Full concept MODIFICATION of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat that touches every game aspect including textures, sfx, music, weapons, A.I., items, weather, mutants, difficulty and much much more!

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Jan 16 2012, 10:22am Anchor

There's a bug with the dialogue with Bread regarding the Compass quest. For some weird reason, the dialogue about Oberez appeared when Beard talked about getting the Compass and after selectinng the Oberez option, he talked about the rifle's location and suddenly, I got the Compass quest. He didn't give any details about the Compass quest. After accepting, the "I refuse to get the compass for you" still appear. So I think it's the Oberez dialogue that's mixed up?

Jan 16 2012, 12:03pm Anchor

Learned the medic thing was actually part of a quest the other day, nevermind that. I have a new problem though where massive amounts of fog generate after I quickload sometimes. I don't think this is intentional as enemies can see me through fog and I can't see anyone else, except for their muzzle flare.

Jan 16 2012, 1:41pm Anchor

The multiple variations of stalker suits doesnt work in Misery. There is only one skin to every outfit. As an example, stalker sunrise suits are all in green/brown camo, stalker newbie suits are all in woodland-like camouflage, bandit suits are all the clasic ones from vanilla...
This "variations" mod worked perfectly in "I Work Alone" mod, as an example stalker sunrise suits were brown, woodland-camouflaged, urban-camouflaged...
And also the knife sound is weird, even when I hit the air it sounds like that I am hitting someone...

Jan 16 2012, 1:57pm Anchor

Hi! I've found very strange when you point a gun at anyone, it is seen from afar. This makes it very difficult to shoot accurately.(NoteI have no widescreen monitor. Is that why?)

Genghis91 Freedom Slacker
Jan 16 2012, 2:54pm Anchor

Hello. Seems when I try to get Freedom to recruit the Monolith group Monolith opens fire and kills them on arrival, thus failing the mission any clue on why or a fix?


"Hmm, what shall I do today? Aha! Yes lets go to Pripyat!"

Jan 16 2012, 3:05pm Anchor

not sure if anyone mentioned it but

-you can't hire companions at all, even if you fire them after hiring and save after a while, it still crashes when you try to load it. Basically, you cannot touch hiring companions at all. I think this might lead to issues when gathering companions to Pripyat??

Jan 16 2012, 5:45pm Anchor

so i just tried using Strelok's SIG.

needless to say, i think the sights on it need an exorsicm.
its like when i aim down sights, it zooms in way to far and i just see a REALLY close up shot of the texture of the gun.

Jan 16 2012, 7:55pm Anchor

Nitro can't seem to repair/upgrade anything. Every time I go to him he doesn't have an option for the stuff. Cardan is fine though.

Jan 16 2012, 9:46pm Anchor

Hello guys! Enjoying the mod so much!
-The image of the ammo for the standard rifle of the sniper class (didn't remember the type) overrides a bit o the last number.
-Nitro can't repair weapons add by the mod.

That's simple but pretty annoying when you're trying to check your ammo.

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Jan 17 2012, 2:15am Anchor

Im not sure but I've installed the SKS's scope upgrade, and I cannot install the WW2 scope on it.

Not sure if this is a bug or not, but I was hoping to use it as a DMR, like I did in LURK.

Great weapon none-the-less


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Jan 17 2012, 4:53am Anchor

- the Stg-44 has a scope mount upgrade aviable but a standard ww2 scope can be installed by default

- the Obrez iron sights are glitched (same as the mosin, half of the arm is missing)

- the despription text of the M14 DMR says it could mount a silencer, but it doesn´t

- is think its supposed to be "M1000" instead of m1000 ;D (for the green dragon)

I really think the aviable upgrades for the new weapons need an update since many of them don´t make sense (4+ magazine capacity for a revolver..) or don´t really work (6x scope for snipers with detachable scopes, including the sks)

Jan 17 2012, 7:30am Anchor

-AKS-74u description says it can be attached with a silencer however there's no upgrade option to use the silencer or you can't even equip it by default

Jan 17 2012, 8:18am Anchor

- the m4A1 is missing its description and name

- the famas iron sights are misaligned

- the description text of the stg44 says there are not spare parts for it in the zone so it cant be upgraded but cardan actually can upgrade it

lku wrote:-AKS-74u description says it can be attached with a silencer however there's no upgrade option to use the silencer or you can't even equip it by default

The same applies to the Desert Eagle!

Jan 17 2012, 6:09pm Anchor

I experienced a bug, where I had taken a quest from Beard to find a special artifact. However, I didn't find it, and then some other stalkers arrives to Beard and delivers it. As soon as he hands it over, Beard makes an animation that repeats itself so you can't interact with him.

Jan 17 2012, 7:23pm Anchor

Mosin Nagant sights still misalighned significantly in 16:9 sceen, even after 'updated' patch.


Jan 18 2012, 4:11am Anchor

I saw some weapons has misaligned iron sights problem :

1. APS Stechkin: the iron sights is a little bit too high

2. Mosin Nagant: the iron sights is a bit left, but the orbez has perfect iron sight

3. FAMAS: Way off to the left

4. Kar98k: not iron sights but the reloading action is a bit unrealistic?

Jan 18 2012, 6:03am Anchor

if you have the time please check out the weapon upgrades and attachments: (using patch 1.5)
*example: GSh description says it can use a silencer ( like most weapons's descriptions ) but you cannot use one if you didnt upgrade *Other weapons do not have upgrades for silencer but it says it can use a silencer and it works indeed so i guess if it says in the description it can wear a silencer(or scope) it should ( this is what you intended right? with or without upgrade - in this case the upgrades for silencers/scopes should be eliminated on all weapons and enable silencer/scope usage in description if the weapon uses those in real life )
*Upgrades on weapons should be modified ~ "personalized"( example: Obrez has vanilla sniper rifle upgrades, like x6 magnification, it's supposed to be an improvised shotgun )
*I am not sure about this, but i got x6 scope upgrade on "Green Dragon" and it became highly inaccurate; maybe it's the upgrade's fault or the patch, God knows, maybe the scope sight is misaligned or something, i am sure i hit better with it when it wasn't upgraded or when i didnt have the patch installed yet
*The Dragunov SVD weights 4.3 kg and SVU 5.5 kg should be vice-versa
*( personal preference ) Upgrade choices should be there like in vanilla instead of being able to install all upgrades on all items
*Nitro cannot upgrade any of the new items unlike Cardan that is able to upgrade
*( personal preference ) Zombies suck in alot of bullets to the body = makes for a harder game but sometimes even when hitting the head they refuse to die ( they can take 3 or more shots to the head ); they also seem to be lucky shots or are very accurate for zombies
*Is it realistic to have a weapon downgrade otpion? pay to remove upgrades? I say this because there are only 1 of each new weapons and if vanilla upgrade choices will be in the future..we have to be careful what we upgrade
*Karabiner 98 reload animation is almost inexistent / incomplete ( personal preference ) rework the whole animation, holding animation, sprinting animation ( like mosin nagant for example )
*Not much of a problem, it's just aestethic: when sprinting with some weapons or zooming in through the sights the character's fingers/hands go into the weapon texture
*UMP-45 ironsight isn't centered well it's abit to the right; i ditched the UMP-45 but LOOK HERE : Bookofjesus.org IMI GALIL , Bookofjesus.org FAMAS G2 CUSTOM
*( personal thought )The weapon textures are overhauled in this mod, look good / are very detailed but the scope textures are vanilla/poor textures and PSO-1 looks out of place; it is black around the lens and grey on the outside when all scopes: PSO,SUSAT,ACOG are Black-Carbon coloured
*The hint on the "Green Dragon"'s location is wrong...is that a mistake on your part or is it an intentional troll by Trapper? "Leave Yanov and go West" is wrong, that means the weapon is located on the western part of the map and it is wrong
*Don't remember which weapon(s) had this, but it was using x caliber rounds and the same x caliber silencer could not be mounted (ex: weapon uses 7.62x51mm but it uses the wrong caliber silencer 5.45x39mm) LOOK HERE :
Bookofjesus.org ,
Bookofjesus.org ,
* ( personal preference ) different ammo uses same icon in inventory, need different and correct icons; a slight increase in item variety ( food, junk items ) ; see Redux: has some new types of food ( bacon rashers, sausage, moldy sausage, random stalkers would sell half eaten tin can, half a bread loaf etc..really cool details; they also carried stuff like batteries, photos, pdas ( junk items )
* 7.62x39 AP is cheaper than 7.62x39 FMJ
* Hawaiian sells 2 types of ammo for the PKM : normal "7.62x54 PP"(1200 RU) Green Box icon x 50 rounds ; abnormal "7.62x54 PP rounds"(900 RU) Sniper Ammo Box icon x 10 rounds LOOK HERE :
Bookofjesus.org ,
*Beard's new item prices do not drop as you gain reputation with the Stalkers; some of them atleast: initial tuna can cost 250 RU -> 209 RU after doing quests / initial bread loaf cost 230 RU -> 230 RU after doing quests
*Zooming through scope black screen GLITCH :
*Taking on companions then saving and loading crashes game ( and your savegame remains F-up )
*The following issue may be unfixable as it can be an engine limitation; ive seen in all Stalker games, at night, using the flashlight lights up objects, buildings, etc. but it doesn't light up the dark ground texture beneath you or at the bottom of the water, it remains pitch-black and you can't see what you are stepping on ( it does light up the concrete street though )

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Jan 18 2012, 6:28am Anchor

The upgrade system really needs and update!

The aiming sway of the Saiga 12 when loaded with standard buckshot is way overkill but with slugs its normal, also if equeiped with a scope the sway doesn´t regulate even if you play as a sniper

EDIT: its upgrade tree has a full auto option aviable but it comes with full auto by default

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Jan 18 2012, 1:49pm Anchor

* If you have any companions, the game will crash as you try to load a save.
This has been tested atleast 10 times, and the game always crashed when loading.
Fixed it by loading an earlier save and not getting any companions.

Genghis91 Freedom Slacker
Jan 18 2012, 2:38pm Anchor

Expression : fatal error
Function : CInifile::r_string
File : D:\prog_repository\sources\trunk\xrCore\Xr_ini.cpp
Line : 513
Description :
Arguments : Can't find variable silencer_name in [wpn_gsh18]


"Hmm, what shall I do today? Aha! Yes lets go to Pripyat!"

Jan 18 2012, 3:35pm Anchor

@ Previous:


Jan 18 2012, 3:46pm Anchor

Just installed patch 1.6

Now every time I try to move from Jupiter to Zaton, the game crashes.

Jan 18 2012, 3:58pm Anchor

Installed 1.6.1
problems persist
Expression : assertion failedFunction : HUD_SOUND_COLLECTION::LoadSoundFile : D:\prog_repository\sources\trunk\xrGame\HudSound.cppLine : 196Description : NULL==FindSoundItem(alias, false)
a new game works, but my save isn't working anymore because of this :(

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[TZP]LoNer1 Forum Badmin
Jan 18 2012, 4:12pm Anchor


Please provide the Crash Log (X:\Users\Public\Documents\S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Call of Pripyat\logs) under the section "FATAL ERROR"

it looks like this:

Expression : fatal error
Function : *something here*
File : *X:\Xray_engine_path_here\ sources\trunk\xrCore\Xr_xxx.cpp*
Line : *XXX*
Description : *Optional*
Arguments : *something here*

*X for drive-letter


It seems that the engine could not recognise a sound file, please be more detailed about your bug. What did you do when this occurred? Same goes for @BuffaloBoob.

Edited by: [TZP]LoNer1


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Jan 18 2012, 4:31pm Anchor

Nothing. The savegame was patch 1.5 ; i exited the game, noticed the patch update 1.6 and now 1.6.1 and installed them
I re-entered the game, load my save and get this crash, so i can't continue the game it seems.
It's all the GSh's fault :D
In the first patches it would not use a silencer so i bought the upgrade to allow the use of it; so now when i load the savegame with the new patch the Gsh is fully upgraded except tier 3 upgrades
:) well ok so it's a sound file issue; probably has nothing to do with the weapon

i have a question about the attachments: you made it so the weapons use silencer/scope without needing an upgrade right? ( and will remove silencer/scope upgrades later because using these upgrades may cause bugs? )
And Happy birthday! and i wanna say i enjoyed Oblivion Lost + Particle Paradise and the way artifacts shed light in total darkness at night

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