Full concept MODIFICATION of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat that touches every game aspect including textures, sfx, music, weapons, A.I., items, weather, mutants, difficulty and much much more!

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This is the most recently updated list of new features for MISERY 2.0. Features are still work in progress and are subject to changes and edits.

Posted by N.Aaroe on Jul 12th, 2012

Most features are still work in progress and more might be added.
: Version 2.0 is NOT savegame compatible and requires a new game start


  • New sun flare effect when staring at direct sunlight and improved sky cube box rendering.

  • New redesigned structure material textures for a more gritty and less colourful environment.

  • New scope designs with authentic reticle designs for all weapons.

  • Conceptualized version of Armory Mod that generates many new NPC looks and designs.

  • Special version of Absolute Nature 3 including higher grass draw distances.

  • Redesign of several mutant skins. I.e. the Pseudo Giant has a new facial design.

  • New helmet HUDs with 12 condition stages for each helmet category.


  • Dozens of new improved sound effects for weapons, mutants, ambience and NPCs.

  • Ambient soundtracks for all areas have been redesigned and expanded.

  • Breathing sfx implemented and they even relate to your movement + worn headgear.

  • All main bases have radios playing real life music.


  • Unique version of Massive Simulation Overhaul (MSO); that makes NPC behavior more challenging and diverse. It even adds a variety of NPC professions (like these Hunters).

  • Huge improvements to a-life and battle AI; NPC's explore many new locations with many new smart terrains added to the system; NPC's are now far more challenging and have varied approaches to firefights based on faction and rank.

  • Advanced game progression ensures a challenging gameplay from beginning to the end of the game; Factions are reacting much quicker to your gameplay choices and faction relations; Whatever faction you support the opposing faction will call upon their veterans to hunt you down.

  • Economy system overhauled to ensure a balanced and challenging game progression.

  • A-life has been overhauled with hundreds of new smart terrains and alternate spawn points for both mutants and factions in all areas/maps. Expect a hugely variated and different a-life than what vanilla Call of Pripyat offers.

  • Battery life added as new micro gameplay element that must be managed and handled with a Universal Power Device (UPD)


  • Weapon are auto-holstered when using items (like bandages, consumables etc.)

  • Logarithmic repair system implemented for enhanced logic in the aspects of repair costs; All based on your maintaining of the gear.

  • Some zombies have now dropped their weaponry to the ground and walk around just staring at you. They can now be killed with direct shots to their spine, heart or head. See teaser

  • NPC's can now fight in melee and knock you down.

  • UI overhaul of all item terms, units, scales and measurements for in-depth authenticism.

  • Redesigned stamina system (there is no longer a maximum weight limit). The lighter you choose to travel the longer you can run without resting.

  • Consumables are divided into 'Zone Produced' and 'Imported Goods'.

  • Flame particles removed from gunfire for realism. This also makes firefights more challenging. See examples on Youtube
  • Realistic fall damage (individual for each USS specialization).

  • Medics will now charge you for their services. Nothing is for free, in the Zone.

  • Minimap removed and you must now navigate with the use of terrain and your PDA map. But a damage indicator has been re-added to let you know where shots are coming from. This is done to replicate that you would have a clue in real life for such circumstances.

  • NPC's no longer have infinite ammunition for their primary weapons like rifles, shotguns, etc. So you will see them switch to backup weapons (if they have any).

  • Hugely improved aspects of stealth and NPC awareness.


  • All weapon sights have been aligned for both widescreen and 4:3 monitor resolutions.
  • Full version of New Ordnance submod bringing multiple variations of many weapons including worn, modern and camouflaged profiles. All are tradeable, customizable and used by NPC's.
    New Ordnance focuses on diversity of vanilla weapons but you can expect a few surprises on top of this. Watch trailer.
  • All weapons overhauled in terms of stats, feel, behavior and texted descriptions. We also tweaked the muzzle flashes to correspond better with real life weapon muzzle effects.



  • The 3 USS classes now have even more unique strengths and weaknesses, making a much more dynamic style of game play and providing maximum mod-replay ability.

  • Each class have their own unique main menu design with special musical moods and you will now be able to change your class through the main menu (no need to reinstall the mod).


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Rodya234 Jul 20 2012 says:

My solution to the lack of ammo was to edit the files that control weapon damages to make them more realistic (changed hit power and impluse based on muzzle energy of the round, bullet speed based on actual muzzle velocity, weapons of the same caliber all do the same damage, range and rate of fire based on actual weapon characteristics). I also made grenades more realistic (300+ frags instead of 10, frags cause heavy damage and bleeding, anything inside immediate blast radius dies).

That way, no longer does it take 5 pistol shots to kill a dog, or three shotgun blasts to kill a snork (Yeah, they're mutated, but they're mutated dogs and humans, not rhinos).

It might seem like cheating, but all these weapon changes also apply to NPCs, so there are no more Rambo-style fire fights. A grenade, a single rifle shot to the head or center of mass, or even a well placed 9mm shot can severely injure or kill an unwary player.

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Guest Nov 26 2012 replied:

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Lord_Santa Jul 21 2012 says:

Realism Improvement: "There is no longer a maximum weight limit."

exactly how are you thinking here?
is it that I am able to carry a set amount of weapons at once? (1 small gun, 1 big gun, 1 knife?) or are you completely removing restrictions on how much one can carry?

surely by giving the player the ability to carry however many guns/items one wants, this cannot possibly be perceived as realism

I'm hoping you will go with "set number of weapons/items", since this mod already provides a realistic challenge and that would truly put it on the map amongst those of us, whom prefer a challenge when playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games...

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trojanuch Creator
trojanuch Jul 22 2012 replied:

Weight system has been completely revamped comparing to vanilla or any other mod.

It is now a linear system: there is no magicall, 'max weight' point below which you have good stamina and after which it is crappy.

Every additional kg in your inventory steadly increases rate at which you deplete your stamina. So its absolutely your choice now to find a weight point at which you feel that your traveling and fighting is convenient and 'safe' enough (you need to be able to run from pack of dogs for ex.).

All this is of course greatly diversified among classes: for example recon has the best 'base' (at 0 kg) stamina rate but he suffers more from every kg of weight (so he will excell at traveling light), on the other hand assaulter has worse 'base' rate but it will get worse much more steadly with encumberance. Sniper is sort of a middle ground + he gets bonus when he is not sprinting being able to recover stamina faster while running and thus travel more 'fluently'.

Of course all weight affecting items, drugs, artifacts, armor attachements & upgrades have been overhauled to fit perfectly into this model.

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Lord_Santa Jul 22 2012 replied:

now [that] is some serious tinkering behind the scenes - sorry if I doubted you, this does indeed seem like a very clever way of balancing the game, without losing any of the immersion

kudos to the team - you approach the difficulties of balancing the game by letting [the player] be in charge

innovative and well thought through, sorry if I doubted you

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cheeki_breeki Jul 22 2012 says:

About the new sounds; will it fix the small rips/tears heard in the some of the mod's 3P gun sounds? I don't remember experiencing this on vanilla and it kind of destroys my ears. My sound source is a Sound Blaster 2 X-Fi soundcard, EAX capable. The tears occur both with and without EAX enabled.

Other question, will V1.1 saves be compatible with the V2.0 build? Mind you, I didn't ever go for multiple upgrade trees on a same gun/armour, if that could be a problem.

Finally, you mention melee for NPCs; weren't NPCs already able to fight in melee? I already got stabbed by a zombie once, when I went to finish him off knife in hand and he pulled his out.

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N.Aaroe Author
N.Aaroe Jul 23 2012 says:

Please be more specific about the sfx. Examples?

Version 2.0 will not be compatible with any saves. None.

You are sure that you experienced melee in vanilla (unmodded version)?
Melee attacks are not activated in the base AI to my knowledge.

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cheeki_breeki Jul 23 2012 says:

About melee, I didn't mean vanilla but Misery V1.1. Features of V2 cite melee for NPCs, when they are already capable of performing knife attacks (zombies can at the very least).

About sfx, whenever there is firing sounds in the distance, I will get some very small and instant "rips" in the sound. Like static, only lasting a millisecond; like a cut. It happens randomly every several seconds. I did not experience this back in vanilla, and my soundcard has dedicated game-settings; EAX, which are supported by the game, so I do not believe that the SC is at fault. The problem occurs on different headphones.

Also, was it ever mentioned anywhere that v2.0 wouldn't be compatible with v1.1? I wouldn't have started playing knowing that.

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Altimis Jul 26 2012 says:

Hi, Misery Mod is save game compatible?

I been play it on Complete mod atm, I got item all I want now, I don't wanna restart the entire game again. I'm on mid-game atm.

Can somebody please answer me? before I start to attempt overwrite entire data

Thank you.

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Rodya234 Jul 26 2012 replied:

I'm pretty sure you'd need to start over.

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BrutalZoneJunky Jul 27 2012 says:

WOW!The best Stalker-mod i have ever played. But how long will version 2.0 take?

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deadrawkstar Jul 28 2012 says:


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Genghis91 Jul 31 2012 says:

Looks good. Yep, itching to play!

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BanzaiBearze Aug 13 2012 says:

after playing 1.0 + patch2 i am amazed and excited to see 2.0! it handles very well on the settings it seems to default back to each time i change something (might be from install of mod not sure) PC Info for general record: GTX 470 Core i7 950 3.16ghz 8gb ram 64bit Windows7. Thanks so much for such an awesome mod! i like it better than S:CoP Complete (hopefully i dont get bashed for saying that :P)

+1 vote     reply to comment
BanzaiBearze Sep 23 2012 replied:

technical edit: No longer have the GTX 470. upped to an MSI GTX 660ti and LOVE it ;)

+1 vote     reply to comment
Stalkan Aug 21 2012 says:

Yes, making more harder experience! I llllove it.

+1 vote     reply to comment
BanzaiBearze Sep 6 2012 says:

YARG! I can't wait! the anticipation is killing me! ~runs off and draws blueprints for the "Fast Forward Button" XD Hope all is well on all aspects ;) loved 1.0 + patch 2.

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Preacher1981 Sep 7 2012 says:

Hey m8, i have to thank u for a exelent mod to the Stalker world. My question is will there in the future by any chans be a Multiplayer Co-op mod. would be crazy fun to explore the stalker world together with a friend.

Ps, cant wait for 2.0 mod anymore! Want it now! keep up the good work and thanks again for this awsome mod!.

Regards, Preacher, Sweden.

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BanzaiBearze Sep 12 2012 replied:

Stalker MMO? already happening. Vostok Games. Survarium. google. now where did my fastforward blueprints go? :D Wishin the best!

+1 vote     reply to comment
BanzaiBearze Sep 12 2012 says:

:D Wishin the best and uh well if u need a last minute tester dont hesitate to send me the files XD aheee.

+1 vote     reply to comment
rangeleyj Sep 16 2012 says:

Is there any word on when it will be released. It looks great. Cant wait to play it!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Brunorod666 Sep 29 2012 says:

Nice guys.I don't know how you can keep improving this awesome mod.Nice work! But reading some coments about party members and being hunted by other factions i think it would be a good ideia to implement party members or at least fix the problem of loading a game with a stalker on your team.I don't know, it's just a random thought of mine. =]

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Jonex_ Oct 3 2012 says:

Cannot wait for this. I need a return to Misery :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
steve47co2 Oct 7 2012 says:

Must have soon - I haven't played Misery 1.0 in 2 months now just so 2.0 will be fresh!

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paladasknight Oct 14 2012 says:

Honestly my pet peeves for 1.0 were the lack of weapon diversity on NPCs (which seems to be fixed) and the mag-dumping that NPCs would do just to have 3 or so rounds (if I'm lucky). The gameplay changes say that NPC behavior would be diversified, and I might just be a bit hopeful in thinking this means NPCs COULD be conservative with the scarce rounds they've been able to scavenge or liberal with saved up rounds. Of course I understand its supposed to suck, but constantly being unlucky enough to be sprayed at and survive three to five magazines worth of rounds just for your adversary to have *maybe* two or three rounds left. Honestly besides those, I loved 1.0 and have long since been looking forward to 2.0.

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ghussack Oct 16 2012 says:

cant wait!
btw, do you think its possible to add the necessity to drink water? at bar we could buy it w/o radiation and chem poison; at wilderness from lakes, we would also need to boil it b4 drinking, and would have more rads and chem poison effect; lacking water would lower stamina regen.

Also when we wakeup, we could hear a clock ringing, that would be funny and cool xD

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ghussack Oct 19 2012 says:

hi! I was thinking (while playing Misery 1, that this could be adressed on 2, even if at a later time):

1) after I got the heal artifact, I never have to use bandages, so I carry only one, and I never use the one that cures bleeding too; As I said in another post, about having your maximum health limited by starvation; here too, the bleeding could lower your maximum health, so if you dont use bandages or cure wound artifact, your maximum health will lower even if you are being healed! that may work great and make these wound healing items usefull again!

2) there are some chems to protect us that I never have to use; I have not reached pripyat yet, I am in the 2nd area/map yet, could be that? anyway, I think if the damage of anomalies could be stronger (fire, chemical), may be these chems could be more usefull? electricity damage is already very strong. Radiation is not that bad at all, as I keep one artifact rads -4, that does all that is needed to keep me ok;

I just thoght, artifacts kind of look like something unbalancing; the chem to cure rads is useless with artifact anti-rad; may be something new could be created, artifacts degradation!

Artifacts Degradation: each artifact would have a usage limit, like weapons, if you dont use they are at 100% but when used they degrade and mal-function; artifacts could be the same; they would only degrade if they get used (if they heal or remove rads, or protect from some damage); A powerful artifact (that gives eg.: +4 heal) could be fixed by combining it with a less powerful one that does the same thing! To combine you must drop both in that anomaly that grabs and explodes us; it would fix and throw away the stronger artifact! would be fun too :D

you think this can be scripted?

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lolz222 Oct 19 2012 says:

I am going to fail so much when the new version comes out...

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Spetsnaz_Reaper Oct 28 2012 says:

I shall be returning from the big land soon to be back in my Beloved Zone. I wonder what has happened in the Zone that Changed? It's a Stalker's life for me. Yo, ho ho, and a bottle of Vodka. 8)

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QAstral Oct 30 2012 says:

Hi, I really like this mod, and waiting for v2 and I have some questions about it version...

1) Would be there dynamic anomalies? I mean something like in ARS mod, where are about 1000 new places of anomalies, which spawns randomly (they have random X and Y position close to those 1k places and do not switch always, so they should be really random). It would be cool to never know, where they are. Also in that mod NPC can search for them and do not enter to be killed. If it would be, and it is written in features, than sorry, did not saw it.

2) Would be there some more realistic time scale? In v1 you have written, that there is 3:1... but I just play it and it has normal 10:1 scale... Just tried to lower it, but scripts are not synchronized... Also I really would like totally realistic 1:1 timescale, is it possible to script in menu something like "Choose your time scale 1:1, 3:1, 5:1, 10:1" ? And if I say really, I mean with synchronized events, dialogs, regenerations, etc.

3) Someone above have written about artifacts, in ARS I saw much more of them, so they should be more randomized... I think, it would be cool to have more artifact types

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Adrian117 Nov 15 2012 says:

How about adding more locations to venture the zone? Would be sexy.

+1 vote     reply to comment
kitethefallenangel Nov 22 2012 says:

Have you ever considered using L.U.R.K's new sound system for a Version 3.0 once it is finished (L.U.R.K 1.2, I mean)?

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Byez_Imyeni Nov 22 2012 says:

It's good to see this mod making progress. I loved the overhaul of 1.1 and am awaiting 2.0. I plan to do a let's play or something on 2.0 when released, including of the new "Black Path" mode. Yet, I do have a few nagging thoughts...

1.) My Russian may be limited to only one crash course, but "Chorna Doroha" doesn't seem quite right. I would have expected "Chernaya Doroga" as a better translation of "Black Road."

2.) Has anyone else noticed that the gas mask vision filter gives a bit of unintentional night vision capability? The section in the center of the screen intended to provide the obstructed vision of the viewports (which is quite accurate, I must say!) actually clears up the pitch black of the Zone. Probably some transparency issue. I've been attempting to fix this on my own.

And as a final suggestion... perhaps music from the movie "Stalker" would be appropriate? "Meditation" would be good menu music, especially with the dark-themed image and contemplative nature of the song... Youtube.com

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ghussack Nov 25 2012 says:

do you think it is possible to use some chem to recover the zombies back to their humanity? it only work if you manage to knock them down and inject them with it; other zombies would now attack him too...

+1 vote     reply to comment
ghussack Nov 25 2012 says:

do you think it is possible to add a chem to let us fake we are zombies? so we could go past them slowly but unharmed, if not attack them; other npcs could attack us tho.. to cope with that, there could have some heavly crowded zombie small areas that would make the chem very important!

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ghussack Nov 25 2012 says:

about the city of pripyat, you mean only the last small area where the choppers are, or the whole pripyat map? because I didnt like the way it had only little monsters, only little zombies... I thought it could be revamped; more crowded; I dont care about it was a hard place to reach; now we can others can too, put npcs there please? xD

+1 vote     reply to comment
ghussack Nov 25 2012 says:

I miss also more sniper foes...
sniper foes are very cool but we only find them at the last small area of pripyat..
I wonder if there could have at least one on each group of foes, not a hard one, just one that tries to shoot you from very far; that would be cool; thx!

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Guest Nov 27 2012 replied:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Guest Nov 27 2012 replied:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Guest Nov 27 2012 replied:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Guest Nov 26 2012 says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

LoggotyroX32 Dec 13 2012 says:

Please fix the ironsights on the SKS and make it so that the SKS can mount a PSO-scope or the WW2-scope so that it can be used as the DMR it is supposed to be.

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Ravishing_Rick_Rude Dec 22 2012 says:

Might I also suggest allowing Beard or Owl to sell medical supplies? Because *MINOR SPOILERS* When you do the bloodsucker quest the doctor disappears.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Rocospi Jan 4 2013 says:

I don't know if this has been mentioned before, but a dedicated key/button for putting on/taking off masks would be nice. The overlay certainly adds to the immersion, but it gets quite annoying having to go into the menu and removing the helmet every time I want to see clearly.

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Macan.666 Jan 6 2013 says:

I need to ask you, is the PC requirement going to change too much for MISER 2.0? I'm unsure if my PC will be able to handle it.

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12BotG Jan 11 2013 says:

So no increasing the effect of med kits?

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Guest Jan 22 2013 says:

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ajbaj Jan 29 2013 says:

i installed the mod and when i try to play first it gets me out of the game the after that it says it has encountered a bug and i cannot play.i really want to play this mod how do i make it work?

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Freak_at_war Feb 9 2013 says:

Actually I'm not a fan of this feature, since in real life, I know some gun sportsmen, and they say selfmade ammo is better than factory ammo.
Also the game doesn't play in an apocalypse scenario, but rather in an illegal area to be in. So ammo is not rare, but only available from smugglers, therefore expensive.
To get around the fact of enemies having infinite ammo: Let them use their handguns if the main gun runs out of ammo, and let them run away if the handgun does too. Then you get a reason to kill them quickly, since their ammo will go to waste otherwise!

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Beeeerbaron Feb 12 2013 replied:

... wtf???? You do remember, after all ist just a game, do you?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Freak_at_war Feb 15 2013 replied:

You do remember, that one main goal was to make it the most realistic?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Freak_at_war Feb 15 2013 replied:

I wanted to add that selfmade ammo is not less precise than factory made. The things that you can vary by making it yourself are mostly limited to the charge amount and the projectile type as well as the ignition cap (I'm not too certain about the english terms for those things)
All of them bullets go through the same barrel, flying into the same direction with the same accuracy. Only recoil and trajectory vary, aswell as the stopping power. (due to a lower, or higher charge in the round)
I'm really sad to see the already poor Metro 2033 system being cloned, although not even in the right setting.

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