A combination of bug fixes, many small mods, better AI and AI armies, more provinces, graphical improvements and many other campaign and battle map changes. The whole game offers now a much greater challenge!

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Fenghuan says

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to many bugs right now...

Stainless Steel is by far best mod ever released for Medieval 2: Total War, offer players a better experience in which they can choose between 26 factions and fought with their enemies for supremacy over Europe, Middle East and North Africa. All is well-crafted by a team of talented modders. Highly reccmmanded!

Amazing modification!Realy hardcore gameplay in the world of madival wars and epidemies.


Excellent mod in my opinion, which improves many, many characteristics of the original game. A setup menu allows you to customize your game (including the choice between 3 AI behaviours), new mechanics makes the empire management deeper.

A "must-have" for any M2TW player, this mods is now completed by interesting submods that are still under development (SSHIP, HURB, Titanium...)


so i played 2 campaigns in this mod,one with the teutonic order and one with the crusader states and....id don t understand how a mod can be soooo unbalanced....i conquered egypt and some parts of turkey in my CS campaign,u have to attack from the first turn,otherwise the enemy will have all sorts of random stacks which will wear your forces down.Also one other "feature"is that u have to garrison a settlement or it will revolt,which means that u ll have to wait whilst they get their huge unrealistic stack .

Now with the TO i did a bit better.i conquered some parts of norway,lithuania,and kievan rus,however i just rage quited and unnistaled the mod when i saw the random f ing stacks that novgorod got

But let s talk about unit balance,the only units that are worth it are heavy cav or archer cav.That s it.

This makes M2TW playable for me, I put this off for too long, but I love this mod and would encourage any M2TW player to play it, you'll never go back

excellent mod, i highly reccomend getting SSHIP for it:


its an amazing submod that fixes 99% of the crashes and improves upon almost all of the issues, still in development so please show them your support on the TWC site.


Good mod, large variety of factions to play, few bugs here and there.
It would be a 9/10 if there a fair amount of trees were removed for performance, and if merchants were still useful when they are in their 40s, and if the install guide was more descriptive.

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