This is an updated version of the Soulstorm Bugfix mod by Maktaka with his permission. Pooling lots of fixes from the No-Brainer fix list thread along with more fixes from Reaper_R66, Soul_Reaver and Kasrkin84 to name but a few.

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Apr 8th, 2013
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This addon to the "Dawn of War: Soulstorm Bugfix Mod" modifies the damage and armour piercing values of several abilities and weapons.

Uploaded here with Soul_Reaver's permission.

This addon is
intended to deal with what would appear to be incorrectly entered Armour
Piercing values for some abilities/weapons. It is offered as a
separate addon because installing it will have balance implications.

If you have any comments or suggestions about this addon, feel free to contact Soul_Reaver at

What is the Armour Piercing bug?

working on the Dawn of War: Dark Crusade Bugfix Mod v26, I came across
something rather odd: the Imperial Guard General's Strafing Run abililty
had armour piercing values of 300% set for most infantry targets
(though only 100% for non-infantry). The thing is, Dawn of War doesn't
'allow' armour piercing values of over 100%, and just rounds them down
to 100%. I then found several other weapons and abilities with over
100% armour piercing values too. This seems to have been carried over
to Soulstorm as well.

These values are obviously a mistake, since
there's no practial reason to set the values above 100%... unless, that
is, these weapons/abilities were originally meant to do a lot more
damage to certain target types than they currently do.

This is
supported by the fact that a couple of these abilites/weapons seem to be
a bit underpowered for their primary purpose. The Imperial Guard
General's Strafing Run, for example, does equal, rather lacklustre
damage to all targets... but if the 300% damage vs infantry actually
worked, it becomes really deadly against infantry, and actually does
what its tooltip says it does (ie, can potentially wipe out whole
squads... if they're too slow to get out of the way, of course).
Similarly, the Tau Crisis Suit's relatively underwhelming Missile Pod
weapon upgrade works a lot better in an anti-vehicle role if it's doing
140% damage to light vehicles and 120% to medium vehicles like the
armour pierce values suggest it should be doing.

considerations make me think that the original intent of these
abilities/weapons isn't being met because someone coding the values
wasn't aware of the 100% armour pierce cap. To overcome this, I've
modified the damage and armour pierce totals so that the weapons will
now be doing their 'intended' damage to all targets.

Why Make This A Separate Add-On

There are two arguments as to why implementing this bugfix might not be a good idea:

There are real balance implications to this change - several units and
abilities gain significant damage buffs against certain targets.
2) I
can't be completely certain that the armour pierce values really were a
mistake - it could be that while they began as a mistake, they were
simply left later since playtesting ended up showing that the effective
damage they were doing was sufficient.

With this mod installed,
Strafing Run becomes a powerful ability; Harlequins change from being
good to being absolutely deadly against Commander-type units in melee;
Hellhounds become very efficient listening post/base defence raiders;
Crisis Suits with Missile Pods become more effective against vehicles;
and Psykers... well, I suppose they do a bit more damage to very heavy
infantry units with one of their abilites. This will certainly change
the game balance a bit. Not everyone will like these changes.

than forcing an opinion on players, I thought it best that you can
choose whether you think the values should be corrected or not. If you
think the original values are wrong, install this fix. If not, or you
think the balance implications are too great, then leave it be.

What Does the Addon Actually Change?

The addon does the following:

- Imperial Guard General's Stafing Run ability damage vs all infantry and infantry_heavy armour increased 3x
- Imperial Guard Psyker's Lightning Arc ability damage vs infantry_heavy_high armour increased 1.5x
- Eldar Harlequin's Riveblade damage vs commander armour increased 3x
- Tau Crisis Suit Missile Pod damage vs vehicle_light armour increased 1.4x, and damage vs vehicle_medium increased 1.2x
- Imperial Guard Hellhound Inferno Cannon damage vs structure_light armour increased 2x

It does so by adding/replacing the following files in the Bugfix directory with newer, modified versions:
- Bugfix\data\attrib\abilities\guard_psyker_lightning_arc.rgd
- Bugfix\data\attrib\abilities\guard_psyker_lightning_arc_advance_sp.rgd
- Bugfix\data\attrib\abilities\guard_psyker_lightning_arc2.rgd
- Bugfix\data\attrib\weapon\eldar_riveblade.rgd
- Bugfix\data\attrib\weapon\guard_inferno_cannon_hellhound.rgd
- Bugfix\data\attrib\weapon\tau_missile_pod_crisis_suit.rgd
- Bugfix\data\attrib\abilities\guard_strafing_run.rgd
- Bugfix\data\attrib\abilities\guard_strafing_run_children.rgd
- Bugfix\data\attrib\abilities\guard_strafing_run_children_1.rgd
- Bugfix\data\attrib\abilities\guard_strafing_run_children_2.rgd
- Bugfix\data\attrib\abilities\guard_strafing_run_children_3.rgd
- Bugfix\data\attrib\abilities\guard_strafing_run_children_4.rgd
- Bugfix\data\attrib\abilities\guard_strafing_run_children_5.rgd
- Bugfix\data\attrib\abilities\guard_strafing_run_children_6.rgd
- Bugfix\data\attrib\abilities\guard_strafing_run_children_7.rgd
- Bugfix\data\attrib\abilities\guard_strafing_run_children_8.rgd
- Bugfix\data\attrib\abilities\guard_strafing_run_children_9.rgd
- Bugfix\data\attrib\abilities\guard_strafing_run_children_10.rgd
- Bugfix\data\attrib\abilities\guard_strafing_run_children_11.rgd
- Bugfix\data\attrib\abilities\guard_strafing_run_children_12.rgd
- Bugfix\data\attrib\abilities\guard_strafing_run_children_13.rgd
- Bugfix\data\attrib\abilities\guard_strafing_run_children_14.rgd
- Bugfix\data\attrib\abilities\guard_strafing_run_children_15.rgd
- Bugfix\data\attrib\abilities\guard_strafing_run_children_16.rgd
- Bugfix\data\attrib\abilities\guard_strafing_run_children_17.rgd
- Bugfix\data\attrib\abilities\guard_strafing_run_children_18.rgd
- Bugfix\data\attrib\abilities\guard_strafing_run_children_19.rgd
- Bugfix\data\attrib\abilities\guard_strafing_run_children_20.rgd
- Bugfix\data\attrib\abilities\guard_strafing_run_children_21.rgd
- Bugfix\data\attrib\abilities\guard_strafing_run_children_22.rgd
- Bugfix\data\attrib\abilities\guard_strafing_run_children_23.rgd
- Bugfix\data\attrib\abilities\guard_strafing_run_children_24.rgd
- Bugfix\data\attrib\abilities\guard_strafing_run_children_25.rgd
- Bugfix\data\attrib\abilities\guard_strafing_run_children_26.rgd
- Bugfix\data\attrib\abilities\guard_strafing_run_children_27.rgd
- Bugfix\data\attrib\abilities\guard_strafing_run_children_28.rgd
- Bugfix\data\attrib\abilities\guard_strafing_run_children_29.rgd
- Bugfix\data\attrib\abilities\guard_strafing_run_children_30.rgd

that the Vindicare Assassin's rifle also does slightly more than 100%
armour pierce against a number of targets, but it exceeds 100% by only
such a tiny amount (less than 1%) that a fix isn't really warranted and
thus hasn't been included.


you choose to install this addon, you will have to ensure anyone else
you're playing the Bugfix Mod with is using not only the same version of
the Bugfix mod, but has this addon installed as well.

It should work with most versions of the Bugfix mod without any problems.


you want to remove this addon after installing it without having to
reinstall the entire Bugfix mod, you can do so by running "Remove
Soulstorm Armor Pierce Fix Addon v1.46a.exe" from the Bugfix folder. It
will restore the 'basic' values of the Soulstorm Bugfix Mod.

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Bugfix Mod armour piercing fix
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Kasrkin84 Sep 10 2014 says:

Just in case anybody's wondering, even though it was developed for an earlier release, this add-on does still work fine for the most recent version of Bugfix (1.51 as I write this).

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