Call of Misery started as an unofficial port of Misery 2 to Call of Chernobyl but has since gone on to add its own features and changes. There are now many addons for CoM itself, most of which are released in Russian. This mod has CoM and some of the popular addons for CoM along with some of the translations for them. Credit will be given in each mod and addon to the creators and translators.

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.craks says

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STALKER will never die... <3

simply amazing keep up the good work



Everything MISERY has on a large scale!


The best stalker mod!!!!

Best mod you can get for Call of Pripyat in my opinion if you prefer hardcore PvE games. Personnally I can spend hours playing this game and just fully enjoy the atmosphere and the horror of taking on one of the worst mutants to ever face, the controller.


I played Call of Misery many times, and I really like a combination of a sandbox with a realistic survival game. This mod is great, especially with some enhancing mods.

It is very hard to explain why I do like CoM so much without huge spoilers, so I`ll try to be evasive. Balance. Stalkers, play and learn all the good stuff for yourself and enjoy your time in the Zone. "Time you wasted enjoying isn`t a wasted time."

The even harder and more atmospheric version of Call of Chernobyl. If you are bored from Call of Chernobyl, this is where you belong. You will suffer like in misery but you will suffer in more locations ! ;)

Good hunting Stalker



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STALKER will never die... <3

May 26 2017 by .craks