Full concept MODIFICATION of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat that touches every game aspect including textures, sfx, music, weapons, A.I., items, weather, mutants, difficulty and much much more!

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This is no longer a game, it's so unbalanced that you can't call it a game anymore.

Weapon damage MUST be equal to all combatants. It's part of the consistency a mod based on realism needs. It's not an option or an excuse to artificially up the difficulty.

Prices must be fair too. And item drop rates. They must be consistent. Removing items from inventories artificially is nothing short of dissapointing every time you open an inventory.

Making it more difficult for the sake of it, detaches this mod from the game it originally was, it's only an exercise in patience now, and not fun in any way.


Serafine666 says

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Just to be clear: I really, REALLY enjoy this mod. I like how it's been given a facelift so everything looks smoother and nicer. I like that the designer either borrowed or made the effort to add in cool bits and pieces like a WW2-era assault rifle and the Mosin-Nagant 91/30 rifle. I like that he made the sleeping bag and repair kit work the way they were supposed to and I thought that the amusing little touch of a porn magazine giving you psychic protection was funny. As I see it, though, the mod-maker made so much effort to make the experience grittier, more realistic, and harder that he tipped into the territory of the slightly absurd. A zombie stumbles towards you emptying clip after clip from an assault rifle... but has 1 bullet if you snipe him before he starts shooting. Dressed in a Kevlar-lined vest and steel helmet, a dog bite takes out a big chunk of health. You can empty 7 .45 caliber bullets into a dog and it just makes them limp. You have a situation where every vaguely human person in an area is running around with assault rifles and no one has more than 6 extra bullets on them. The above situation and a shady black marketeer type has enough bullets that you can fire one at a zombie and one into your own head. Merchants won't buy a weapon unless it's brand new in an isolated area roughly analogous to a frontier on the edges of civilization where the only weapons that exist are in less-than-perfect condition. These things read less like "making it harder and more lifelike" and more like "tormenting the poor player for giggles". For me, this sinks a really fun and well-made mod that I like to play (as in, like to play so much that I happily restart the entire game multiple times after it crashes to desktop for unknown reasons) from "awesome" to "average."

The Good:

The difficulty. Make no mistake, this mod is not for beginners. I was very frustrated at first, but once you get into a rhythm, you learn to save certain areas for later. You're prolly gonna have to wait awhile to start artifact hunting.

Weapon condition: Most weapons are straight junk if you loot them from someone you just greased. And if you killed them with a grenade. Forget about it. Their condition will be 0. However, worn out weapons seem to maintain their accuracy, they just jam more often. And don't fret. If you want to sell those junk weapons, Beard will buy them from you. Owl remains a snob

Monster looting: A good way to get started on building up some cash. Flesh can be hunted from areas inaccessible to them and then harvested.

Weapon variety: There are multiple versions of each weapon to suit your tastes.

The Aggrivating:

Hunger: You will constantly need to eat, or else you will gradually die. If your hunger goes red, might as well eat the radiated meat, cuz somehow The Zone changed your physiology so that you can starve to death in 12 hours or less. (I haven't timed it). If that's the case, then how are Owl and Beard fat? Very annoying. Hopefully they change it to where hunger affects your stamina rather than you health.

Prices: You will pay an ungodly amount of money if you buy a weapon from Owl or Beard. ( He's a secondary weapons dealer in this mod) And don't even get one thought about having Cardan fix one for you. You'll pay about double the price of the weapon, on top of the vodka that he requires, which costs about 3000+ ( Rare to find on corpses). I don't know how they even get business.

Weather: The unique Atmosfear 3 system doesn't always work well. If you die when the weather is nice, there's a good chance it will be extremely foggy when you load back up again. But that's not the worst part. Sometimes it will be clear with great visibility, and suddenly it's dark as hell and storming.And I don't mean a very fast change, I mean INSTANTLY. Hopefully this is fixed in 2.2

I still give this mod a strong 8 despite those minor annoyances. Mostly because it's still being improved upon and more features are being added. I like the fact that it's very difficult at first. I did the Black Road beginning and that was friggin terrifying. I also like the fact that it will probably take me longer to get to Yanov in MISERY than it took me to complete vanilla STALKER. Even 6 years on, there are still extremely loyal players and mod devs extending the STALKER lifespan

By far a must have for me but the detection of the AI is just annoying and im recon :/,But still the best mod for CoP for me.

There's too much to say. All I can say is that the mod wasn't perfect (although that may be because of personal preference in terms of difficulty and other factors), but it surpassed my standards and raised them in the process. I can't play another mod now because of this.

I give this a 8 out of 10 because this "Mod" is like a complete diffrent STALKER game. As the devs self say in this mod you have to think what you doing.But the mod surely has its problems

1. The AI is dealing way more damage than the old one and if you want to survive a gunfight dont even start one.
2.The gear got some nice extras like a GP7VM PKK headgear or some other outfits they even got badges from evry faction
3.GUNS! in this mod you got a shitload of new weapons such as diffrent AK versions and ammo types.
4.The game makes you think of your actions for exampel shooting a STALKER near a group of others will make you hostile to them.
5.I like the fact that guns and ammo on NPC´s are very low because that is realistic

But i have some problems with this mod
1.You cant do objectives (Artifact hunt or the Crashed Heli´s quest) with the proper gear.
2.The gear cost much money and reparing stuff is expensive
3.find stuff wich you can sell for a good price is super hard

Pretty good, I love the immersion. But the difficulty is unrealistically hard


Good looking, much new content, very very / too hard and challenging sometimes, can be frustrating in some situations. On of the best Stalker mods all in all i guess, get ready to See the loading Screen quiet often.

It adds so much i just don't understand how you couldn't love it.

It's good... just buggy :)

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