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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - PreSky is a Total Conversion mod for Clear Sky, set before the events in Clear Sky begin. Its goal is to provide a fresh new game experience from the point of a regular Stalker within the Zone. This basically means that the mod has complete and total freeplay from the start. PreSky combines some of the best elements and ideas from all 3 games in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series to produce a brand new gameplay experience within the Zone, with the sole intention of creating a more realistic Stalker experience that aims to make the player believe they are a Stalker. There is no main storyline progression to unlock new areas, or new items for the player. The Zone goes on living regardless of the actions of the player, with a virtually unrestricted alife that makes the Zone seem even more alive and real than it did before. The only storyline is the one you create for yourself.

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Global map preview - Level links
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Cowlick035 May 22 2012 says:

Cool! Dead City, Wild Territory and Darkscape (box is a bit off). What about Limansk?

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SetaKat Author
SetaKat May 22 2012 replied:

Could never get Limansk stable enough. Always caused random lockups that required me to kill Stalker via Task Manager.
If I removed all alife, everything was fine. Moment I put a mutant or npc on -> lockup at some point.
Dunno why the tool I used to position the maps refused to correctly do Darkscape's box... But its positioned correctly anyway.

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TheLozza May 28 2012 replied:

Dead City? I've never knew it was in the old games. I hope one day you could join the mercs there.

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SetaKat Author
SetaKat May 29 2012 replied:

Present in several builds. Dunno why it was cut, awesome level. Much better than Limansk.
Undecided atm what will be in Dead City. Might be Merc's, might be mutants, or might be something else...

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TheLozza May 30 2012 replied:

If you wanna keep the stalker spirit, the the buildings around the statue are occupied by mercs, the rest is just... mutants.

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SetaKat Author
SetaKat May 30 2012 replied:

I have a copy of the npc layout map for Dead City, back when it was supposed to be Freedom's base.

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Drag0 May 22 2012 says:

Oh goodie!

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Das_P0m May 25 2012 says:

Why dont you keep some of the original CS connections between the levels?
Agro to Yantar for example? Or is it not possible to let two ways end up on one point? (wild territory goes there)

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SetaKat Author
SetaKat May 25 2012 replied:

It is possible, but I've have to create a script which makes a fake level changer interface allowing the actor to access more than one level (so we'd have Agro-Yantar-WT level changer triangle, for example). If I did this, I'd most likely have to change the rest of the games level changers to use a similar system.
As this is set in a different time period to CS, it makes sense that some paths are no longer accessible, or aren't accessible yet. I'm thinking of also having a feature where an emission will enable and disable level changers zone wide, to simulate various paths opening and closing. So these 3 way locations ( Agro-Yantar-WT) might only have 2 ways open at any given time, or they might all be closed off. We'll have to see if I decide to implement such a feature.

I'm also thinking of adding several new maps to the mod, either community made, or old SoC build maps. I have 4-5 in mind, its just trying to find out if they can fit anywhere realistically. I'm looking at that large space at the top right section of the map, the hard part is trying to arrange them so they make sense. Or I could expand the map westward, and have Dead City's leftmost exit lead to them. I don't know yet. I might decide that none of them fit anywhere, and not use them. Which would be a shame, since the old SoC build level design is actually much better than the final game's levels in most cases. All I can at this moment say is that their are no levels north of Red Forest.
Of course, like everything else, this might change.
And I have no plans to add CoP levels (tad to big for CS engine)

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Commissar1032 Jun 15 2012 replied:

Sorry for kinda dragging this conversation on (been a few weeks since anyone posted on this particular page) but since you were talking about the whole adding new maps why not 1935 Yantar ( it's kinda big with the whole underground in all but it would make a great Hub area of sorts for other level links.

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SetaKat Author
SetaKat Jun 19 2012 replied:

I have looked at it, and come to the conclusion that in its current state, it would make a decent hub between Dead City, Military Warehouses, and Rostok Bar. It doesn't have a road that I can link up to Red Forst, unless I move the Dead City link to it. My only other problem is that the level changers in the levels current form are too close to the edge of the level, meaning it is possible to look at the road just - stop.
I have been looking for a hub level to put between Dead City, Military Warehouses and Red Forest, and the only other levels I can find that would fit road and level changer wise is the 1935 era style Garbage rotated 90 degrees clockwise, or the unfinished Clear Sky version of CoP's Jupiter map also rotated 90 degree's clockwise. (Jupiter also appearing in the Southern Zone could be explained by the laws of nature, reality and physics the Zone runs on: Anything is f*****g possible. That, or the Soviets built 2 versions of the plant - alternate universe, so it is possible)
In any case, all 3 of these levels would need some serious SDK work to bring them up to scratch.

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Rumcajs93 Sep 17 2012 says:

Maybe you can change way from Red Forest to Army Warehouse's - do that the same as in orginal Clear Sky.
South way from red forest you can connect with east pass of Dead City.

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Showing off the level connections within the mod. Yellow lines indicate level connections, yellow question marks are undecided/go nowhere connections ATM.
Subterranean levels not shown.
I've also fixed the Box for Darkscape, it now shows correctly.

Had to reupload it, since I accidentally hit delete somehow on the original, and it didn't give the option to restore it, despite the message it gave otherwise.

May 22nd, 2012
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