Full concept MODIFICATION of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat that touches every game aspect including textures, sfx, music, weapons, A.I., items, weather, mutants, difficulty and much much more!

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The mod claims increased difficulty. However, THIS (2.0) is not increased difficulty, it is plain dumb. Bulletsponges and ****** combat in general, not to mention a level of bugginess that reaches absurdity.

I like being challenged, but I also like enjoying the game. If I wanted to spend an hour scavenging for ammo, I'd do it in my own backyard.

I hope the next patch is an uninstaller. This mod is extremely overrated.

I just completed the game, saveв everyone. Extremely happy that this torture is finally over. I was really really sick of playing it, but I had to move on because I never played CoP before and I wanted to complete it. It wasn't hardcore difficulty or creepy sounds that annoyed me. It was constant crashes, freezes, stuttering, bugs etc etc.
I was stuck at kindergarten fridge in Pripyat and couldn't go on because the game crashed when I talked to the guy in the fridge. After 2.0.2 I changed settings to minimal and finally managed to get through it. But at the same time after patching the game to 2.0.2 random crashes started happening every 5-10 minutes. And the last escape to helicopters was hell for me. Game crashed at least 10 times randomly while running, shooting, saving, loading, CTD CTD CTD again. I'm so happy they didn't release the patch before, so I was able to have less crashes during the rest of the game. And devs say - the best option is to start the game anew. NO THANK YOU.
But finally I'm through.
What I think of this mod? I have no idea why it is on the 1st place at Moddb. It has no new quests, no new locations, no new anomalies and only one new crappy mutant. All of its "changes" are actually a compilation of different mods that existed long before it. Weapons and Atmosfear 3.0. They created an overhaul, tweaked config and script files, made prices absolutely absurd and non realistic and combined it with other minor modifications as I mention before. It could be ok but they did it with tons of bugs, crashes, errors so people have to dig into it and change config files and scripts and find some ways to get around crashes. Is this really worth your ruined neuron cells? Are you, developers, really happy to release this nonsense and promote it so it gets to the 1st place?
I have not idea, but I'm done with this and I'm happy I'm not getting back to Misery ever again.

Wow. just wow. this by far is one of the worst things I've ever played. Let's break it down a bit.

Yes, I firmly believe that graphics don't matter. Just look at stuff like Minecraft or Dwarf Fortress. The problem here is that it's not just the biggest grey/brown mess I've ever seen while running and looking significantly worse then the stock game, it's that there is no contrast between anything in the game. It all just blurs together resulting in a washed out mess that you can barely see anything in.

Game play
Can you say "train wreck?" Good! I knew you could! While 2.0 adds many features, they are all shoddily implemented and are mostly there for nothing more then complexity for the sake of complexity. And of course there is also the economy where everything is ridiculously overpriced. Also I like how most game developers interpret "realistic" as the character should act like a 400 pound guy jogging at 15,000 feet while having the durability of wet toilet paper.

The Only survival horror aspect of this is surviving how horrible it is.

where to start?
Unrealistic weapon damage.
You are a soldier ingame BUT u cant even hadle 30 kilo in ure baggs wanna kidding me?
enemy need 2-3 headshoots from close to die.
You need to take 1 bullet from a pistol that flys to you from 500 yards and u die.
(lol i eaven have armor->useless)

"Only 1/10? A review must be entered to justify such a low rating."
^As if blind fanboyism is going to save this mod. Let me break it down..

1. Balance is utterly ****** to hell.
(Read more if your not convinced here.)

2. NPC's are equal to T-X Terminators that actually kill.

3. Economy is none existent and your always breaking even.

4. No originality, just a compilation of mods.

5. Ugly textures to make you feel depressed.

6. Needs a high end system, can't pay for a powerful PC?

7. Game stability is questionable at best with this mod.

8. Anomalies are just another name for "One hit wonders."

9. You have the mortality of an ant regardless of class chosen and armor worn.

10. Extreme gun care required. (Russian guns are crap right?)

11. Gun variety is artificially inflated with a plethora of **** conditioned weapons.

12. Design decisions where based on a community of masochistic gamers who thought Dark Soul's wasn't making them cry enough.

13. Developers are egotistical maniacs. They screw mod and you.

14. Quick Save and god mode where obviously the only ideal testing conditions. (Not ******** you about the god mode part.)

15. False advertisement. This mod claim's it's supposed to be "unforgiving" not "stupid".

16. Destroys every bit of what made Stalker games enjoyable.
(This will kill it for purist and new players alike.)

17. This mod was meant to challenge you? It will actually make you socially retarded on family game night.

18. Mowing your lawn and scooping the **** out of cat litter to throw in the trash is more rewarding than this.

19. Those who like it, likely have married the quick save key till death or a bad save do they apart. (Or god mode.)

20. Those who thought this mod is realistic should get a psychiatric examination to see if they are still messed up from their parents beating them. Common guys, go outside, that is as realistic as it gets!

20 good reasons not to play this mod.
Down-vote me, and you will never get laid.


after 2.02 patch+qf+v4 save corruption, its still a unplayable mess, theres still alot of crashes, usually scripts going wrong, the amount of new and mostly useless items bloats the engine making it super unstable, broken vanila quests where its always a gamble if they will bug or not.
Late game pryapat is so bugged out that you will go insane with npc ai scripts going bonkers on late missions and more and more crashes.

im pretty sure its not my computer, i have misery installed on my gaming desktop , and on my laptop and both have the same issues. and 1 of my friends that plays the mod has the same problems.

Gameplaywise, its full of good ideas but with awful implementation and needs alot of refining, like the broken squad and mutant spawning system that is contantly respawning them when you kill merc/bandits/mutants, so its like you clean the gas station, 1-2 minutes later its full again of bandits.

Sometimes the zone is so full of mutants that you cant walk 20 meters without finding alot of mutants.its like a zoo and way to overcrowded and removes the feel of tension/atmospheric vibe that vanila cop/soc had.

Dificulty wise,IMHO it was actually easy, the only thing i dont like is some of the mutants take way to many bullets to kill, bulletsponges is always a bad idea. Almost forgot to mention, seriously whats the deal with npcs spamming throwing grenades with pinpoint acuracy from 50 meters+ ?

I cant recommend atm this mod to anyone,unless you really like to be miserable.

Maybe i will review misery again later on its development cycle.

I have to agree with some other person that posted the review. This is more of a compilation with easy editing of certain scripts. Other than that, the only logical reason for it's popularity must be the changed interface ingame and the stylized mod page.

This mod doesn't feel like STALKER at all.

I got over and over CTD.

Unplayable due to CTD right before the intro video while vanilla CoP and other mods for it work. For this alone I would not give a 1 but if the devers do not even respond in the first place and then not caring at all since "we don't care about CTDs caused at startup by our mod" then this deserves a 1 for bad handling. And a mod that crashes and is not playable doesn't warannt anything more than a 1. Having bugs (even way too many according to various posts all over the Internet) is not a problem for me as long as you intend to fix it sooner or later. With "we don't care" though I've got a serious huge beef. Should this startup CTD caused solely by this mod is tackled I'll re-evaluate the score. Up to then it's 1 especially for bad community/bug handling.

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