This is a (skirmish) mod created with the intention to bring the feeling of the Lord of the Rings movies into the game Battle for Middle Earth II, and add "realism" through re-balance and re-skinning of the entire game! Our forum can be found here. BETA 4.5 was released in Nov. 2007.

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Introducing S.E.E. - Director's Cut, Azog

The Lieutenant of The Necromancer and commander of the forces of hell, Azog, the Defiler, rules the Misty Mountain faction of The Special Extended Edition, Director’s Cut. Azog’s sculpt was created by Nazgûl, and has been seen before in the concept art of The Battle for Middle-earth III (view an earlier news article about BfME III). Powers are yet to be announced by The S.E.E. Team for Azog; heroes in game will support the armies of the player, and will not be a one-man army like in the original game.

Azog appears in The Special Extended Edition, Director's Cut as seen in The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey. He rides with the Hunter Orcs of Gundabad with his mount, The Matriarch, a white warg; or he can fight on foot. At over two metres tall (seven feet), his presence on the battlefield as the commander of the Misty Mountains, and vassal of the Necromancer will bring low all the enemies of Sauron. The ruination of Durin’s line is up to him, and the elimination of Thorin Oakenshield.

Azog, The Defiler

Azog, The Pale Orc and general of the northern armies of Sauron ruled from Gundabad. Sent to Moria by The Necromancer, with a large force he occupied this ancient Dwarven capital, which started the War of the Dwarves and Orcs culminating in the Battle of Azanulbizar and the beheading of King Thrór. Azog desired to fulfil the wish of his master and end the line of Durin. Unseen in the movie, Azog also kills Nain, the father of Dain Ironfoot*. However, later in the battle Thorin severed Azog’s left forearm and leaves him to die of wounds. His loyal orcs dragged him back into Moria where he survived.

Azog speaks in a northern dialect of Orcish when ordering his Hunter Orcs and Black Speech when speaking with The Necromancer in Dol Guldur.

Azog has possibly two sons, Bolg and an unnamed white Orc, seen in charge of Dol Guldur while the main forces led by Azog were marching north to Erebor. Galadriel annihilated his body before the Orc could harvest Gandalf’s ring of power, during the White Council’s Attack on Dol Guldur.

Because of The Defiler’s purpose in destroying the line of Durin, Azog is a constant threat to Thorin in the Quest to Reclaim Erebor. Before the events of the movie, he captures Thrain in Dunland and imprisons the dwarf in Dol Guldur, to harvest the last of the Dwarven Rings of Power. He then sets a price on Thorin’s head and camps his army at the ruins of Amon Sul, driving out the Arnor Rangers and bringing down bands of trolls and Orcs from the Ettenmoors and into the Lone Lands. When he finds Thorin, travelling the Lone Lands, he sends out the Hunter Orcs. Azog reveals himself riding on the White Warg, after the Company of Thorin Oakenshield had escaped Goblin Town. However, the eagles snatch victory from his remaining hand and prosthetic metal claw.

His chance came during the Battle of the Five Armies when Thorin, Fili, Kili and Dwalin orchestrated an attack on Ravenhill, his position to observe and direct the battle below. Azog sets a trap and murders Fili, while Bolg murders Kili just below the tower, before charging at Thorin, over a frozen lake. Thorin considers him drowned when he falls into the icy water; however, Azog breaks out and mortally wounds a surprised Thorin who lunges back and kills Azog.

*In the original novel it was Dain Ironfoot, (son of Thror, brother of Thrain and the cousin of Thorin) who killed Azog in the Battle for Azanulbizar, Bolg ruled Moria and Gundabad for another 150 years until the Battle of the Five Armies where he is killed by Beorn after the deaths of Thorin, Fili and Kili.

The Matriarch

As Azog commands the orcs of the north, The Matriarch controls her underlings with an iron grip. Both Azog and The Matriarch share similar features, tribal scars and the rare albinism, white skin or fur, and pink eyes.

Gundabad wargs are faster and larger than the hyena-like southern breeds used in Saruman's armies of Isengard.

I hope that you have enjoyed part 3 of the heroes of the Misty Mountains for The Special Extended Edition, Director's Cut. If you have any questions or suggestions, please comment. Stay posted on ModDB for more news and media. You can find all our work at Revora Forums. Have a good day.
Don't miss part 1, The Balrog & part 2, The Great Goblin.

Introducing S.E.E. - Director's Cut: The Great Goblin

Introducing S.E.E. - Director's Cut: The Great Goblin

6 months ago News 1 comment

You can yammer and yelp / But there ain't no help / Pound pound, far underground / Down, down, down in Goblin Town

Introducing S.E.E. - Director's Cut: The Balrog

Introducing S.E.E. - Director's Cut: The Balrog

6 months ago News 2 comments

A Balrog. A demon of the ancient world. This foe is beyond any of you. Run!

S.E.E. - Director's Cut & the BfME 3 Prank

S.E.E. - Director's Cut & the BfME 3 Prank

7 months ago News 3 comments

The relationship between S.E.E. – Director’s Cut and the recent The Battle for Middle-earth 3 prank.

Introducing S.E.E. - Director's Cut: Misty Mountains

Introducing S.E.E. - Director's Cut: Misty Mountains

7 months ago News 2 comments

“Moria... You fear to go into those mines. The Dwarves delved too greedily and too deep. You know what they awoke in the darkness of Khazad-dum... shadow...

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BFME2 Special Extended Edition Beta 4.5

BFME2 Special Extended Edition Beta 4.5

7 months ago Full Version 15 comments

G'day fans of The Special Extended Edition. This demo was originally uploaded at The Third Age, Revora Forums in 2007. And to celebrate the revival of...

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dialsamai Aug 7 2015 says:

Hello guys, I wanted to post this question before but it seems the system ruled it out! I saw a post by Nazgul on Revora where he said there would be a renaming of the factions, as it happened with the Goblins being renamed "Moria". This seems logical since we already have Mordor and Isengard. So, as I read, the Elves would be renamed "Lórien" and the Dwarves "Erebor". The Men of the West would be called "Gondor", or so Nazgul said. I see it is fit that Dwarves be called Erebor since almost all their troops are from there, as well as their allies from Dale. Gondor is totally the main faction in the MotW, technically you start with a fort that is Gondorian and all, you recruit troops and heroes from Gondor and then call for aid from Rohan. All cool thus far. The maybe awkward part is with Lórien. Mallorn trees are from Lórien, as well as all basic troops and heroes, but Rivendell has a big role to play as the host of the Council of Elrond (Mirkwood, being more secretive, are less involved in the war, although they did send Prince Legolas hehe). Lórien nonetheless seems as a fair pick for a name, since Rivendell was a hidden refuge and Lórien was a lot bigger in size. A whole country you could say, with their capital city at Caras Galadhon.

OK sorry for overstaying my welcome, bottom line question, are the name changes going to happen? Are Erebor, Gondor and Lórien coming? :D

0 votes     reply to comment
MattTheLegoman Creator
MattTheLegoman Aug 9 2015 replied:

G'day dialsamai,

Welcome and feel free to stay. =3

The planned factions are:
*Misty Mountains

I think you may find that during the War of the Ring that Lothlorien had large battles against Moria (the goblins) and Dol Guldur (both represented in S.E.E. - D.C. by the Misty Mountains faction). Rivendell played the part as the Last Homely House east of the sea. Nevertheless, the Lothlorien faction will most likely have units from Mirkwood and Rivendell, in the form of summons or powers.

Thanks and have a good day. =D

P.S. Caras Galadhon, the city within the forests of Lothlorien used flets. The S.E.E. Team might need to get creative, however, the RJ-mod successfully created a Lothlorien faction with flets and trees so I believe it is possible.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Istari0202 Jul 19 2015 says:

Hi, sorry to be a bother. But, I have this problem that the camera is zoomed in too far and i can't get it to go up further, any suggestions. And I completely understand the realism side to that debate, it's just that I kept getting defeated in the campaign because I couldn't train troops fast enough.

+3 votes     reply to comment
MattTheLegoman Creator
MattTheLegoman Jul 19 2015 replied:

Beta 4.5 is not supported as Director's Cut is in production. The campaign has not been adjusted and was not supported at all for Beta 4.5.

Director's Cut will have the map cameras at a greater height to adjust the game for screens with higher resolutions. You can edit the camera on maps yourself by opening the map in Worldbuilder and you will find the camera height settings in Edit Map Settings. If you need more assistance in adjusting map camera height then please look at T3A, Revora Forums.

+2 votes   reply to comment
Guest Jul 27 2015 replied:

I have a question though, for anyone or/and everyone who has the 4.5 SEE downloaded, when the Directors Cut is released, will it auto-update or will we have to uninstall the 4.5 and install the Directors Cut?

+1 vote     reply to comment
MattTheLegoman Creator
MattTheLegoman Jul 27 2015 replied:

You will not need to uninstall Beta 4.5, it uses the mod system, with a custom shortcut with the "-mod SEE" command in the target. Beta 4.5 does not affect the vanilla game or any other mod.

The Special Extended Edition, Director's Cut will be similar in that it will not affect the vanilla game or any other mod using the correct mod system for the game. You can install and enjoy other mods that do not interfere with the vanilla game.

+1 vote   reply to comment
MattTheLegoman Creator
MattTheLegoman Jul 27 2015 replied:

Therefore! Don't uninstall Beta 4.5.

S.E.E. - Director's Cut will not auto-update from Beta 4.5.
It will have its own installation.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Istari0202 Jul 18 2015 says:

Forgive me, but everything takes unbelievably long. Whether I'm training a unit or constructing a building, I swear it takes me an hour just to train one battalion of units. And upgrades, that takes years. Please, please, please! Fix this. But the mod itself is excellent.

+2 votes     reply to comment
MattTheLegoman Creator
MattTheLegoman Jul 18 2015 replied:

In The Special Extended Edition, Director's Cut, the build times are shorter than in Beta 4.5.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Guest Jul 18 2015 replied:

That will be good, do you have a good estimate on when the S.E.E Directors Cut will be released?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Jul 18 2015 replied:

You will get used to it Istari, I remember when I first started playing this mod, the waits were terrible yes but I got used to it in the end and I played fine. And besides this mod is supposed to be like the LOTR movies anyway. You are not going to have a building build from 20 to 50/60 seconds like the regular BFME 2 because this mod has realism in it. Don't think you can have a barracks or farm be built in 30-60 seconds and call it realistic

+1 vote     reply to comment
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