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Bugs with "MISERY" + "Patch 2" installed (Mods : MISERY : Forum : General subjects : Bugs with "MISERY" + "Patch 2" installed) Locked
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Feb 11 2012 Anchor

Cakemanster wrote:

Karmas wrote: So there are a lot of things that was supossed to be sold, but only a fraction of that is actually for sell.
The problem is that the medic is dead because all that bloodsucker and hemoglobine dependence bullshit. Beard only sells food, porn mags, toolbox, sleepbag and... batteries? :(
I didn't find any anti-rad artifact to counteract the radiation of kolobok
In short, i'm screwed

I do remember Beard selling medkits, but it does seem random or triggered by something I don't understand. I would prefer buying them from the YANOV medic. (That was what I meant last time, not Zaton, sorry for added confusion.) I have no idea about the other things.
Finding an anti-rad artefact is not very hard. There's a fixed spawn for one at the claw anomaly(hint, hint).

Oh thanks :) I'll go there immediately

I found more "gun-bugs", I bought some random guns just for check.
The AKM has the same aiming bug that the Mosin Nagant (it isn't that bad, but still visible). FAMAS's ironsights are completely messed. Sig SG 552 reloading animation is wrong, it shows 2 magazines instead of one. When you carry the OC-14 Groza the buttstock is invisible. Also the FAR-15 and SG 552 dot sights are very small, almost invisible.

I'll watch for more bugs like these and i'll put some screenshots if it's needed

Feb 20 2012 Anchor

In the initial Misery release (and the first couple patches), I was experiencing crashes every time I loaded a game from within the game (if loaded from the main menu it was fine). Patch 1.1 fixed my problem for the most part (only crashes when loading a save repeatedly, i.e. testing out nimble's weapons, getting extra Mosin ammo from Owl, SNORKS, etc.).My problem now is that Patch 2 broke it again (though probably in a different way).I installed Patch 2 to fix the annoying sight misalignments, but now it once again crashes when I load a save from within the game.Luckily, it's not every time I load (like before 1.1), but it's still about 1/3 times I load that it crashes to desktop. It's getting rather annoying.
Also, I'm sure you already have loads of people mentioning this, but your spelling and grammar isn't up to par in the text in Misery. Not sure if it's because you rushed, or simply because English isn't your native language, but there are plenty of times I'll spot huge, glaring mistakes in text.

Feb 23 2012 Anchor

Sorry if this is an old problem or if ive installed it wrong but i really love this mod so it was was worth trying to find a solution.

-My game crashes when i try to go to yanov so i can only play the first little bit of COP, there is no sound no error message, just a crash to desktop.
-It also crashes when i try and load a game after i die

some of the crashes were fixed by the patch but these are the two crash situations that are most annoying
Thanks a lot to the creator(s)

Feb 25 2012 Anchor

Well, i don't know if it is bug or not, but as soon as I reach Jupiter plant, there are two blowouts, one after another. One triggers when I enter the administrative section and the other one right after the mercs appear. I tried to sleep in another place and trigger those blowouts to go away but nope. Cant get away from those two once I reach the plant. Any thoughts on this matter?

Feb 29 2012 Anchor

Same bug of nimble1....every time i load a save after-death x-ray crash....any solution?

Mar 3 2012 Anchor

I worked hard on my save and now i can't even load it because the game crashes everytime i try to load it... pleeasseee have anyone of you guys who have the same issue figured out a way to fix it? i tried reinstalling stalker and the mod and even tried it on 2 different PCs and still i can't load it :(

Mar 4 2012 Anchor

Try to load an autosave and see if that works. Had the same problems with SoC and it seems there is no solution except loading an autosave.

Mar 4 2012 Anchor

I have czech version of game but all modded items and weapons dont have description and name

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Mar 5 2012 Anchor

Steam version,patch 2 installed,everything is ok BUT every time i load a quicksave the game crash...

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Mar 5 2012 Anchor

I am having a problem where the third stash for strelok where you're suppose to get the note and the his custom gun are not showing up, the stash is the one at the jupiter plant where the dead guy is at with the unblocked box, the stash is on my PDA but nothing is in it, i've tried to put objects into the stash and take them back but to no avail the stash won't clear.... I have the other 2 notes from the loot on that big crane thing in the quarry and the other from under the cement plant.

Mar 6 2012 Anchor

I can confirm that as well, Jupiter plant stash was empty but still showing on the PDA. No items inside.

Mar 17 2012 Anchor

i can't get direct link when click download ony show me gamefront link ( IP VN has been banned) can't down load

Mar 21 2012 Anchor

Here's one I didn't see listed above.

I was fighting a buhrer (dwarf) with my knife, and he took it from my hands, now I can't re-equip that knife. Its the perma knife that stays in your inventory, so i'm not sure if its broke or what, can't select knife anymore unless I equip one in a slot that I find. Anyone know a way to fix that?

The knife actually does drop and you have to recover it, BUT the knife in your inventory is just a placeholder and doesn't represent the real invisible knife that you have, just make sure to pick it back up.

Also another, could just be part of the relationships of the game. I did several of the scientist missions and got on their good side, their repairs were cheaper for some things. After I did some other missions, including helping them, their repair prices went back to normal, un-friendly prices. Did I insult them by completing some other missions for stalkers or freedom or something? I have done all the scientist quests except hand in the oasis and the prices are still high for repair/upgrades.

For anyone getting BSOD's while trying to load saves, I find if you start loading the save, then alt+tab out of the game, wait on desktop for a while, the game should load up without crashing. Pretty sure it's a memory issue though, either not enough memory or some sort of errors. It definitely happens when there are a lot of NPC's around you in the save, like saving in Skadovsk or the Bar in Jupiter.

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Apr 5 2012 Anchor

BUG REPORT MISERY PATCH 2.0 ( I play as Sniper )1.I'm sorry to say this N.Aaroe, but you should test all the weapons+all attachments+upgrades yourself because, some weapons use wrong silencers, other's cannot take silencers that fit according to description, some upgrades are useless now because weapons can already use scopes, some weapons are misaligned or have texture glitches(for example when you look down the sight on Mosin the right hand is clipping)2.I took 0800's fix for misaligned Mosin, Gsh and SKS; what is certain is his fix for the Mosin is perfect, Gsh is now properly aligned but like TT-33 it has a glitch, Gsh and TT-33 have wierd sway when looking down the sight (i see all other pistols dont have sway for all classes if you low crouch) and their texture also moves, it's alive! :)3.Famas,Galil have glitched textures/models and are misaligned/Galil uses 5.45x39 silencer4.SVD(4.3kg) weights less than SVU(~5.5kg)(their weights are vice-versa)5.M24 Green Dragon seems to greatly loose accuracy at larger distances6.There are bugs in scripts with quests: Help uncle Yar(zombies still attack if you low crouch), Save Mitay(Mitay remains trapped in a combat mode and doesn't leave the bandit camp, i didn't encounter this because i paid the bandits, but you can see the bug in Ocedmytoaster's videos); escort Topol&stalkers to psi tunnel in Jupiter, there is a good chance that along the way after you kill the controller they get locked in combat and Topol does not speak to you, i encountered this but went back to scientists on my own and completed the mission)7.Inside scientists' bunker during a normal or electro emission, guards come inside and do a Michael Jackson's Thriller zombie dance, funny, wish i could record this8.As you well know, saving with companions and loading results in CTD9.AKM+grenadelauncher+scope=>glitch(parts of the scope are missing)10.Move slowly+panting does not always trigger on low health(in this case,when you also deplete the stamina ,then the effect for low health triggers)11.If you put new items in slots F1-F4 like sleep bag it CTD12.Some of these new items Beard sells do not drop price as you get reputation with stalkers(bread stays at 230 ru price while other foods drop in cost)13.Traders have ammo for PKM: 50rounds per stack named '7.62x54 PP' with green PKM box icon; they also have a wierd 10rounds per stack named '7.62x54 mm PP' with 7.62x51 ammo icon14.The black screen when looking through a scope missed a very thin vertical line on the right side 15.7.62x39 FMJ costs more than 7.62x39 AP16.sig552 has a glitched mag texture(you can see the glitch when reloading, the mag doesn't fit right on the gun and you can see the bullets in the mag)This is all i could think of right now, here are some SShots Black Screen Imageshack.us ammo Imageshack.us and Imageshack.us Famas Imageshack.us Galil Imageshack.us clipping Imageshack.us glitch Imageshack.us Imageshack.us Imageshack.us Imageshack.us

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Swirekster Twisted Insurrection - concept artist
Apr 5 2012 Anchor

When i started mission in Prypiat (mission about destroying monolith-antenna in abandoned kindergarden) i found a bug.
When i must to search bodies of soldiers (one of them has a bomb)

-bodies just disappeard! I cannot do anything about it.

Another thing: Iron sights of UMP45 are broken: sight is skewed and half of it covers the view.
Green dragon is inaccurate at large distances (even with full upgrade)Upgrades of many weapons are worthless.


--> Youtube.com

Jun 5 2012 Anchor

1) military knife can't be used anymore (might be a burer took it as happened to user above) though knife still shows in inventory
2) If i speak to kovalski about killing merc or client, game freezes sort of, things are still happening, but you cannot do any input, move character or go to menu.
3) so i just left kovalski and played on, and after finishing find the recon squad mission, kovalski cannot be spoken to at all as with the user above
4) after x8 kavalski wants a word, gamebreaker , game goes black when enter kovalski room, as with above user.
5) When nimble leaves to "get your order" the deagle behind him floats in midair if you destroy the box its on.

Good otherwise, thanks for your time.

Alundaio Scripting God
Jun 6 2012 Anchor

That kovalski happens in vanilla. I believe there are patches of that floating around.


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Jun 7 2012 Anchor
  • When attaching a silencer to Skorpion the inventory icon is messed up.
  • When taking the documents in from the Jupiter Plant, the mercs that spawn wont shoot you and move around randomly, when there's an emission or something that makes them look for cover.
  • After clearing 2 Strelok stashes before searching the UAV and un-blocking it, the third stash is empty (Jupiter Plant), though the stash icon still remains.
  • OC-33's ironsights are blocked when attaching a silencer (it maybe has to be like that, I don't know).
  • Grouses body is missing from the shed.
  • Weapons get stuck in the ground often, making a dropped weapon by a hit sometimes unpickable.
  • When following Uncle Yar right along his path in Kopachy. Yar starts shooting them, telling that I must have attacked them.
  • Saiga 12k accepts the silencer used for weapons like G36 (I can't remember the caliber :/ )
Jun 7 2012 Anchor

hello! all, I have two questions, the first is: know because raising the quality of the textures the game has a crash when starting a new game or load a previously saved (I have to play with the textures to a minimum is the only way the game does not give a crash) and question two is: know why in the mission of killing the doctor stalker, to reach the circle where a stalker BIS expects the game I have another crash?, I hope I can help with this thanks for Everything, by the way this mod is awesome!.

Jun 18 2012 Anchor

I have crash on loadings,but still not on every loading,sometimes every 10th loading sometimes second.When it crashes it says.-xrengine exe has encountered a problem and need to close down.Then bug trap opens and down on Exception reasons its says: xrEngine.exe caused BREAKPOINT in module "C:\Program Files\bitComposer Games\S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Call of Pripyat\bin\xrCore.dll" at 001B:00A2E12E, xrDebug::backend()+174 byte(s).CAN SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE I REALLY LIKE THIS MOD BECAUSE ITS DESIGNED SO SPECIAL AND EXCELLENT.THANK YOU IN FORWARD!AND I DONT HAVE ANY PATCHES ON MISERY.

Jun 26 2012 Anchor

The psi storm weather effect.

  • It's very frequent and extremely annoying.
  • It has bad detection. Having a roof over your head won't stop it unless you're in a blowout shelter.
  • It only hits the player, and it hits the player 100% of the time.
  • It does a huge amount of damage.

I am currently stuck because of this. My most recent saves have me trapped too far away from a blowout shelter, but I'm in the basement of a three-story building, the most recent save from before then is about 4 hours back. Until it's fixed it would be nice to know how to remove it entirely, because as it is right now it only drags the mod down.

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Jun 27 2012 Anchor

It's actually quite easy to remove Psi-storms, it's in a config file called "atmosfear_paramaters" somewhere in the game. I added a bit more time between emissions, changed some of the weather parameters, made nighttime a bit darker. You could also (if you have difficulties finding shelter) reenable the "find cover" task when an emission starts.

Also, I hid from my first Psystorm in the caves over by the crashed Helicopter in Zaton (where you have to use the teleporter anomaly by Burnt Farm to get to) - I actually thought maybe there was an electro anomaly outside first, and walked outside and got zapped, and had to reload from a save from a few moments before. Fortunately I save often because the game is unstable for me, even after acquiring more RAM.

Jun 27 2012 Anchor

My major gripe is that the view model with the mosin, and likely other weapons, gets cut off (i.e. you can see where the view model ends)

The other thing which I ****ing hate is everytime I get damaged the camera does a 10,000 degree spin. Anyone know what files I need to edit to deal with that?

- As for the medic in Zaton that is just part of the game. (spoilers below)

His death is part of a side quest and more or less just happens. My advice is stock up on medkits from other zones and stash them around the place if you want.

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Jul 1 2012 Anchor

Not sure if it's a bug, but in Jupiter/Yanov the trader there sells 2 different sets of 7.62x54r PP ammo - and one of them looks like the 7.62x54r 7N1 Rifle ammo, making me wonder if someone didn't give the wrong ammo to the trader, as such there is no means to buy ammo for the Nagant in Jupiter.

Jul 25 2012 Anchor

The STG should fire 7.62x39, far closer to it's original ammunition than the 5.45.

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