Full concept MODIFICATION of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat that touches every game aspect including textures, sfx, music, weapons, A.I., items, weather, mutants, difficulty and much much more!

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Very difficult - you can't take chances in this game. The difficulty forces you to think tactically, for you are one of the weaker entities in the game. Every critter becomes a serious threat, and packs are extremely dangerous. You constantly have to worry about sleep and chow, and the environment is dangerous. It is very challenging, but rewarding as well.

The weapons and ballistics modelling is pretty terrible. Very disappointing on this end. I have extensive experience with a wide range of firearms and know a bit about external and terminal ballistics, and this is the great disappointment of the mod, for me.

I have to admit: this mod is creepy cool XD.

Stalker is never the same with this mod, making it the best, yes, the best rpg/survival/fps game currently avaliable. Stalker beats the crap out of the Fallout series with this mod installed.

This mod has great potential, but in it's current form it is just a good mod. I have faith that this mod will greatly improve after a couple of patches. The atmosphere in this mod is top of the line, but gameplay is bad right now.

I will be brief. 2.0 is VERY different then 1.0. While AT first I found it TOO hard I remembered the exact thing when I first played MISERY 1.0. The curve is high but once you find you play style or better yet that FIRST great weapon(one in great condition) the game begins to make sense and you adapted and change you tactics just to survive. Never before have I cared about ******* factions off but now, they open fire if they see you. And at night the game changes completely. Sure in the daytime you are being hunted at times but when the sun goes down it feels like a mixed of post Apocalypse and survival horror. Now it is not perfect (I LOVED the Stalker Series but none of them are the most stable games) Frame rate problems and rare crashes DO happen. One attack can be the end of you. With this mod using a few methods from the acronym "S.T.A.L.K.E.R." will no longer work, now you will NEED to use ALL of them just to survive.
Scavengers Trespassers Adventurers Loners Killers Explorers and Robbers Welcome to the New World Stalkers I will give a small prayer for your souls

While my rating might indicate otherwise; this is the best damn mod for CoP right now.

Graphically, it is near perfection.
Textures are downright beautiful and highly detailed without being ridiculously high resolution, and all the tweaks of Atmosfear and other values render Call of Pripyat the way I always dreamed of.
Though some some new models and animations are a bit sub-par and thus breaks a little immersion, watching the first blowout from a window on Skadowsk instantly made it to my toplist of beautiful moments in any game.

But here comes the big one - gameplay.
Personally, I love it and hate it, in equal amounts.
Being sent into the zone with second to nothing, and having to scrape up anything you find to survive is incredibly fun and challenging in my opinion, food is now a necessity if you want to get where you want fast, and drugs/medical supplies are scarce but their effects are neatly balanced to make up for that.

I love how finding a medkit no longer means that all your wounds from that boar are suddenly gone, but instead you're now just a little less crippled, and how it means that you might only make it a couple of extra meters before you're mutilated horribly again.

But there's an incredibly fine line to walk here, and balancing CoP on that line is a lot like teaching an elephant top level gymnastics.

At first, the stamina balancing was immersive, and realistic, but after a while, I felt less and less for it, and started chugging energy drinks all the time, which is hardly realistic.
If it was more dependant on your encumberance, it could tolerate it decreasing at the current rate while jogging, but right now it's killing part of the fun for me, no matter the intention.

Apart from my (somewhat) "noobish" complaints on realism/fun balancing, the rest of the mod is flawless; guns and damage are perfectly damaged, enemies and friendlies less predictable.

In conclusion, thank you for the mod, and **** you for messing up my future grades.

Amount of work is sublime.
Graphics, inventory, gameplay, everything is just better than in original game.

But amount of bugs is unbelievable. partly because of the main game, but there are lot of new ones as well. Very latest QF is already playable and enjoyable.
However, I hope a major patch that will solidify the game and eradicate remaining issues will be released in the near future.

Changed my opinion. It's really a good work, but also, it's kinda unbalanced, artificial and incomplete immersion. Definitely worth playing, but not worthy to wait for months for a new version.

With 2.0.1, they rectified most of the problems people were concerned with. However stuttering is still quite bad, but the culprit is uncompressed textures. Further balancing is required though and a few descriptions go off the page.

The mod reminds me more of Metro 2033 merged with S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat + ... New music sounds kinda like from Max Payne 2?
On the "bad" side - you have some sort of blue book/manual in your inventory, that you can "use" but then it suddenly dissappears and it has not done anything, and half of the mutants sounds like chargers from Left 4 Dead 2, but gladly those sounds can be restored back to normal.
The "Variations" mod does not work here, as it works in "I Work Alone" mod (there are like 5 skins of the same suit, so stalkers do look differently) - and here, in "Misery" everyone wears only the new skin of the same suit.
Its not a bad mod and everyone should definitely try it!

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