Spawn real-life games, movies, pictures, and other media (directly from your PC or the internet) into the virtual world. Anarchy Arcade is a media-focused 3D desktop with multiplayer and internet capabilities. It will turn your entire PC into an entertainment experience!

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This video describes how Anarchy Arcade uses plug-ins to turn 2D websites into 3D virtual worlds and the things I've been programming the past couple of weeks.

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This is a transcript of a video blog:

What's up my virtual maniacs, it's SM Sith Lord coming at you again with a development update on Anarchy Arcade. I've got a lot to tell you, so let's make it quick.

AArcade Service Provider Plugins

Anarchy Arcade is more useful than just a desktop. It shows you more than just a 3D file icon.

AArcade Service Provider Plugins

For example, if you spawn a shortcut to "Banjo Kazoie", in Anarchy Arcade it's going to have boxart, a screenshot, and a YouTube trailer all on its 3D cabinet.

These additional images and videos come from 3rd party services such as YouTube, Flickr, Netflix, or the Steam Store itself. Anarchy Arcade runs independently of all these services, but utilizes them as plug-in scripts.

AArcade Service Provider Plugins

Plug-in scripts can be created for any website or service. Working together, they turn each one of your boring desktop shortcut into a media-rich virtual entertainment center.

AArcade Service Provider Plugins

Anarchy Arcade is powered by the same framework as the Google Chrome web browser itself. It's so similar, that Anarchy Arcade's plugins can be used as Google Chrome extensions.

What you're looking at is Anarchy Arcade turning this web page into a 3D arcade cabinet right before your eyes. And it's doing it all on this nifty little interface that lets me cycle through the different images by clicking on the arrow buttons.

The images themselves are taken from the web page I'm looking at, as well as other services all powered by plug-in scripts.

This functionality goes DEEP. I won't get into it right now, but let's just say this is not the last time you'll hear about these plugins.

By now you've probably heard that the Kickstarter has failed to reach its funding goal. This means that I will NOT be able to license Anarchy Arcade as a retail game. It also means that I will not be able to pay myself for developing it.

However, Anarchy Arcade WILL be available through Steam, free of charge, later this year. Please use the PayPal link and make a donation towards Anarchy Arcade's development today!

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Nice idea for "VaRcadeDesktop" in VR

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"Half Life 2 Mod" that turns your desktop applications into a 3D virtual world!? Sounds like a bunch of snake oil to me. Especially the fact that it says it's a HL2 mod. I'm currently downloading it now, so all I really have to say is "I'll believe it when I see it".

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