This is a STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl Total Conversion mod. The goal is to create a world as rich as the lore of Warhammer 40,000, complete with original story line, authentic weapons, and remaking of the general gameplay, although the engine will remain intact... because, admit it, x-ray is just an awesome game engine.

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I haven't forgotten about this mod or you guys, but...

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I haven't forgotten about this mod or you guys, but work hasn't really been letting me get the time together to sit down and compile all my stuff for an alpha build... and it's only getting worse... I will be starting school for a business degree as of fall semester.

So basically, what I am saying is thus:
I am still working on this mod whenever I have the motivation to.
I will not let this mod die (it's my baby!)
But Real Life takes priority.
And judging by how things are going, it could be about a year before a Beta release...
Remember, It's just me and another modeler working on this mod, and I'm learning as I go...
So don't lose hope, tuck the memory of this page into some dark corner of your mind, for later use...
And when the time comes, I will shower the patient with a Alpha, and later a Beta, release!

Thanks for sticking around folks. I'll continue to keep you guys informed.


I would normally come help you man, but I'm saving all my modeling hype for Crysis 2. :/

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Dude, I'm just glad you haven't forgotten about us.

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This mod will never come out. :)

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