If you haven’t played 2007’s most immersive and atmospheric shooter, or you’re back for replay, this mod is for you. This is the world of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. like you’ve never seen before, with updated graphics and added functionality that don’t change the original story or gameplay. The game hasn’t been changed beyond recognition, but rather enhanced while preserving the core elements that made it the unique experience it is.

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Apr 12 2010 Anchor

Okay, I can save it with ANSI coding but then all the special characters become questionmarks...
Couldn't I just put in
& #246; for ö,
and & #228; for ä?
Does the good old HTML '& uuml;' actually have the same effect? Or do we need those numbers?

Anyway, I really would like to know how this ANSI thing works.
Do I edit all the text with the usual äüö's and then I just save it with 'ANSI'? I don't think so...

Thank you

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Apr 12 2010 Anchor

Well, what I did was just save the text without changing anything, just save it with ANSI coding. Doing that the special characters appear correctly (Spanish characters like "ñ" or "´").

OceanXIII wrote:Do I edit all the text with the usual äüö's and then I just save it with 'ANSI'? I don't think so...

That's exactly what I did and it works, I found some files in the spanish patch (previous files that I didn't translate), and the text in those files appears correctly in-game, they are coded in ANSI, so I used this coding with the files that were giving me troubles, and ta-da, problem solved.

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Apr 12 2010 Anchor

Okay, I found out that some files are saved as 'ANSI' (were other people already used äöü) and some in the usual way.
Those non-ANSI files do lose all their special characters if I try to save them to ANSI.

So I just wrote as usual to check if it works though.
I'll propably do that in the end of the week. I have to reinstall Stalker because it's in English.

Do you have tips for a quick way to get to the characters with the new content?
Like a savegame or cheat?
That would be great.
If not, can you tell me were I can find the person with the new repairlog?


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Apr 12 2010 Anchor

OceanXIII, to check if translation worked, you have to load the game press ESC T and teleport to Army Warehouses, in the middle of Freedom base there's a guy called Screw standing outside near cars. After you give him vodka, exit the dialog and enter again, the repair dialog will appear.

Also Sidorovich, the Cordon trader has permanent Faction Change and Reset dialog, but I believe it was translated correctly because the modder who designed it was from Germany.

After all translation is done, I will include this patch into upcoming Complete installer, so people can install it in one hit without need for patches.

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Apr 13 2010 Anchor

Thank you very much.
I am sure some of my questions didn't come up the first time.
I'll check the texts in the weekend.

Apr 15 2010 Anchor

OceanXIII, once you are done, the mod will be featured on major tech websites in Germany, so you are representing for the entire nation right now.

Apr 16 2010 Anchor

Allright :)
Finally I finished my work on the German translation!

- Fixed German manual in "Readme.txt" (+changed folder name in the french manual from "Fra" to "fra")
- Changed all .xml codings to "ANSI"
- Changed all encoding-types from *encoding="UTF-8"* to *encoding="windows-1251"* due to the previous (ANSI) point.
- Due to changing it to "ANSI" I had to change all questionmarks which came up in the files to the original äöüß. (I didn't know how else do do it)
The work was already done in some of the files.
- Fixed ingame-headline "Stolichnaya Vodka" ---> "Stolichnaya Wodka"
- Fixed wrong spaces. E.g.: "idiot ..." ---> "idiot..."
- Fixed several mistakes in the textfiles I came across.
- Changed several of my own textlines so that the conversation is fiting into the athmosphere.

My final version:
There should barely be a chance to fix something - I could not find anything anymore.

--> Translation fix v.3.0 - German (thanks to the previous author):

http: // upload.world ofplayers.de/files5/German.fix_SC_International_Patch_1.2.7_beta.7z

Schlafsack :
Schlafsack. Ein Doppelklick auf den Schlafsack öffnet ein pop-up Fenster, in welchem du zwischen 1, 3 oder 9 Stunden Schlaf wählen kannst. Vergiss nicht, dir vor dem Schlafen einem sicheren Ort zu suchen und etwas zu essen!
1 Stunde
3 Stunden
9 Stunden

Reparatursatz: Dieser tragbare Reparatursatz beinhaltet alles was du benötigst, um deine Waffen und Rüstungen überall in der Zone zu reparieren. Der Satz ist für den einmaligen Gebrauch und repariert bei Anwendung immer den meistbeschädigten, angelegten Gegenstand. Um einen bestimmten Gegenstand zu reparieren, rüste dich ausschließlich mit diesem aus.


Stolichnaya Wodka ist ein Klassiker. Der Geschmack ist bissig und sehr eigen. Wegen seiner Stärke und dem leichten Geschmack von Holzkohle wird er sehr geschätzt (Stolichnaya wird durch Quarzsand, Tuch und sibirische Birkenkohle gefiltert). Er lässt sich leicht genießen und reduziert die Auswirkungen von Strahlung - sollte jedoch aus offensichtlichen Gründen in Maßen genossen werden.

Repair Dialog:

Auf Wiedersehen! ... Oder auch nicht.
Ja, hier. Kannst du das reparieren?

Sicher, das kostet dich aber eine Kleinigkeit.
Wirf mal einen Blick auf meine Primärwaffe.
Meine Zweitwaffe funktioniert nicht mehr richtig.
Mein Schutzanzug muss ausgebessert werden.
Oh... Später vielleicht.

Gut, gib mir ein paar Minuten... Ok, das sollte es gewesen sein. Sonst noch was?
Danke. Das war's.

Ja, würdest du noch etwas anderes reparieren?
Noch etwas?
Nein, das geht schon.
Primärwaffe reparieren
Sekundärwaffe reparieren
Schutzanzug reparieren

This is when you can reject the task:
Ich habe kein Interesse.

This when you don't want to go back for reward, not sure when it's used, haven't seen it:
An dich Gesendet (Keine Rückkehr nötig).

something in PDA:
Keine Auswahl

and that's for the use of teleporter (when you press ESC+T in game) and some main menu buttons:


Speichere Spiellevel

Versteck geleert

ZRP Teleporter

Wähle Ausrüstung/Ziel

E - Nur für dieses Level ausrüsten

T - Nur teleportieren


Posten Cordon X18

Yantar untere Ebene

Finales Level oder Freies Spiel

Geladen und gesichert für

Die Zone steht dir nun offen

Eingang der Militärbasis

Mole's Eingang

This is as close to perfect as I can get :)
OceanXIII ---> Please call me MrChaos for any credits

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Apr 26 2010 Anchor

Ok, thanks, I'll update the patch now. Sounds like a massive update, now this can be built into installer.

Hey, I can't download this patch:) "Files uploaded to the WoP-Upload may only be used in the World Of Players forums."

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Apr 27 2010 Anchor

Okay, smart people sitting there, lets be smart as well:
Just fix this link and copy it to your browser:
http:/ /upload.world ofplayers.de/files5/German.fix_SC_International_Patch_1.2.7_beta.7z

Second choice:

Please tell me if it worked.

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Apr 27 2010 Anchor

Yes, it worked, updating now. Thanks.

Main post updated, now it's time to add this to installer.

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Jun 1 2010 Anchor

Hi, another small fix for the German language Patch:


  • Two letters weren't right.
  • Update: +A dialog mistake --> The barman is called "Sidorowitsch", so I deleted the name --> Dialog to join the organisations.
    "Sidorowitsch, I want to talk about the organisations" ---> "I want to talk about the organisations"
  • Update2: Fixed another two äüö problems

I am playing Stalker at the moment - the first time with your Complete-Mod. It is great! Thank you!
There are still a few bugs though. However: I am impressed (and it's not easy to impress me with a game).

Greetings :)

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Jun 2 2010 Anchor

Hi, Artistpavel,I just read your message few days ago,and I'm sorry about that.
Can you tell me more details about the next step of the Chinese patch? :)

Aug 10 2010 Anchor

Thanks, guys, much appreciated!

Oct 1 2010 Anchor

I followed the procedure patching the game to vers. 1005 then applied the complete mod and then the international pathc as described (my version is italian); after that the game was unplayable because it crashed at the very start of it. Then i saw in this thread someone had fixed deleting the file "localization.ltx" and so I did. Now it seems it works and is in italian language but I played only a few minutes. I don't know what is about the fact I deleted that file, is it really ok in that way or will I encounter later problems..?
Thank you and sorry for my english.

Oct 8 2010 Anchor

Same as rupoide above. I bought the game via steam, and the language is set to french. The only way to prevent the game to crash at startup was to delete the "localization.ltx". So, well… No working faction change dialog (I just get these plain "faction_change_text_***"), no right bag description… Looks like something is broken.

Any solution, guys ?

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Oct 28 2010 Anchor

I fixed Polish version:

User Posted Image
User Posted Image

User Posted Image
User Posted Image


Also I done a tons of improvement e.g. special characters in string_table_fc.xml, change some text (a lot of dialog mistake and odd phrases) e.g. in string_table_ngcmod.xml. Sorry, I' m to lazy to do full changelog ;)

Oct 30 2010 Anchor

filips666, this is great, thanks a lot! Adding to patch now.

Jan 28 2011 Anchor

Hum sorry to ask but the link for the SC International Patch 1.2.9 for STALKER Complete 2009 download seems to be broken.

Jan 29 2011 Anchor

Link updated

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