Full concept MODIFICATION of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat that touches every game aspect including textures, sfx, music, weapons, A.I., items, weather, mutants, difficulty and much much more!

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Simply put, just not stable enough. This mod was released about 3 months too early and could have benefited greatly from a limited open beta. Once this mod is fully updated and running smooth, I'd easily see it earning an 8 or 9 rating.


Even if this mod has a lot of nice ideas and features to improve CoP on a big way, the work they have done here is simply a mess.
And the most of the appearing bugs are not CoP-defaults, they are added by them, as a result of unclean work.
Easy to see if even the simpliest things are not working without quickfixes because of "forgotten" details.

In the end all this is by far more irritation then enjoying a game.
I know modding is a service, but in my opinion, if you do something.. do it right or let it be.
Waiting for Redux2.0 and Lost Alpha for SoC now, maybe thats gonna be a bit more professional.

The mod has some interesting ideas, like adjusting the character to suit certain playstyles for instance, but it does everything else poorly. It turns STALKER's immersive, beautiful world into a sea of overcontrasted browns and greys, the interface looks like someone was given Photoshop and a grunge brush pack and told to go hog wild, and a number of the weapons aren't implemented too well. The game itself is arbitrarily difficult by making ammunition extremely expensive and uncommon rather than significantly altering enemies and/or their behaviour. I can't speak for the later parts of the game, because honestly, I got maybe ten minutes in before uninstalling. I'm sure some people will like it but this is definitely not for me. I'm back on Swartz Mod now and while I do feel I'm not really being given the level of challenge I'd like, at least the scenery is nice and ammo isn't unobtanium (though 9x39 is still rare early on, which is good).

Really all I can say in favour of this is that there was clearly considerable effort put into it and some novel ideas, I just feel they were squandered.

Well, that was a major disappointment.

If you're looking for a mod that will make the STALKER experience a better one, turn around.

Sure, this mod advertises the "hard" aspect. The game certainly becomes harder BUT (And I HATE it when game and mod developers alike do that) it seems to greatly favor the A.I, TOO much... Just too much.

NPCs pretty much become demigods and gods. You're just a simple peasant running around, doing his best not get smited, while having to deal with **** like health and weapons condition, when others just... Run around, carefree.
It's just too unfair, not unforgiving, unfair.

Not to mention the crazy prices, just crazy... It's just ridiculous.

Anyways, I really hope this will all get sorted, tweaked or w/e, the game just isn't fun no more.

Lets start with what I like. The graphics simply look amazing, the zone has never looked this good. From the interface to the way your gas mask cracks under pressure, the game looks great.

And thats all I liked.

The difficulty is completely artificial. Every enemy is just a bullet sponge. They can spot you from miles away...the DEV team seems to think stealth is possible, but from my experience, not even close.

I can't kill anything. Just for fun, I made myself invincible, and it took TWO CLIPS of the recons starting SMG to kill a human enemy. What? How is that 'realistic'?

For a mod that prides itself on being realistic, it's so far from it. I wanted to enjoy Misery. I wanted to love it. But when a challenge is artificial instead of skill based, any fun goes out the window.

At least offer a 'realistic damage' mod like S.T.A.L.K.E.R complete had.

For now I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, it's simply unplayable.


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