Full concept MODIFICATION of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat that touches every game aspect including textures, sfx, music, weapons, A.I., items, weather, mutants, difficulty and much much more!

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Aug 10th, 2013 18 people agree 2 people don't

I got over and over CTD.

pinkribbonscars says
10 pinkribbonscars

Jan 15th, 2012 84 people agree 61 people don't

Survivor horror at it's finest, although slightly flawed. Once all the kinks are ironed out, this will be the definite Stalker: Call Of Pripyat mod.

Rebel674 says
9 Rebel674

Jan 29th, 2012 41 people agree 21 people don't

EDIT: After going back and replaying ShoC with AMK, I've revised my score of this mod upward from 8 to 9 and altered some of my pros/cons. This really is a fantastic mod and though I'd like to see the problems I listed fixed it is still an amazing mod.

+ Many of the new textures and weather effects are incredible. I particularly like the heavy fog weather effect.
+ The damage system makes firefights frantic and rewarding.
+ Most of the new weapons are exceptional, and I like the fact that some of the more exotic weapons (for example the M14) are one-of-a-kind (the way it probably would be in the Zone).
+ Ukrainian dialogue with English subs is the way this game was meant to be played.
+ The stamina system, contrary to popular opinion, is well balanced and accurate. Anybody who is criticizing it for being unrealistic needs to go take a jog with 35kg (75 lbs) on their back.

- Mutants and ambient effects in anomalies (radiation, poison, etc.) have been buffed and are (IMO) too powerful. A dog charging into you knocks out a solid third of your health.
- A lot of the vanilla meshes were not fixed. For example, the AK's ejection port is still on the wrong side. This is a major no-go for me with a realism mod.
- The Sniper class is very underpowered. 7.62 7N1 ammunition is so rare you will almost never have enough of it, so you end up using assault rifles and shotguns anyway until you can get a VSS.

Final Word:
My main problem with this game is really just a host of small design flaws that seem to screw up the overall game experience. There is no trader in Pripyat, but repairs now cost money - meaning that eventually you're going to run out of money in Pripyat and have to head back. Moving between zones - especially to Pripyat - is prohibitively expensive. Additionally artifacts don't seem to spawn properly for me (e.g. not at all) so I am left with few options for making money. Overall this is a great mod but a few of the decisions left me scratching my head.

jangowolf says
4 jangowolf

Jan 18th, 2012 18 people agree 3 people don't

I like how it looks and sounds but I don't like how it plays. I don't like how I'm forced to use the russian voice overs.

Right from the start I noticed the HUD was different, I got used to that. I don't like how I only start with one clip of ammo when mutants are so dangrous and hard to hit in a panic.
I tried to gather more resources at the first safe area, Sandonkov, but with only 500 cash I could only buy food and the guy wasn't even selling the ammo I needed. I didn't really think much of any other supplies except ammo so I grabed some quests and ran off.
Came back from some quests filling like a badass, might as well call myself rambo. The traders still were not selling ammo for the weapon I used and any other method of gather ammo is not worth the effort. I would have gone looking for an artifact/anomly because I head those were changed too, but with the high difficulty and low reward and well not being able to even play because I can't find ammo I found it not fun to play with this mod active.

If they gave me more clips from start and more supplies on enemies and higher cost of artifacts I would keep playing. It seems odd that I'm going through all this trouble for something not even worth the experience.

It still looks nice. I enjoyed taking a nap under the stars, in the middle of a fire fight, and in the middle of a large body of shallow water.

Forgot to mention how annoying the head shake is in a firefight. I end up passing through a crate and getting disorented. Also the person yawns and can black out, which is also a pain. Dude just can't get moving when it counts.

AlexK91 says
5 AlexK91

Aug 2nd, 2013 13 people agree 0 people don't
This review may contain spoilers

I know the entire point of this mod is to be realistic, and immersive, but if a game's not fun, it just isn't worth it. The lengths the modders have gone to make CoP as punishing as possible is almost insufferable. The biggest issue with this mod is the total lack of balancing in the way it's designed. Here are just a few examples:

1. If you're going to make absolutely everything in the Zone cost more, don't make it nearly impossible to earn money. Artifacts almost never spawn, guns are always (at least for the 5+ hours I've played) in bad condition when looted so they sell for next to nothing, it takes in excess of 10-15 shots to kill mutants with starting pistols, yet the supplies you loot from them aren't worth the ammo spent, etc...

2. Removal of the HUD should always be optional. I don't want the HUD to help me in combat, but all the other purposes it serves, finding corpses to loot (I can't tell you how many firefights end with me searching the bogs for several minutes trying to find everyone I killed), locating objectives in big buildings, knowing what direction I'm walking in without having to bring up the PDA all the damn time, etc... I get it's for immersion and difficulty, but let me choose to turn it off.

3. The Russian dialogue... Again, this should be optional. If I hadn't beaten this game five times before playing this mod, I'd be lost multiple times. If you can't subtitle the in-game dialogue (in-game, not in text menu) then I'm still going to miss vital information, Joker and Barge's PDA messages, Noah giving directions to follow him, the Soldiers in Pripyat, etc...

I commend the amount of time and effort that has gone into this mod, and I'm aware that work is still ongoing. The visual tweaks, and wealth of content are definitely impressive, and the insane (but entirely artificially created) difficulty is going to suit some people just fine, but so far, all Misery has succeeded in doing, is making me miserable, and that's just no fun.

Ak47inyourface says
3 Ak47inyourface

Aug 4th, 2013 16 people agree 2 people don't

Bugy as Hell , nothing works like it should be , nice idea , but i cant even play it.

AidenDemon says
1 AidenDemon

Feb 19th, 2014 14 people agree 1 person doesn't

Dust to eyes.

KDBW says

Aug 4th, 2013 14 people agree 1 person doesn't

Congratulations, you have broken the game ...

Seriously, the MOD is absolutely unrealistic and barely playable, a trained special forces soldier that can't walk 100 Meters and needs to eat about a ton of food every hour? Anyway a loaf of bread costs 1000 Rubel?

You die from two dog bites and the enemies (that respawn like crazy) can take about 3 SVD shots in the chest?

The Radiation is also way to severe.

Mutants are generally overpowered. I mean I tried to kill two dwarfes about an hour ago ... I just could't do it ... no way, they give a **** about headshots and kill you instantly, what the hell? The only way to get rid of them was to kite them into some bandits that killed them in an instant ... why are bandits able to do with pistols and broken submachine guns what I can't do with a high power sniper rifle?

Anyway, there are lots of bugs and I had a few crashes too.

It's still a game and should be enjoyable, but this is just annoying as hell, I mean every bandit can kill you almost in one hit? That's no "challenge" that's broken.

Sorry for my bad english, I'm a Kraut.

nokte says
1 nokte

Aug 1st, 2013 12 people agree 0 people don't


saymon5 says
3 saymon5

Apr 13th, 2013 12 people agree 0 people don't

Even though this mod tries to achieve a lot of really interesting stuff. I just cannot chew down all these bugs! For example, even if you hurt someone and he lies down and you press F on him the game crashes. There are tons of these small unaxplainable bugs that crash the game imediately.

If the bugs were fixed..then its awesome! :)

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