Full concept MODIFICATION of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat that touches every game aspect including textures, sfx, music, weapons, A.I., items, weather, mutants, difficulty and much much more!

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- NPCs snipe you with a Makarov over half the map
- Main part of the fights is scanning for them with binoculars
- NPCs aggro supereasy, making Stealth gameplay obsolete
- Too many mutants spawn, theyre way too tanky
- Eating, Drinking, Sleeping unrealistically implemented
- Most features get annoying very fast
- Anomalies no source of income anymore because of increased damage
- Poltergeist sound makes me want to bash the devs head in

+ Beautiful weather effects and sounds
+ New music at the Skadovsk
+ Indoor fights are a positive challenge
+ Realistical weapon/armor maintaining
+ Cheeki Breeki

Let me tell a little story to express my opinion:

> Load the game. Takes for ******* ever, but eventually I'm in.
> Start off at the most godforsaken part of the swamps.
> Look around, and notice some zombies. "This must be the zombie farm."
> It's called a farm for a reason. I subsequently clear it out.
> Loot of the day: A nearly broken Sig Sauer with 4 rounds, 13 9x18 and 6 9x19 rounds, two breads, and a can of tuna.
> Feel good, seems like a notable achievement for Misery 2.2.
> Find some loners, kill said loners for loot.
> Loot of the last 10 minutes, of which 8 was spent in loading screens: A nearly broken Sig Sauer with no ammo, 2 AK74s, 22 9x18 rounds, 2 rounds of 5.45x39, and some rotten meat.
> Probably should make my way to Sadovorovisoisorovisk or whatever the hell it's called. I just call it "Good Boat".
> Meet beard. Browse. Feel shame for not being able to afford anything.
> Meet Owl. Browse. ****** at him for high prices. Notice AK going for 20,000 RU and Military outfit going for nearly 40,000.
> Notice that beard pays more for literally any item sold, and also accepts items with <98% durability.
> Dump what I can on Beard, accept "Obligitory 1st quest of CoP"™.
> I know the drill. Notice that radiation is off the charts.
> Better take a quick sippy. Stumble around drunk, fall off into numerous anomalies, instantly die, reload, and die again.
> Eventually pick up boat steering wheel. Climb out, meet the guy, give it to him, chase him, then stab him in the back far enough away from his partners.
> Get greedy and go back for his partner's loot.
> Attempt to snipe with my mosin nagant. Miss horribly, and find out they have perfect aim. Die repeatedly.
> Get frustrated, decide to deal with them after I get to Beard, if they're still around.
> Nearly at the boat, going along the hilly side. Stupid me, walks along the top of the hill.
> Pack of dogs sees me from burn farmstead. They run. Really fast. 12 of them.
> Get frustrated. Ragequit.

It is too complicated. You have too many items to worry about. The game is just too complex. PLEASE, PLEASE make it more simple you can add some level of complexity, but don't over-complicate things, because it's getting ridiculous. Please improve the economy as well, it's too hard to earn money and you can barely buy anything in the game. I understand you are trying to make it realistic, hard and very challenging, but make it so that we can enjoy the game. Also think about newbies that will play this mod. For average person it doesn't make sense, too hard to play to earn money, you cant buy anything. By far this mod only gives me depression.

So I recently got this mod, I'm running 2.1.1 and I have to say the gameplay is pretty great. It is however extremely punishing for small mistakes or even just unwise decisions. However this is a good thing as this is going for realism, and the micromanagement of ammo, buying, selling, repairing and looting/farming really appeals to me. I do however find that some enemies are particularly strange, For example bandits in Zaton wearing nothing but a light overcoat take 2 or 3 headshots to kill, whereas masked enemies will go down in 1 hit. Mutants are also quite unpredictable, as shooing them up the arse seems to be more effective than their heads (looking at you fleshes) but the higher tier mutants actually seem weaker than before, with controllers being easily dealt with if prepared. But my main problem with this mod is its performance. Upon loading, if it makes it that far, it will run at a nice ~60 FPS with a fair amount of stutter as you move across the map for the first time. After 10 mins it seems stable. But then it just exponentially declines in quality until it crashes or I get to sub 20 fps and it is no longer playable. I think the amount of time I've spent playing is the same as when I spent fixing broken NPCs with the Alife settings. If this mod ran at a quality similar to say, all the other mods for stalker, then this would be an 8 or 9. Hopefully this next patch will fix the main problems because if it doesn't I fear that this promising mod will be replaced by better working ones.

A bit too much brown and rust everywhere, and a lot of choices with weapon damage, radiation, and ammunition costs don't make sense. For example, the Nagant rifle deals more damage after 3/4 of the barrel is cut off with a hacksaw, and is the wrong caliber. Anti-radiation drugs/vodka do next to nothing, and enemies feel very bullet-sponge like. Also there is quite a lot of stuttering occuring even on low settings on high end machines.
I do like some of the survival aspects and the weapon selection though.


Hok says

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This mod is quite nice with all of the new things but like many people, I have my own little gripes with the mod.
A few examples:
-Constant crashing, I've followed a few instructions but for some reason the game crashes randomly

-Some of the weapons don't seem to work, an example being the rifle the U.S.S. Sniper starts with, I fire but the bullet doesn't seem to make any impact or signs of hurting my targets, so most of the time it seems like a waste of ammunition, and in turn a waste of money

-Enemies seem to be a bit too strong, where players have next to no ammo, enemies seem to have a limitless supply, afterwards when they finally drop dead, the ammo they use seems to vanish into some sort of void.

-The starting ammo supply, This may need a bit of reworking because with things like the recon class, you start with literally almost no ammo and your weapons are extremely weak compared to everything else around you.

-The Stamina, It's understandable if you are wearing heavy equipment or are carrying massive amounts of items that the bar drains a bit faster but having it drain while walking instead of it recovering slower or not recovering at all until you stand still needs a bit of rethinking, with the players being equal to being made of paper in this mod, we need some means aside for hiding behind a tree to get away. It's not as if our characters are extremely unhealthy for a U.S.S. soldier

Like most S.t.a.l.k.e.r mods there are a few bugs here and there but nothing too punishing apart from when the corrupt saves start spreading throughout the marix that is the engine of this game, then you realise that you have to start all over again in a game world thats supposed to make you feel miserable.. well they got the misery part right at least.

Ok i love the look of this mod good job with that but ive come across a lot of bugs and i mean alot more than all the mods ive ever played with cop. How could you release it with so many bugs, the black forest is unplayable( the zombies can somehow shoot you from a mile away with a shotgun), the torch was ****** up( i dont know how u let that pass testing, at least tell people it replaced the artifact detector ) and the iron sights on a lot of weapons are just plain bugged, please i had so much anticipation for this mod just fix it please. i fully thought this was going to be a good replacement of the closure of stalker 2 but i guess i was wrong.

Ive have just finished the game and must say it truly did feel like misery at times. In the beginning it was such with lack of food, ammo in general. The general difficulty was as stated which was hard even brutal at times, such as facing an army of nearly invulnerable zombies. Overall its a must play mod if your into hardcore playstyles.

New update: The misery 2.0 release was a let down really, certain features are absent and other things are buggy. The enemy A.I. hasnt really improved and has the same armor as exosuit character in a flak jacket. Even mutants insane spawn rates mess with it.

too many goddamn mutants... also the psy fields that some mutants emit are way too powerful / long range makes the jupiter factory impossible and the iron forest incredibly hard

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