Call of Misery started as an unofficial port of Misery 2 to Call of Chernobyl but has since gone on to add its own features and changes. There are now many addons for CoM itself, most of which are released in Russian. This mod has CoM and some of the popular addons for CoM along with some of the translations for them. Credit will be given in each mod and addon to the creators and translators.

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Everything MISERY has on a large scale!


The best stalker mod!!!!


.craks says

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STALKER will never die... <3

Best mod combination!



I have not played misery at all so all the interfaces(cooking and repairing) and thousands of items in the game made me nervous at first. But once I learned to master it, the gameplay suddenly becomes interesting. I am yet to encounter a bug.Its very well polished, just download the mod and play it, you will not regret it. And yes a BIG BIG THANKS TO THE CREATORS OF THE MOD.THAKK YOU GUYS FOR KEEPING THE STALKER COMMUNITY ALIVE.Happy Hunting:)

Amazing mod from a vet of the zone!


Ch1ps says

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Nice :O


Cant go back to regular STALKER now. Misery adds so much more depth and challenge, sometimes misery.

It would be perfect but some of the upgrades dont match their descriptions, artifacts dont provide protection against anomalies as described and some mutants are just ridiculous bullet sponges. All of these problems are fixable though if you have the time to edit the files.

Mate like a freakin' dream come true to me...
Finished Misery, then I played CoC but you all know you can't go back after you've been through the MISERY experience, and so some mad **** with programming experience thought why don't I ****** combine them. Gee whiz mate best mod ever!

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