • Civic Infrastructure, Social and Industrial Development need to be reworded to be compatible with the Borg
  • Scuttle description needs to be rewritten
  • Remove requirements for research station to avoid rebuild bug with star travel.
  • Work on Planet and Star names to make them better
  • Add additional Capital ship names. Perhaps around 50 for each race?
  • Fleet cohesion strings and related need to be made to look nicer
  • Nausicaan Raider/Ravager Class for the Pirates have a naming paradigm discrepancy
  • One Class A Hydrocarbon bonus missing string
  • Reforming fleet string needs to have the f capitalized
  • Plasma pulse particle for damaged ships needs to be resized, it's a bit jagged/blurry
  • Endgame summary - dilithium crystal icon shows up for some reason
  • Minzoom on many neutrals needs to be looked at
  • Nebula button icons and strings need to be looked at
  • Startravel and wormhole travel stay once researched, not being removed if you lose research stations.
  • Class K and Class H Level Planets last 2 massive price diff upgrade
  • Antares-class freighter name string at Ferengi Tradeport showing up as Liberty-class
  • Some more Dilithium on some planets?
  • Neutral AI top speed.
  • Many other string Fixes!

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STA3: A Call To Arms 1.1 Galaxy Forge Tool Zip

STA3: A Call To Arms 1.1 Galaxy Forge Tool Zip

Jan 28, 2015 Mapping Tool 11 comments

Many of you have been asking for the Galaxy forge in order to make your own custom maps using our planet system. Well here it is! You don't need to download...

STA3: A Call To Arms 1.1 PATCH Zip

STA3: A Call To Arms 1.1 PATCH Zip

Jan 28, 2015 Patch 29 comments

Here's the Patch version to STA3: A Call To arms. Please unzip this to the folder of your choice. Contained within the root folder is the "STA3-CTA" folder...

STA3: A Call To Arms 1.1 Full Version Zip

STA3: A Call To Arms 1.1 Full Version Zip

Jan 28, 2015 Full Version 16 comments

Here's our next release of CTA in a full version. Please be aware that the unzip folder is not the mod itself, the mod is in a sub-folder entitled "STA3-CTA...

STA3: A Call To Arms Installer version

STA3: A Call To Arms Installer version

Dec 14, 2014 Full Version 253 comments

This is our Installer version. Contained is our executable is (STA3-CTA), a pre-made enablemods.txt, our readme and credits list and the large address...

STA3: A Call To Arms Zip version

STA3: A Call To Arms Zip version

Dec 14, 2014 Full Version 100 comments

This is our Zip version. Contained is our Game folder (STA3-CTA), a pre-made enablemods.txt, our readme and credits list and the large address aware application...

Federation User Guide

Federation User Guide

Nov 24, 2014 Guides 49 comments

This file is the user guide for the federation, with this you have an overview of all ships and stations with some information on what they do and what...

Post comment Comments  (10 - 20 of 9,214)
Shvidler 12hours 31mins ago says:

Still got problems with the Feds AI. Played several games 1v1 on random maps. By the time i had 5 planets and a small but efficent fleet they barely occupied two planets and there fleet was nonexitened. This occured to normal and hard difficulties (both random and agressive types), but on evil difficulty AI build massive fleet and smashed me.

I dispatched several scouts to monitor the AI and played once with allied fed to watch it. AI build some stations, one ambassador and miranda and thats that. :(

+1 vote     reply to comment
Paradepartizan 5hours 11mins ago replied:

Thought the same when i played against Fed AI (hard) on random small map. They started really weak, didnt seem to do much...but after about 15-20 minutes they went on like they were on steroids. You just have to be patient i guess :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
Cailean_556 10hours 11mins ago replied:

What maps exactly? It may be the map. Then again, it might not be. Please provide map names and game settings so I can try and replicate your conditions to provide a more detailed report to Draconis and Bane if required.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Shvidler 8hours 59mins ago replied:

I would gladly, but all maps were Random 1v1 and 2v2. Not pre-build ones.

AI were normal/hard; agressive/random.

all speeds normal except for research? normal start, unlocked teams, small fleets, pirates active, random events on.

+1 vote     reply to comment
fellrunner 8hours 11mins ago replied:

That's odd: some people have had issues with the new AI on some of the pre-built maps, but not on random maps.

I don't mean to insult your intelligence, but are you sure you successfully installed the update?


It may be worth trying a reinstall of the patch; and if you're still having problems try with pirates and random events off. I've played a number of games on pre-built and random maps and the new AI tears up trees.

+1 vote     reply to comment
OrionSlaver 4hours 10mins ago replied:

This is very odd indeed. I've been testing and playing the game for months and since Draconis started re-working the AI (before Christmas last year) I haven't seen any problems like this.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Shvidler 5hours 19mins ago replied:

It's quite OK. I've been wondering if anything was somehow misplaced during the update. I think it'll be wiser to download the full version instead of installer+patch. That way there shouldnt be any problems for sure.

By the way AI did inprove but somehow only on Evil. When i played against evil fed it grabbed half the galaxy before i could blink an eye. And than assaulted my planets with the fleet of such scale my jaw dropped.

If only i knew what is so terribly wrong on normal and hard. But i think i'll try reinstalling and than playing on every possible setting to see what's wrong.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Phobos1986 4hours 51mins ago replied:

I've been playing a single player game on the map Founding Fathers with 4 Hard AI and Fed AI is the bane of my existence they are constantly pushing into my territory and removing them proved long an difficult.

+1 vote     reply to comment
TrueNateDogg 13hours 5mins ago says:

Hey CTA team! I LOVE your mod. To death. I'm trying a little troubleshooting unfortunately. You see my game keeps crashing after a certain amount of time, and drops frames hard near stars and debris fields. Before the update It was perfectly fine. I recently updated my Nvidia drives so it might be that, but I was wondering if your mod has optimal graphics settings like Sins of a Galactic empire (High medium Low etc.).

If any of you guys could be of help I would appreciate it, but I understand you are SUPER busy with your own stuff.

Keep on rocking guys!


+1 vote     reply to comment
fellrunner 12hours 58mins ago replied:

For general graphics issues try this:


If you're having early game crashes try this:


+2 votes     reply to comment
Moonshard Online
Moonshard 14hours 35mins ago says:

Hey guys, Noticed a few new issues with the new updates.

Two of the issues is with the Klingons. When you build a 'unity one' star base the icon reads "No string found" While also when the star base is under attack, it's shields appear to be that of a Federation Star base which makes it appear quite weird.

The final thing i noticed is that the "doomsday' machine when playing with multiple star systems, is that when it reaches or decides to move to another star system it moves only at sub light speed, it does not jump into phase space.

Apart from that i've found no other issues. Keep up the work guys!!! Absolutely Loving it.

+1 vote     reply to comment
OrionSlaver 13hours 59mins ago replied:

Unity One is a Federation starbase with Klingon characteristics. It's a joint operation between the Federation and the Empire.

As for the 'String Not Found' business, I'll check it out and report it to Ambarenya if the same thing happens to me. :)

Regarding the Doomsday Machine - Hmmm... The Sins engine has a problem with dynamic ship movement. Instead of having them turn when necessary it will sometimes send them floating off into the void. Maybe that's what happened to the Doomsday Machine you saw? I've seen it happen to the Whale Probe before. I don't think there's anything that can be done about it.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Moonshard Online
Moonshard 13hours 54mins ago replied:

I can understand that, however when playing the klingons, the shield of it appears to be the wrong star base shape it's using the Starbase shield for the fed shape so it does not look right at all. Less that's meant to be intentional otherwise it just looks to be a bug.

It's possible about the probe, I've only got it to do it once more after that.

+1 vote     reply to comment
martox 19hours 55mins ago says:

I have a couple questions but the first one is cta related lol. Could you guys pretty please reduce the size of the of the Dreadnoughts and the starbase and the cubes empire tree icons so there not overlapping with other icons please? it makes it a bit hard to see what is next to them.

the other thing is I'm trying to make 2 abilities. The first one is like the Marza's missile barge but i wanted to use beam weapons instead of the missiles but I can't get the weapons to fire right. It will do the damage and all of the good stuff but the weapon effects won't show up and I can't seem to figure out why it won't. All I did was replaced the missile weapon effect lines with the phaser weapon effect.
The second ability I'm trying to make a really powerful attack ability but to balance it out and because i thought it would be cool once it ability is used it will disable the ship weapons and abilities. i can't get both the weapons to fire and the disable to work at the same time but i can make one or the other to somewhat work right.
if anyone can help me out it would be greatly appreciated, just either pm or replay here.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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