Full concept MODIFICATION of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat that touches every game aspect including textures, sfx, music, weapons, A.I., items, weather, mutants, difficulty and much much more!

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Hugely disappointing for what I was expecting to be the best game of the year (better than big studio releases).
The focus on realism and the implementation of it is simply a game breaker and completely cuts the immersion dead.
A few of these are:
1. Eating
Eating. What kind of soldier (or person for that matter) cannot eat a chocolate bar whilst walking?
2. Health
The enemy/player health is very wrong and instead of creating amazing shootouts it becomes annoying going through the process of loading the last save.
3. Loading.
Think hotline miami, when playing that game I never once think "I died again" because I know I can change tactics slightly and beat the situation so death does not become a chore. With misery2.0 this is not the case as due to point 2 above it comes down to complete luck as to whether you will survive a fight not skill.
4. Overall gameplay.
I have a decent gaming rig which I can play most games on ultra settings with at least 60fps. Playing misery2.0 even in enclosed areas has fps drops to zero every 15-20 seconds. The inventory screen is not fun to navigate as you have to wait for the tooltips to appear which some times do not appear at all so you have to mouse over something else and then back. The same things happens in the main menu.

It pains me to write this as I never felt this playing misery1.0.
It makes an amazing game the ultimate game. I will be installing 1.0 to wash this misery away...
You guys have put a lot of work into this and you should be really proud but for me its taken a step back and is misery 0.5 rather than 2.0.
I have watched each video, viewed every image and read every article you have posted and relished in the awesomeness awaiting the release, but I am sad it did not satisfy my hunger for stalker and misery1.0.
Hope things get fixed somehow.

Interesting with its small tweaks, but to me it comes off as a more 'hardcore' Redux. It's quite a change from the original I Work Alone which I tried and didn't like but the amount of small things that annoy me make this to annoying to play my major gripes are.

-Stamina, why do I have to eat a third world countries entire food supply in 3 hours so I'm not exhausted? Do I have some sort of super metabolism?

-Gun sway, did Degtyarev get Parkinson's in this mod? When I first started out as Recon with my AS Val it was nearly impossible to hit anything from a distance from the shaking.

-BROWN AND BLOOM, while this isnt a big concern as I just installed a texture pack but seriously whats up with games/mods these days? This doesn't make it look any thing as 'scary' or 'atmospheric' it looks like someone dropped a nuke on the place, if you look at current day pictures of the Exclusion Zone you could see that lush green flora is flourishing in the area.

-Prices, again another small thing that makes the game unplayable Economy definitely needs some overhauling a can of tuna is 200~ RU and you need to eat 3 cans of that so you don't die of starvation of the course of 3 hours.


AlexK91 says

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I know the entire point of this mod is to be realistic, and immersive, but if a game's not fun, it just isn't worth it. The lengths the modders have gone to make CoP as punishing as possible is almost insufferable. The biggest issue with this mod is the total lack of balancing in the way it's designed. Here are just a few examples:

1. If you're going to make absolutely everything in the Zone cost more, don't make it nearly impossible to earn money. Artifacts almost never spawn, guns are always (at least for the 5+ hours I've played) in bad condition when looted so they sell for next to nothing, it takes in excess of 10-15 shots to kill mutants with starting pistols, yet the supplies you loot from them aren't worth the ammo spent, etc...

2. Removal of the HUD should always be optional. I don't want the HUD to help me in combat, but all the other purposes it serves, finding corpses to loot (I can't tell you how many firefights end with me searching the bogs for several minutes trying to find everyone I killed), locating objectives in big buildings, knowing what direction I'm walking in without having to bring up the PDA all the damn time, etc... I get it's for immersion and difficulty, but let me choose to turn it off.

3. The Russian dialogue... Again, this should be optional. If I hadn't beaten this game five times before playing this mod, I'd be lost multiple times. If you can't subtitle the in-game dialogue (in-game, not in text menu) then I'm still going to miss vital information, Joker and Barge's PDA messages, Noah giving directions to follow him, the Soldiers in Pripyat, etc...

I commend the amount of time and effort that has gone into this mod, and I'm aware that work is still ongoing. The visual tweaks, and wealth of content are definitely impressive, and the insane (but entirely artificially created) difficulty is going to suit some people just fine, but so far, all Misery has succeeded in doing, is making me miserable, and that's just no fun.

For a mod that is supposed to be about realism, Misery has a lot of artificial, unfair and unrealistic difficulty built in. The economy is nothing short of punishing, the rewards few and far between, making the new gear options less interesting (as they are so incredibly difficult to acquire) It feels like the devs really went to far with the frustration factor, and forgot about balance, in the interest of feeding some sort of super stalker ego thing-- seriously. You see it whenever anyone says anything about the difficulty or game balance, to the point of insulting the ability of folks who comment, even.

Don't even ask me about bugs, and anomalies and artifacts have been engineered so as to frustrate all but the most tenacious players, it seems.

On the plus side, the graphics are awe inspiring, the ai's behavior is challenging (now if they just had some of the same limitations the player does, like no night vision, and did comparable damage instead of unerring lethal strikes from ultra long range in the dead of night when you're behind cover...)the gear is tight, and the armor system rocks.

Balance before ego, guys. Come on.

A lot has to be done to make this mod better.
Difficulty balance, it has to be realistic more than masochistic.
And mod lacks a lot of PROMISED features.

Hardcore elitism's wet dream surfaces in the form of MISERY. Don't get me wrong, the mod does many things right, but it does many things wrong. It does make some good changes, but most of it feels like artificial difficulty. It's like the SPARTAN Mod for Clear Sky, a mod where you were expected to take a Makarov and a hoodie and defeat groups of 8-9 exosuited Bandits on the very first level. It's artificial. The mod MISERY does so much to make the world horrendously challenging for the player (whilst doing diddly squat to make the AI have any trouble), to the point where it bypasses the rush of a challenging fight and instead ventures into territory where only sadomasochists will have fun or feel entertained. Perhaps that's who this mod was made for, not people who enjoy the game or want a challenge, but people who want to feel legitimately miserable in their game, for whatever reason.

While I can enjoy and applaud what has been attempted here, when I have profanity-inducing difficulty keeping myself supplied, let alone upgrading to any equipment worth a damn, I don't consider myself having a good time.

Between the gamplay aspects reaching near-trollish levels of difficulty, and the technical aspects, with it crashing for no reason whatsoever at random intervals, the mod is coming off.

Give it an overhaul and get back to me.

Preferably after watching this video repeatedly until you can recite it from memory:

"Extra Credits: When difficult is fun": Youtube.com

I haven't tried the mod yet, thinking the reviews would give me better insight to the mod. Noticing the last few reviews give 10 points with no opinion, suspecting the mod is overated. Still I will try this mod and re-evaluate the mod after pla.

This mod is an interesting idea; but still needs a lot of work.

too hard.i dont like it.

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