The envisionment of TK is to bring you what was promised by GSC for STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, instead of the gutted retail release we were left with. TK aims to cover every aspect imaginable from gameplay intended to genuinely scare the player, to texture replacements / enhancements for the absolute best visual experience, cut mutants, absolute realism, optimisations, stability, and a complete game mechanics overhaul - all without breaking the story. I want to deliver a mod which anyone who plays it will have their breath literally taken away by its sheer quality, attention to detail, and being the only mod players may well have to keep a spare pair of pants handy!

TK 2.Zero Help, Tweaks, & Support Forum!
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So many choices... What folder(s... (Elder_Stalker 2 months ago)

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TK Suggestions (ketxxx 2 years ago)

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new animations (ketxxx 1 year ago)

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Sten (gkmn 1 year ago)

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