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* No Permission is granted to modify or change the content of these files for other sharing purposes together with other projects, total conversions, mod packs, only with the exception when the user will keep the changes that are done towards the mod, privately. Any other different releases of the original Mod on cloud hosting websites will be reported and removed eventually.
* Don't come to me to make requests for permission, I'm not saying this twice.

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* Original Author: ParoXum
* Author of Srt3 Mipmap Edition: ParoXum & BLITZ
* Necessary Requirements: Project 2dfx & CLEO4 for 512MB.cs/IMG Manager Tool
* Other Requirements: Standalone
* Current Version: February 2014
* File Size: 2.7GB

* Gtaforums Thread:
* Moddb Website:

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This list represents all the goodies inside SRt3, including other mods and innovations brought to this version since the last version:
* New HUD
* Detailled Radar MOD by Ian Albert & BaygoN
* Lod Mod/Draw Distance Mod
* *OGM_2Pac*'s develop peds Packs for SRt3.
* Deserted New Grass Retextured; NDGT, dynamic and static grasses of the desert : ParoXum
* Normal New Grass Retextured; NNGT, dynamic grasses of the game : ParoXum
* MTA: Rv' S Generics Objects; Barrels, baskets, cases, boxes, etc Textures Hi-Resolution : ParoXum
* New Vegetation Trees; Pack containing my textures of vegetation, new model 3D of trees, palm trees : ParoXum
* Complete Retexture Country of San Fierro - ParoXum & BLITZ
* Complete Retexture Country of Los Santos - ParoXum & BLITZ
* Complete Retexture Country of Las Venturas - ParoXum & BLITZ
* Complete Retexture Desert of Las Venturas - ParoXum & BLITZ
* Complete Retexture San Fierro - ParoXum & BLITZ
* Complete Retexture Las Venturas - ParoXum & BLITZ
* Changes in commercial logos like banners, billboards : Sprunk, Victim, BurgerShot, BoBo - BLITZ

User Posted Image
* SRt3 it's a San Andreas Mod, that retextures the entire map. It is at least the initial name of the project which the goal is
to retexture any piece/object of San Andreas by textures of much higher quality.
* SRt3 Mod exist since August 2005 - original author of this mod is ParoXum.
* SRt3 mod has been released on 7 August 2006, but not everything was retextured, ParoXum leaves the mod how
* On 4 April 2008, the mod started to be continued by me.
* Under the name of SRt2, in time the mod's name had changed into SRt3.

User Posted Image
* For starters is required a clean V1.0 GTA San Andreas game. Other mods comes second.
* Mipmaps - This new edition of SRt3 brings the possibility to play SRt3 textures with Mipmaps along with Lod Mod and now this time with Trees Lod included. Another project of mine that increases the Level of Detail for far objects of higher quality.
* SRt3 Mipmap Edition textures are now having MipMaps. They are set to level 9.
* SRt3 Mipmap Edition also contains my last work from where I stopped in Los Santos. Reminder that these textures where in semifinal build so reporting for finding any kind of texture who are not in their right place is futile.
* SRt3 Mipmap Edition includes .Lod Mod/Draw Distance Mod.
* SRt3 Mipmap Edition doesn't change the game interiors.
* SRt3 Mipmap Edition includes all the previous versions and updates, meaning you don't need any other old versions.
* The setup will install all the files in your PC, but you still have to install the mod by yourself.
* San Fierro Finished - 100%
* Las Venturas Finished - 100%
* Desert & Country Finished - 100%
* Los Santos : The progress has stopped due to my PC that is already old. I don't have money and even time anymore to, focus on what is left of Los Santos for now. When I'll have enough upgrades for my PC, then I will continue from where I stopped.
* SRt3 works with SA-MP & MTA.
* The Mod needs V1.0 because many programs & tools are asking for V1.0, otherwise no program will work for you in order to install something.
* Why does SRt3 lags or why I'm having FPS drops ? At the moment I don't have any problems with lag, when using SRt3.
I will remember that I have EAH3650 HD 1GB with Core 2 Duo 3,01ghz, of 4GB RAM. So far, for those who are having lower than mine, there is a change to have bit of lag.
* Med Editor/Map Editor won't work anymore after gta3.img reaches 2GB/2.2GB and either with SRt3 when it will hit between 3.32GB/3.45GB with SRt3 and Archived at 2.50GB/2.80GB.
* The Limit size of gta3.img is 4.095MB/4GB. IMG Manager can also show you this information.
Going beyond 4GB for gta3.img, the game will crash at exit, the entire textures will be replaced with LOD blurry textures. Is not recommended to be played in such conditions.
* Using IMG Tool V2 (Who the heck is using that anymore ?) or Alci's IMG with SRT3 installed, once the gta3.img is above 2GB, all the files that were installed previously will have 0KB when they will be extracted.
All the files will be empty inside and not a single program like 3DMax, TXD Workshop, ZModeler can open them.
Both or any other older IMG Tool aren't capable of extracting them properly anymore, even if you can still view their real size correctly inside of any IMG Tool.
* It is possible that when using to often Alci's IMG Rebuild Archive command, at unknown percentage, the progress stops, cancels the hole progress, shows an error message and all the files that were supposed to be IMPORTED never got installed.
* From this point the entire GTA3.IMG is broken, accordingly you have to use another clean gta3.img.
I recommend IMG Manager made by xmen, the newest IMG Tool that can extract, import, rebuild. IMG MANAGER can have unlimited rebuild gta3.img - IMG Manager Official Topic
For Win7, if IMG Manager doesn't work or run, use this: &#xwi;ndir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v2.0.50727\ldr64.exe setwow

User Posted Image
* For Win7, if IMG Manager doesn't work or run, use this: &#xwi;ndir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v2.0.50727\ldr64.exe setwow
* There are differences between this IMG Tool and from the others well known.
* IMPORT command will always import any kind of file, but it will not replace the old/original files with the newest, meaning
that you will have a duplicate of the same file in the IMG and the game could possibly crash at the loading screen or you
will have trouble with the mod that was installed. You have to erase the old/original file in order for the new file to work properly.
* BULK REPLACE command will definitely IMPORT & REPLACE on the same time any file that was installed, however it will accept only folders with
files that are prepared inside them, just as my San Andreas Lod Mod is sorted out.
* BULK REPLACE will also never recognize new files that don't exist inside the gta3.img and the command start replacing something that cannot be found,
therefore the use of IMPORT command is required to be used. This is a reference to my seven new objects.

* For CLEO4 in order to make 512MB.cs work: (Current Version - NEW! CLEO 4 Library (v4.3.11)/Installer(.EXE) or Standalone (Archive).

* Project 2dfx to get Tweaker & Limit Adjuster by following the link below:
* Made by [TheJAMESGM & ThirteenAG]
* Find the download link: "Project 2dfx SA - Download" and download the lastest version ( the current version is Project_2dfx_sa v1.6 )
* Extract only flickr.asi into the main DIR of San Andreas game aka gta_sa.exe

* There is a Bonus folder where you can find the following content.
* As result of making Lod Mod, all the previous LOD texture were erased. However for those who aren't interested plaing with Lod Mod as well,
they can use Lod texture again. The files can be found in Bonus folder, LOD Textures Pack and they also include mipmaps now.
* Ped Pack consist in peds retexturing. I had users with opinions where some would not like to play with them and others would want to.
* Is nothing better than having a new look of Hud.

User Posted Image
* fastman92 for making memory512.cs and methodunderg for compiling the file.
* Robanswe for finding a way to fix the SA-MP CUSTOM.IDE white textures bug.
* And the rest of the members and users who made reports over the past months.

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SRT3 V1.7 Brings

Feature 0 comments

* The MOD doesn't change the interiors from the game.
* New HUD ( ParoXum )
* Detailled Radar MOD By Ian Albert & BaygoN
* *OGM_2Pac*'s develop peds Packs for SRt3. This pack isn't finish too, not all the peds are retextured.
* Deserted New Grass Retextured; NDGT, dynamic and static grasses of the desert ( ParoXum )
* Normal New Grass Retextured; NNGT, dynamic grasses of the game : ParoXum
* MTA: Rv' S Generics Objects (Barrels, baskets, cases, boxes, etc Textures Hi-Resolution : ParoXum & BLITZ )
* New Vegetation Trees (Pack containing my textures of vegetation, new model 3D of trees, palm trees : ParoXum )
* The Mod doesn't change the interior textures.
* Complete Retexturing Country of San Fierro. ( ParoXum & BLITZ )
* Complete Retexturing Country of Los Santos. ( ParoXum & BLITZ )
* Complete Retexturing Country of Las Venturas. ( ParoXum & BLITZ )
* Complete Retexturing Desert of Las Venturas. ( ParoXum & BLITZ )
* Complete Retexturing San Fierro. ( ParoXum & BLITZ )
* Complete Retexturing Las Venturas. ( ParoXum & BLITZ )
* Los Santos in progress
* Changing Commercial Logos ( Sprunk, Victim, Pro Laps, Burger Shot, The Whell Stacked Pizza CO, etc - not all of them are done: BLITZ )

SRT3+Project Oblivion  Tutorial

SRT3+Project Oblivion Tutorial

Installers Tutorial 0 comments

This New Tutorial will explain how to make SRT+Project Oblivion 2007HQ to make them both in such way to work, losing the problems of getting your game...

SRT3 V1.7 Tutorial Installation

SRT3 V1.7 Tutorial Installation

Installers Tutorial 22 comments

This is for those that doesn't understand even from the readme in how to install this mod. Hope this will help you much better in pictures.

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SRt3 2014 Update V1.01

SRt3 2014 Update V1.01

Patch 2 comments

Added Mipmaps to few textures that were reported missing on which on my belive that I actually generated mipmaps to them.

SRt3 Mipmap 2014

SRt3 Mipmap 2014

Full Version 15 comments

Newest version of SRt3. What's new check the Description below.

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What's new in this 2014 update ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

lol it is very heavy mine is taking 1hour + time to download this mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
-BLITZ- Creator

Nodoby fault. That's your provider for giving limit to your download speed.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Anyone know why a lot of doors in the game, including CJ's, Sweet's, and OG Loc's Grove Street homes, are textured with a store's door?

Take a look at the screenshots to see what I mean:

Any way to fix this?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hi, I followed your instructions like :
1. Have a clean GTA San Andreas (checked)
2. "Bulk Replace" with IMG Manager (I know how to use this)
3. Downloaded the flickr.asi thinggy and place in the clean SA (Check)
and voila !

what did I do wrong again? (I dont use CLEO or is this a must?)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
-BLITZ- Creator

Kind of late, but did you included stream512.cs in Cleo folder ?
I'm trying to find time for making videos, but everytime something happens and I have work.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

having a problem in mission "vertical bird" game wont load after cutscence of it, the rest of mission is fine, i really enjoy playing san andreas using this mod, lots of improvement, still playing in 2013, :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
-BLITZ- Creator

Okay, I just found out the problem of Vertical Bird. Just go to Gtaforums thread and read my answer.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

-BLITZ- Creator

How did you manage to skip the cutscene or the black screen that doesn't go before both want to get in the car. Other have been reporting this issue and I do have it myself.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

no sir that is the problem, cutscene are fine (vertical bird) but after that cutscne, screen goes black and then nothing, i hear sounds of rains but everything stop there, anyway your mod was so good and i keep my modded SA in me and still enjoying playing, just want to know if there is any fix for it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
-BLITZ- Creator

Well, that's the exact problem. I hear only the rain after the cutscene. I have to check this out and see what's the issue. I don't like it either.

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