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Stainless Steel 6.4 Features

The Campaign :

  • Rebalanced victory conditions.
  • Rebalanced building bonuses.
  • Guild's HQ's now always offer a faction wide bonus.
  • Rebalanced existing missions and added more missions.
  • New building, place-able in locations with long rivers.
  • Removed Ireland.
  • Added a new region below Kiev (Ireland is now 2 regions).
  • AI factions tend to stick to their Royal Blood for many generations.
  • Alberi di Famiglia Regal implemented.
  • New Faction Economy scripts.
  • Knight's Templar & Kingdom of Jerusalem have been combined into Crusader States (with mixed units).
  • Mongols are finally pagan.
  • 1TPY Early Era campaign.
  • Slave faction are now a lot more active - including the ability to use merchants, spies and assassins.
  • New troubadours event.

The Campaign Map :

  • Completely new and huge campaign map, covering most of Europe and the beginning of Persia.
  • New ground types and custom climates.
  • Maximum width the engine allows of 510 movement tiles.
  • Mountains, hills and map outlines are based on satellite data.
  • Work of art coastlines instead of the square 'vanilla' ones.
  • Maximum amount of almost 200 historically medieval settlements. (A few had to sacrifice historical accuracy for better game balance)
  • Every Region has its own resources, including new valuable resources in the "outbacks" of the map
  • Resources are now better balanced, a couple of new resources were also added.
  • All resources were moved away from roads, to ensure merchants' peaceful life.
  • AI friendly map, the AIs' armies should no longer get stuck.
  • Narrow mountain passages were widened enough for agents to freely pass, while armies will still get blocked.
  • Missing ports added.
  • Rebels spawning on inaccessible terrain fixed and Rebel ships spawning in small lakes fixed.
  • Agart's great city & castle models.

The Battle Map & Unit Balance :

  • grass mod implemented.
  • Water now looks a whole lot better!
  • Smoother steppes modification by wolfslayer implemented.
  • New war horn sounds by wolfslayer implemented (hand picked by me).
  • Ambient sound files for Muslim temples by wolfslayer implemented.
  • Magus' Crimson Tide implemented (the no-dirt version).
  • Award winning BAI by Germanicu5.
  • Swagger's Skymod included.
  • Knights Templar units from Lord_Calidor's KT mod implemented.
  • BftB units by Caesar Clivus implemented.
  • For God and St. George mods by AWellesley.
  • Lord Condormanius's Mailed Knights.
  • Polish Units by MADTAO included.
  • Rusichi mod units implemented.
  • Real Recruitment's AoR (Area of Recruitment) system included.
  • RR's system nearly fully integrated. (please refer to RR/RC OCT 30 post for more detailed changes)

Traits & Ancillaries :

  • Rebalanced merchant traits for 1TPY.
  • As merchants get older, they lose movement points.
  • Generals are now a lot easier to educate in settlements with schools etc.
  • Faction Leaders can now acquire a set of traits affecting all settlements and generals.

General Changes :

  • Auto border-less mode - ALT+TAB in and out of the game without any loading.
  • New, epic loading screens.
  • New music by Kevin MacLeod, Jon Sayles & Bill Hudak, vanilla MTW2 music was also brought back. (now we have 141 music files + vanilla music, compared to 89 in 6.1 and no vanilla music, that's a hell lot!)
  • New main menu background & splash screen by Y2day.
  • Faction selection crash fixed.
  • All factions accessible in custom battle and hotseat.
  • External campaign chooser - for easy hotseat and CTD reduction.
  • External launcher application - taking care of things the user would normally do.
  • CBUR with most of its features implemented.
  • Riczu trade carts removed.
  • Parts of Awellesley's 1100AD mod integrated.
  • SSTC by Chimaeira implemented.
  • Real Horses by Argent Usher implemented.
  • CBUR and Unit Card improvement projects by Agis Tournas implemented.
  • Animations updates.
  • Y2day's faction shields & banners.
  • New quotes.
  • Proper character aging.
  • Byzantine and Kievan Rus unit cards by akvilonn.
  • Tax auto-manage should now work properly.
  • Added Patriarchs for Orthodox factions.
  • All factions now have their one-liner pre-battle speeches activated (more speeches for existing factions, and no more mute Norway, Kwarzemian Empire, etc. generals)
  • Unbelievable amount of fixes, both big and small, too many to mention them all.
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Stainless Steel 6.4

Stainless Steel 6.4

Full Version 41 comments

Re uploaded mod all other existing links are corrupted. Contains SS6.3.exe / SS6.3 Bin 1-5 / SS6.4.exe Patch

SS6 4 patch with SS6.3 DW link in Description

SS6 4 patch with SS6.3 DW link in Description

Other 12 comments

PS: open Description for Links !!! !"Download for SS6.3 (required for 6.4)" i uploade SS6.4 Patch and SS6.3 Install : open file and click on install exe...

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I dont know if this should go here but i downloaded the last version . Instaaled the 6.3 and then the 6.4 and i saw thst there is a fan made patch 1.27 to the bugs and ctds but when i start the game all factions have like -37656756 in their economy is this notmal ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I can't download the mod,is timed expired

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes

You have to have an account. Just use a temporary e-mail site like 10 minute mail if you don't want to use your e-mail.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

hay guy I have a problem were it will start to load then just kick me out, well I say start the ss title appears then kicks me out so plz some one help

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I normally run M2TW vanilla first then go into the folders and run the SS Launcher in the SS 6.3 files.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

A very good mod what add realism to vanilla Medieval 2: Total War, soundtrack is excellent and all in mod is well-crafted

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hope there is a wiki for this mod, which also works as a guide, to help us on how to get traits and ancillaries because there's this one ancillary I want to have for my faction leader, but forget how to get them. It's the Emperor Autocrat of Romania or something. Byzantine Empire players are familiar with this

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Nevermind that. You can get that ancillary from an event when playing The Byzantine Empire at year 1150, when you have the settlements Sofia, Adrianopole, and Scopia. Then, there would be 3 rebel generals filled with rebel troops laying siege to the said settlements. After yo defeated them, you would get the Emperor Autocrat of Romania ancillary :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Does this mod also includes the New World? Would love to use Middle Eastern states to conquer the New World

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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