A Mod that replaces all the vanilla weapons with new animations. Released in a multi-part series.

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Animation mods are a rare thing, nice job!!!

Wow, great job...DL'd^^

11/10 would dl again

On a more serious note, a must have. CoP animations were... meh

Only complaint are the shooting sounds, they miss "kick", but I can easily fix that myself so it wont weigh in on your grade ;)

Good to see something new that isn't destroying GSC's models!



This is what we can call a real modding work. A hard job done by one man, from beginning to the end. Congrats!

Great animations! The game feels so much better now. Not only weapons were reanimated, but also items like the bolt, binoculars and detectors. Really helps immersion.

The animations are better than the ones in the original game! And they are also pretty realistic! Never have I seen such a nice re-animation mod, and I have to say, this thing is almost flawless, although the bolt animation could be a little bit better, I'd say this mod is worth all of the work that you've done, congratulations!

Just wow

The animations look AWESOME, no two ways about it. Unfortunately, the iron sights for a good majority of the weapons covered by SRAP partII are well off, when using the default CoP config files. It makes it impossible to use them, because you just can't aim them.

This is a damn shame. If this were fixed, it'd be a ten. Easily.

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