There we go again. This is the third version of STALKER Particle paradise! STALKER PP(!) 3 will feature the best graphics in stalker call of pripyat. This version will be more stable, and will feature more particles, more fun and more beauty...

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My main goal with PPx³ is to make STALKER somewhat more modern. The vanilla particle system was made in the stoneage, and i want to expand the power the Xray engine can provide.

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Inside development, with [ppx]L☢Ner1™ Part 1

Mod Owners: LoNer1, TZP©
Special thanks to: CrommCruac, Holden, N.Aaroe,
Deamonion, Kyle_k_ski, c0ldsnake and much more.

[1.] Documentation: Plans and Actions

Bottom line, all particles redone, added new ones, include SBPI*;

SBPI, (Shader Based Particle Implentation); Modified and Custom Shaders
Provided with the mod which the particles make use of in a (Hopefully) Lagless way.

[2.]Main Goal:

My main goal with PPx³ is to make STALKER somewhat more modern. The vanilla particle system was made in the stone-age, and i want to expand the power the Xray engine can provide. Thats why PPx² was the lead example for PPx³. Xray 1.6 offers much more power, stability and freedom to push the engine to its limits, with Multi-core support and enhanced shaders i want to achieve the most realistic reflection of real life in my particles. PPx² was an example. Adding new shaders for my particles, making custom shaders for them, editing standard ones, along with other gameplay files i will try to get a totally different zone. Varying from minor effects like flies around lamps, mutants, bodies, till the bigger effects, like blowouts, explosions, anomalies etc. The A.R.S. or Anomaly Rank System is an example of this, giving each anomaly according to strength a different particle. Same goes for the A.R.B.S. or Artifact Rank Based System. This system makes each artefact in game unique, and randomly spawned with its parent anomaly.

More inside info will be given at later stages of development. To stay updated with PPx³ and find out more, watch the mod, and please leave comments. Critics are key to good gameplay.

Thanks in advance,
[ppx]L☢Ner1™ - TZP© Lead

[Hopefully] Q4 2012, Betw. December 29th / January 1st 2013

[3.] Goals:

*(optional) = Not prior, but a plus

-1.) Blending in with fog, (optional; if impossible, scrap)

-2.) New forms of particles with new shaders only, (optional)

-3.) Illuminative particles; Particles that light up when a light source is emitted on them,(optional; if impossible, scrap)

-4.) Anomaly Rank based particle system; Each group of anomalies have a different particle,
according to strength, if they are common, type, artifact rarity etc. (optional)

-5.) Particle based mutants; Like in OGSM, particle based mutants (optional)

-6.) Particles that react on night vision goggles trough shaders, (optional; if impossible, scrap)

-7.) Different particles for each and EVERY artefact in game; Like the anomaly system: rarity, kind, strength and durability (optional)

-8.) Different caliber particles (including non existend in game), with corresponding ammunition textures; So that
an arsenal mod or weapons mod can use the right particle for the right ammunition, varying from 5.56 to .50 BMG,

-9.) More particles in the levels; Using the time based particles we can make anomaly placement and activation random,
even with triggers, like the teleport modules.(optional)

-10.) Make the anomaly particles hard to see(must), maybe some with a faint glow and minor air distortion*,
*See more below on the seasoned particles

-11.) Provide optional sounds,(optional, like stated)

-12.) ONE OF A KIND: Provide season related particles with the spawns (all.spawn);

Add snow particles to the maps, just one centered P.E with the range of 2000/1500 meters, and a max
particle count of 3000/3450, making it snow in the zone. And the anomalies will emit a low frequency light and some air
distortion, with fake snow particles around the bottom making it look like it blows some snow away;

Add new leaves, brown, yellow, reddish and "dead/rotten" to the maps, trough the SDK. Only on places where trees are located (ofc);

Totally different zone, with anomalies only emitting minor air distortion, no glow or what-so-ever.
Add green leaves to the tree area's, just some minor leaves falling particles, varying from 25-50/75-100 particles depending on size of the forrest. Adding new sound spheres and new bird sounds / wind / creeking sounds etc;

just some brownish leaves particles falling of trees, amazing addition to Cromm Cruacs Absolute Nature pack(s),
(The Nature Based particles are a must and scheduled)

-13.) Static particles; flies, steam, waterdrops sparks etc. of only 15/30 particles etc. (optional; depends on performance),

-14.) Add new sound spheres / occlusion forms,

-15.) Configurable particles.xr(as in 3 or 4 version with slight changes which can be chosen in an .exe; F.E. big blood puffs or small ones / Big muzzleflashes or Small ones etc. etc.) same goes for the light version,

-16.) Make sequenced textures(mostly for the distortion effects etc.),

-17.) Add AMK styled particles,

-18.) Thick fog particles in combination with weather(must), makes sniping, walking, surviving harder.

-19.) Put a static fog effect around area's like Skadovsk, level changers etc.(optional)

-20.) Change level changers position and make them invisible on the map.(optional)

-20.) Realistic smoke effects, like in BF3 and Crysis.(optional)


- Stable particles.xr, when lag is introduced in a vanilla gamedata, particle count will be cut,

- A light version from the start, switching work on them within weeks or days;
(The light will NOT have points 5, 7, 12 and 13)

- Universal mod, must be 99% mergable,

- Top notch quality, at maximum speed; maximum particle count must be beneath 3500/3000 particles,

- Include own version of big mods particles; F.E. Cromms Weather/Blowout/Toxic Rain etc. Particles

- Provide development footage, screenshots, projects, inside notes etc. Make the people get interested.

N.Aaroe Creator

Wow, you are specializing in an area that few modders are touching.
Tracking and best wishes for your progression friend

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Lоner Author

Thank you N! Sorry for the late reply, too bad comments don't show up in my messages :(

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