I Did not make this mod, although i am trying to revive it since it was on the GSC Games world Forums and there is no Current working Link,. Actual Mod ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The GOTZ is a Spawning Menu activated by Pressing F1, GOTZ is a special mod though being able to spawn Squads of soldier instead of singular NPC's, It also can spawn mutants, edit the weather, force a blowout, and even edit your Character's Money [Rubles, or RU], and do all sorts of thing. Status of GOTZ Uploads ~~~~~~~~~~~ English Standalone - Uploaded Russian Standalone - Uploaded Misery MERGED - Being Merged By Jamie/SteelHawk, Hoping for a 5\18\12 Release! Misery Translated To Russian - TBD [ Once the Merge with MISERY, someone will need 2 either translate that to Russian or Merge the Russian Mod.] Message to Contributers,and past Developers of GOTZ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you wish to contact me Via PM, or my Email which i can end you Via Email. THANKS To STEELHAWK,Kane4, and all other who Contributed to this Mod.

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GOTZ - English - Non MERGED-

GOTZ - English - Non MERGED-

May 8, 2012 Full Version (0.04mb) 3 comments

For English, Plain, no mods S.T.A.L.K.E.R CoP,put the gamedata in your STALKER folder and if it asks to replace Yes to ALL

GOTZ - Russian Translation

GOTZ - Russian Translation

May 8, 2012 Full Version (0.05mb) 0 comments

For Russian Users Only, Put folder inside gamedata,

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat Icon
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Released Aug 5, 2013
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