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I can't see fire/flames (Games : S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat : Mods : MISERY : Forum : General subjects : I can't see fire/flames) Locked
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May 17 2013 Anchor

Hey guys!

Just to get this out of the way, I'm entirely new to the STALKER and MISERY community. I'm playing through CoP for my first time using MISERY and not even touching vanilla. It's great so far, but an issue I am running in to is that I can't see flames where fire is obvious present. It's been really screwing me up as sometimes the heat waves, which are visible, are difficult to see. I've attached a picture in hopes that someone can recongnize this issue and help me out with it.

Thanks a lot!

SS: I.imgur.com

May 17 2013 Anchor

Those are anomalies, not actual fire. The Zone is full of things that don't make much sense, and this is one of them. Ever wonder how those buildings got like that? Make a save before you try this, and then just run around in the haze. You'll see what it is. Or throw a bolt in there. Either way, if you get a jet of fire after throwing a bunch of bolts at one, you're doing it right. (Just to make sure it's clear, you're not /supposed/ to see any fire there; that haze and some beeping from your HUD is the only warning you get for fire anomalies, at least until one decides to shoot fire up your rear.)

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May 17 2013 Anchor

Hey, man, thanks for the reply. Now that I know what they are I feel pretty dumb, haha. Regardless, thanks for being a bro rather than mocking me. I think I'll like this community.

May 18 2013 Anchor

remember there is many type of anomaly i think in the ship shadovs there is a guy that will talk to you abut anomaly and mutant it is very important that you read it :D will save your life specially on misery. good hunting STALKER

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