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Changing Atmosfear settings? (Games : S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat : Mods : MISERY : Forum : General subjects : Changing Atmosfear settings?) Locked
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May 15 2013 Anchor

There are a lot of references to Atmosfear 3 in the config files, but there's no Atmosfear menu, like in Atmosfear 3. Would have made it easier to change weather settings, for people that do want certain things, like the siren/radio warnings for emissions. I tried manually editing atmosfear_parameters.ltx, in the configs folder, but it doesn't seem to actually change anything. Not sure if that would require a new game, or what. Is there any way to edit the settings Misery's version of Atmosfear uses, without having to start a new game? I'd really like to have fallouts/psi-storms enabled, but have all of the dangerous weather conditions come with sirens. That, and I want to set it so that NPCs are affected by fallouts, and psi-storms turn people outside into zombies.

May 15 2013 Anchor

It's actually Atmosfear 2 not 3, as for the config files the only parameter I have been able to change in the game is the time between events, enabling or disabling them doesn't seem to work on saved games.

May 16 2013 Anchor

I modified some stuff a bit, merged a few tiles, and seem to have successfully incorporated Atmosfear 3 into Misery, without losing anything. Seems like the settings are working; at least, The settings in-game were as the config file had them, and I was able to change them. Time will tell if it's functioning as it should or not, I suppose. (I really don't recommend installing Atmosfear 3 over Misery unless you know exactly what you're doing. What I did was, I compared the gamedata directory with Atmosfear 3's gamedata directory, copied all of the similar files that weren't last modified on the exact same date to my desktop,(somewhere around 2011, I believe most of the animation files, etc are dated.) installed Atmosfear 3, then went to every single file, mostly scripts and a couple of menu XML files, and merged it all together.(It's really quite confusing. If it would be appropriate, and anyone else also wishes to get Atmosfear 3 going with Misery in their game, I could certainly provide the files, post-merging. Didn't get any funny business in the menus, the fonts all look as Misery has them set to look; the only real addition besides some slightly different lighting from Atmosfear 3's improvements is the settings menu, which seems to function just fine. Would still advise keeping backups, in case you don't like the changes Atmosfear 3 brings.

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