The envisionment of TK is to bring you what was promised by GSC for STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, instead of the gutted retail release we were left with. TK aims to cover every aspect imaginable from gameplay intended to genuinely scare the player, to graphics for the absolute best visual experience, cut mutants, absolute realism, optimisations, stability, and a complete game mechanics overhaul, all without breaking the story. The idea is to present the player with a complete retail experience for the purist that liked SoC but wished it was far more fleshed out. In no way what so ever does TK try to be like old beta or alpha builds of SoC, TK aims to enhance everything SoC already has - nothing more, nothing less.

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Train Tracks
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I think that you did well here. Too bad that these textures don't blend with outlines but have designated areas with sharp borderlines.

You could blend in green or earth colours with your track textures to compensate. Afterall the track base is likely to be less clean than what it is now

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It looks pretty good, As you look up the line (on the left) you can see that further up there is a small chunk of longer grass covering the border line, Is there any way to increase the amount of times it uses the longer grass along that section?

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ketxxx Author

If I was to use grass to hide the sharp edges (they bug the hell out of me too) I would need to use the SDK to plonk in some grass over the edges. I've not used the SDK to do things like that before so I'd have to do some research on it. Probably the best solution is as N.Aaroe suggests, blending the texture with the level terrain but that has certain shortcomings such as where train lines are placed right on top of a road. FYI, the new beta will be available for DL soon, packing everything up right now ;)

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Nothing special, just the new train tracks texture, made to look as 3D as possible. The "flat" vanilla texture never looked right.

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