Full concept MODIFICATION of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat that touches every game aspect including textures, sfx, music, weapons, A.I., items, weather, mutants, difficulty and much much more!

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Even though this mod tries to achieve a lot of really interesting stuff. I just cannot chew down all these bugs! For example, even if you hurt someone and he lies down and you press F on him the game crashes. There are tons of these small unaxplainable bugs that crash the game imediately.

If the bugs were fixed..then its awesome! :)

Really cool in concept, looks great, but the combat is terribly unbalanced and broken, as is the economy.


AlexK91 says

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I know the entire point of this mod is to be realistic, and immersive, but if a game's not fun, it just isn't worth it. The lengths the modders have gone to make CoP as punishing as possible is almost insufferable. The biggest issue with this mod is the total lack of balancing in the way it's designed. Here are just a few examples:

1. If you're going to make absolutely everything in the Zone cost more, don't make it nearly impossible to earn money. Artifacts almost never spawn, guns are always (at least for the 5+ hours I've played) in bad condition when looted so they sell for next to nothing, it takes in excess of 10-15 shots to kill mutants with starting pistols, yet the supplies you loot from them aren't worth the ammo spent, etc...

2. Removal of the HUD should always be optional. I don't want the HUD to help me in combat, but all the other purposes it serves, finding corpses to loot (I can't tell you how many firefights end with me searching the bogs for several minutes trying to find everyone I killed), locating objectives in big buildings, knowing what direction I'm walking in without having to bring up the PDA all the damn time, etc... I get it's for immersion and difficulty, but let me choose to turn it off.

3. The Russian dialogue... Again, this should be optional. If I hadn't beaten this game five times before playing this mod, I'd be lost multiple times. If you can't subtitle the in-game dialogue (in-game, not in text menu) then I'm still going to miss vital information, Joker and Barge's PDA messages, Noah giving directions to follow him, the Soldiers in Pripyat, etc...

I commend the amount of time and effort that has gone into this mod, and I'm aware that work is still ongoing. The visual tweaks, and wealth of content are definitely impressive, and the insane (but entirely artificially created) difficulty is going to suit some people just fine, but so far, all Misery has succeeded in doing, is making me miserable, and that's just no fun.

This is no longer a game, it's so unbalanced that you can't call it a game anymore.

Weapon damage MUST be equal to all combatants. It's part of the consistency a mod based on realism needs. It's not an option or an excuse to artificially up the difficulty.

Prices must be fair too. And item drop rates. They must be consistent. Removing items from inventories artificially is nothing short of dissapointing every time you open an inventory.

Making it more difficult for the sake of it, detaches this mod from the game it originally was, it's only an exercise in patience now, and not fun in any way.

Because this mod is not working, so bagged, crashes everywhere.

Congratulations, you have broken the game ...

Seriously, the MOD is absolutely unrealistic and barely playable, a trained special forces soldier that can't walk 100 Meters and needs to eat about a ton of food every hour? Anyway a loaf of bread costs 1000 Rubel?

You die from two dog bites and the enemies (that respawn like crazy) can take about 3 SVD shots in the chest?

The Radiation is also way to severe.

Mutants are generally overpowered. I mean I tried to kill two dwarfes about an hour ago ... I just could't do it ... no way, they give a **** about headshots and kill you instantly, what the hell? The only way to get rid of them was to kite them into some bandits that killed them in an instant ... why are bandits able to do with pistols and broken submachine guns what I can't do with a high power sniper rifle?

Anyway, there are lots of bugs and I had a few crashes too.

It's still a game and should be enjoyable, but this is just annoying as hell, I mean every bandit can kill you almost in one hit? That's no "challenge" that's broken.

Sorry for my bad english, I'm a Kraut.

For a mod that is supposed to be about realism, Misery has a lot of artificial, unfair and unrealistic difficulty built in. The economy is nothing short of punishing, the rewards few and far between, making the new gear options less interesting (as they are so incredibly difficult to acquire) It feels like the devs really went to far with the frustration factor, and forgot about balance, in the interest of feeding some sort of super stalker ego thing-- seriously. You see it whenever anyone says anything about the difficulty or game balance, to the point of insulting the ability of folks who comment, even.

Don't even ask me about bugs, and anomalies and artifacts have been engineered so as to frustrate all but the most tenacious players, it seems.

On the plus side, the graphics are awe inspiring, the ai's behavior is challenging (now if they just had some of the same limitations the player does, like no night vision, and did comparable damage instead of unerring lethal strikes from ultra long range in the dead of night when you're behind cover...)the gear is tight, and the armor system rocks.

Balance before ego, guys. Come on.

it still crashing when i use quicksave, and the last updates that you said before the release are not there...
but this mod is simply great!! good job man!!

sorry for stating this out so directly but however the aim of the mod and amount of changed and enhanced things is awesome, the final result is rather painful experience, frustratory and stressing and it pains even more for the fact, that the most of new features and things, which are awesome and superb, are buried six feet under because of foo ..

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