The envisionment of TK is to bring you what was promised by GSC for STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, instead of the gutted retail release we were left with. TK aims to cover every aspect imaginable from gameplay intended to genuinely scare the player, to graphics for the absolute best visual experience, cut mutants, absolute realism, optimisations, stability, and a complete game mechanics overhaul, all without breaking the story. The idea is to present the player with a complete retail experience for the purist that liked SoC but wished it was far more fleshed out. In no way what so ever does TK try to be like old beta or alpha builds of SoC, TK aims to enhance everything SoC already has - nothing more, nothing less.

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3 comments by ketxxx on Dec 2nd, 2014

Evening stalkers, I know being what we are curiosity gets the better of us so heres a list of additions and changes TK has undergone over the last month or so.

- All new digital and analog PPE filters for night vision.
The new effects have been designed to match their respective real world counterparts as closely as possible. The effects also have a small amount of filter noise which doubles with the idea that radiation and general anomalous activity hard to see with the naked eye is more visible in different spectrums. These effects also have a very small amount of blur (it won't screw your eyes up, but should be noticeable still) to replicate typical filters that don't display a perfect crisp image.

- All new Infrared "Predator" filter
I created this filter to bridge what I perceived as a gap between no NV and 1st gen (analog) NV. As such IR can be found on some lower grade armors such as some military suits, merc suits, the unique bandit jacket etc. This effect also has a small amount of filter noise and blur, as well as a more limited effective range compared to NV when being used as a make-shift night device. Again, I've tried to create something true to its real world counterpart which means if you use this effect for too long it will make your eyes tired.

- New anomaly PPE effects
Still doing some work on these, but they make for a much more interesting experience. The Gravi anomaly PPE effect is one of the more interesting ones. As you approach a Gravi anomaly your vision will gradually start to blur and distort. I got the idea for this from the basic principles of a black hole \ neutron star, which is to say as gravity increases pressure mounts, things would start to look distorted before you eventually get spaghettified \ incinerated \ generally die a horrible horrible death. Basically, I looked at the Gravi anomaly and thought "Hey, its kind of a mini black hole or neutron star!" Real science FTW.

- Changed PPE anomaly & radiation effect radius
I done this to hopefully add more of a paranoia \ fear factor. I'm sure a lot of you have noticed by default that the zone doesn't exactly feel very dangerous as PPE effects only really become visible when you are in immediate danger, not so anymore. Now its quite possible to not be all that close to something that would imminently cause you death but you would start to see\"feel" the effects much sooner. As a side note, I also added more noise to the radiation PPE effect to mimic the "seeing stars" effect in your eyes when in areas of high radiation.

- Some general tweaks here and there
Nothing too much to write about this one, I just fixed some balancing issues with various things such as some stash locations being given out too often as a result of the stash system being entirely overhauled and changed along with things like adding better granularity for rainfall and description changes for various armors and equipment.

- Brand new rain texture
Probably the best rain you will see in any stalker game, I always hated the vanilla rain as it looked like lasers\wax streaks. I've never been too keen on my previous attempts to fix this issue either, but now I'll concede the rain probably looks as good as its going to without direct DLL and renderer hacks.

- Addressed a few general non-issues
Just X-Ray making some "rattling around" noises in its logs, it bugged me, so fixed them. Well, mostly.

Thats about it, theres some other stuff I'm working on but their only about 50% done at this point, such as a pretty cool death cam effect that should kick in when you die (yes, notice I said when, not if :p ) the effect works, but it doesn't work when I tie it to the player dying so I have to look at that.

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Tutorial for creating rain in SoC with examples

Tutorial for creating rain in SoC with examples

Dec 10, 2014 Graphics Tool 2 comments

Tutorial and working examples to help you along on how to create your own rain texture for SoC.

TK Pre-RC build 1-3-14 update

TK Pre-RC build 1-3-14 update

Apr 17, 2014 Patch 14 comments

First update for TK build 1-3-14, see full description for details.

TK:Singularity build 1-3-14 P1/3

TK:Singularity build 1-3-14 P1/3

Mar 3, 2014 Demo 8 comments

Part 1/3. Be sure to check the readmes and user manual. For SoC v1.0005. Download broken into 3 parts to make it easier on those who are bandwidth challenged...

TK:Singularity build 1-3-14P2/3

TK:Singularity build 1-3-14P2/3

Mar 2, 2014 Demo 0 comments

Part 2/3. Be sure to check the readmes and user manual. For SoC v1.0005.

TK:Singuiarity build 1-3-14 P3/3

TK:Singuiarity build 1-3-14 P3/3

Mar 2, 2014 Demo 0 comments

Part 3/3. Be sure to check the readmes and user manual. For SoC v1.0005.

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Seeker_of_Strelok Mar 15 2014, 12:17am says:

I'm not exactly sure, but I'm just about to leave the Cordon and the hardest thing so far has been a few bloodsuckers, and packs of dogs in general. Maybe I'm just lucky so far, but I've already two Abakan's - Bridge outpost commander's, and the tactical one from a bandit. Playing this on Veteran, too.

This version runs a lot more smoothly, too. So thanks.

+1 vote     reply to comment
lol3r1986 Mar 25 2014, 12:15am replied:

Lucky bastard.

From start i got to deal with 1 controler and bloodsucker and 2 bandits at rookie village. Most of the rookies survived.

Then 3 zombies, and 4 bandits on the way to car park.

And there were another 4 zombies, pack of rats, 3 bandits still alive when i arrived at the car park. Barely managed to deal with them all while Nimble was served for zombies as dinner.

All this in first 15 minutes. Those were the best 15 minutes in Stalker i ever had.

One thing though, where the hell do i get my sleeping bag?

+1 vote     reply to comment
ketxxx Creator
ketxxx Mar 25 2014, 7:27pm replied:

Sleeping in TK is a lot more like it is in CoP, look for mattresses / beds and just mouse over them until you find one that isn't "owned" to sleep in. Once you have slept on that mattress / bed it will get marked on your map. You really should read the manual, stuff like this is all explained in there :p

+1 vote   reply to comment
Seeker_of_Strelok Mar 25 2014, 3:00pm replied:

There was still plenty of mutants for me to fight ( take a look at my previous posts if not already ), just not all at once like the previous build. The Bloodsuckers at the Mill area in the Cordon must have killed me three or four times before I could jump up onto the wrecked truck there, wherein my broken Toz 34 jammed half the time.

I've since started a new game again, and had nearly the same result : most loners survived, Controller didn't even blast me the second time around.

Maybe I've been playing Ket's mod too much or something, but it is one of the few overhauls where half the time I'm thinking "I'm just about to die, but this is great.".

Far as I remember, the sleeping bag ( for me, anyway ) was in the blue box / chest in Sid's place.

+1 vote     reply to comment
ketxxx Creator
ketxxx Mar 15 2014, 8:46am replied:

Yup, sounds like you have had a lucky start my new playtester was telling me he had a tough as nails start. Most of the rookie camp slaughtered by mutants, carnage going on where you save nimble with the bandits under attack by zombies on top of him getting attacked by cats, dogs, rats, zombies, bandits etc at every corner he turned :p

+1 vote   reply to comment
Seeker_of_Strelok Mar 15 2014, 10:09pm replied:

I guess so. There was the usual Controller and Bandits attacking at the same time, killed the human enemy NPCs first, then knifed the controller, wasn't too hard. Since the Game start was quite early, I went past Nimble and did the second quest for Wolf ( Military patrol had killed the Boars for me ), though couldn't talk to the Officer at the bridge, so went through the electro tunnel and grabbed the artifacts there. Knew where to grab ammo from, came back and killed the bridge outpost guards and looted their items, then went to grab the Walther from the checkpoint farther down.

By the time I got to Nimble everyone but him was dead (presumably from the Zombie attacks), so I looted the corpses, lured the ten or so Zombies into an anomaly and went back to Sidorovich, then back to Nimble, who the Zombies hadn't touched.

By this time as well, just from the Cordon, I'd collected four or five Jellyfish, two or three Stoneflowers, and five Nightstars, along with some Antirad artifacts.

Might want to tone down the spawns, or at least make the tier one and two artifacts worth a good deal less, to make their common appearance mean traders already have a stockpile. Might want to lower the inventory weight as well, 80 Kilos seems a bit high.

I'm aware this is a WIP, so just some notes.

+1 vote     reply to comment
ketxxx Creator
ketxxx Mar 16 2014, 8:43pm replied:

Trust me, you might think you are rich now but just wait until the game progresses more and your better/best equipment is in need of repair ;) I probably won't adjust carry weight anymore I keep adjusting it where some say its too high and others say its not enough which is why I introduced the PBS (Pocket Bonus System) basically, different suits grant you different carry weight bonuses depending on their "class". Level1 suits have no bonus, Level2 suits have small bonuses of 5/7KGs, and so on.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Seeker_of_Strelok Mar 17 2014, 4:33am replied:

That's fine, and makes sense. Suits like the military commander outfit do show pockets and clips that things could be attached to to better distribute weight and the like. It's something I occasionally add to mods I play to make the more expensive tier suits have an incentive to buy, or when it might make sense.

That, and I know how to change the weight parameters without causing crashes.

Making things more expensive makes sense, you can just state since it had to be smuggled in, well..

I'm about to head to Agroprom, was tempted to buy the 'fast-shooting' AK from Sid before I left the Cordon.

Like I said earlier, or about previous versions of this mod 'Challenging, but fun.'

+1 vote     reply to comment
gunso Mar 12 2014, 8:48am says:

Hello ketxxx, very nice looking and stable mod and I've had NO ctd's as of yet, but, I do have one gripe to share with you. I'd like to know if you can tell me how I can reduce the 'tint' that you've added to the scopes, like GREEN for the abakan and RED for the HK G36. I would only like to decrease the intensity and make it easier to see, much too dark for my old eyes. Oh, did I say it's a very nice looking mod...gunso

+1 vote     reply to comment
ketxxx Creator
ketxxx Mar 12 2014, 2:44pm replied:

If you go to gamedata>scripts theres a file called shader_control that you can open in notepad. Starting from line 55 are all the weapons that use digital, analog and thermal filters. The filter uses a normal RGB format so the tint is easy to adjust. :)

+1 vote   reply to comment
gunso Mar 12 2014, 3:00pm replied:

Thanx for the reply and pointing me to the source, now to figure out how the numbers work...gunso

+1 vote     reply to comment
ketxxx Creator
ketxxx Mar 12 2014, 5:36pm replied:

No problem ;)

+1 vote   reply to comment
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