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Rewards for Detective and Mutant Hunter Acheivements (Games : S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat : Mods : MISERY : Forum : Mod optimization : Rewards for Detective and Mutant Hunter Acheivements) Locked
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Jan 22 2013 Anchor

Because I thought that Stalkers giving your a few things would make sense after these quests, since you did something good for the community, I decided to go ahead and change the script so you at least get something. I mostly changed it to food and items, with Mutant Hunter potentially giving a repair kit. I've yet to check it for balance since I just started, but nothing seemed a bit harsh. If anyone wants to test it, here it is. Go to bind_stalker.script in scripts and replace the detective_achievement_items with

local detective_achievement_items 		= {	"drug_sleepingpills",
											"water_drink", "water_drink",
											"bread", "bread",
											"porn", "porn",
											"breadold", "breadold", "breadold", "breadold" , "breadold"}

Then mutant_hunter_achievement_items with

local mutant_hunter_achievement_items	= {	"drug_sleepingpills",
											"water_drink", "water_drink", "water_drink",
											"bread", "bread",
											"vodka", "vodka",
											"cigarettes", "cigarettes",
											"joint", "joint",
											"porn", "porn", "porn",
											"breadold", "breadold", "breadold", "breadold", "breadold",

Then the two achievement checker (check_dectective_acheivement, check_mutant_hunter_acheivement) functions become

function actor_binder:check_detective_achievement()
	if not has_alife_info("detective_achievement_gained") then
	if self.last_detective_achievement_spawn_time == nil then
		self.last_detective_achievement_spawn_time = game.get_game_time()
	if game.get_game_time():diffSec(self.last_detective_achievement_spawn_time) > 43200 then
		spawn_achivement_items(detective_achievement_items, 2, "zat_a2_actor_treasure")
		--xr_effects.send_tip(db.actor, nil, {"st_detective_news","got_medicine"})
		self.last_detective_achievement_spawn_time = game.get_game_time()

function actor_binder:check_mutant_hunter_achievement()
	if not has_alife_info("mutant_hunter_achievement_gained") then
	if self.last_mutant_hunter_achievement_spawn_time == nil then
		self.last_mutant_hunter_achievement_spawn_time = game.get_game_time()
	if game.get_game_time():diffSec(self.last_mutant_hunter_achievement_spawn_time) > 43200 then
		spawn_achivement_items(mutant_hunter_achievement_items, 3, "jup_b202_actor_treasure")
		--xr_effects.send_tip(db.actor, nil, {"st_mutant_hunter_news","got_ammo"})
		self.last_mutant_hunter_achievement_spawn_time = game.get_game_time()

So if anyone wants to check it out and maybe tell me how balanced it is so I can make corrections they can go ahead.

Jun 16 2013 Anchor

Thanks! I fail at scripting so this type of thing is appreciated.


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May 18 2014 Anchor

Thanks, I really appreciate this. However, I feel like the rewards should be something useful, like ammo, cleaning products or even a donation ;).

Is there a way to have several items on that list, with a probability that they will give it to you, like the trader supply. Something like this:

"ammo_9x19_fmj", 3, 0.3 => meaning they give you 3 boxes of 9x19 FMJ with each box having a probability of 30%.

Because I would love to have them give me useful stuff, everyday, but with each item very low probability, like 10% for ammo and 5-7% for cleaning kits. As for donations, I would put something like 20 roubles with a 10% each also, so some days stalkers sell a lot of artefacts, so they can spare a lot of money, and some days they don't.

Edit - 18 july 2014
I did this, have played for a long time, and still am not getting anything in my stashboxes

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