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This is the newest release of Narodnaya Solyanka (named "Narodnaya Solyanka 2016" by the developers). Unfortunately for the English Stalker community, the mod is only in Russian.

I'm personally hand-translating the entire mod to English. Additionally, included will be a quality third-party weapon pack as well as many minor edits.

The foundation of the NS storyline has stayed the same, but some things have changed. Many of the quests will seem familiar if you've played NS before, but they will have a new twist to them giving a much needed breathe of fresh air into NS.

Many of the NS maps have been recompiled in both it's geometry and AI grids. This fixed many of the bugs plaguing the older NS branches (out of memory crashes, etc.).

There have been added quest branches to the CoP maps.

Optimized scripts for fast loading.

Secondary task givers are stronger than normal NPCs, but are not immortal.

Ability to switch to different HUDs using the in-game menu.

2 new maps added onto the normal NS map expansion: Darkscape (taken from Lost Alpha) & Mine (exclusively made for this mod).

development 1

Primary Projects

  • Hand-translation from Russian to English (Currently at 30-40% completion)

Secondary Projects

  • Textures update
  • Shadersupdate

April 11th, 2018:

  • Will be spending the next week making a second pass through of secondary text files ensuring completion of translation.
  • Having some issues finding specific lines of dialog that I want to translate. Solyanka never fails to hide dialog in weird locations.
  • Finished compressing weapon textures.
  • Mod currently sits at 4.45GB zipped.

April 9th, 2018:

  • Adjusted shaders - now using Sky4ce Skygraphics 2.0 RC 4.1 shaders. Still requires tweaking.

April 7th, 2018:

  • Working on secondary text within the mod.

April 5th, 2018:

  • Implemented a modified .dll which enables the adjustment of FoV by using the in-game console (up to 90 FoV!)

April 4th, 2018:

  • Compressing weapon textures for smaller MB footprint
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Very interesting might try the mod after it comes out

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mint. Creator

Good to hear, hope you give it a go when it does!

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Its really nice that you delete comments. Its good to know that Moddb still have users that do that when someone point something or suggest something and author act like sullen teeneger.

As I said in deleted comment. If you use other people work, here TKGP translation for NS2016 you should give them credits.
It was machine translation but it had lots of manual fixes, and it was actually playable made because me and other people played it.

So you know, dont act like angry kid, people here are happy that you work on it, so dont delete comments that just suggest you something.
I'll report it to other users that you use their work without crediting them because its just not nice from your side to act like that(remember tat even if you delete comments I still get email notification with them, including your first respond that you admit that you use it).

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mint. Creator

I deleted your comments because if you wish to act silly, you can private message me. I was hoping to keep this comment section with actual constructive help, but I see the Stalker community can be toxic too.

1. You are talking about me not giving credit. I never said I wasn't going to give credit. You keep assuming things for some reason, it's a real bad habit of yours. I would really be interested to know where I said I wasn't going to credit anything used. Also the mod isn't even out yet, where the hell am I to put the credits right now, I do that in the readme once released. Additionally, I added the credits to what I have added in to the in game menu under "NS 2016 Credits" but you wouldn't know that because the mod ISNT OUT YET. It's sitting on my harddrive, are you able to see it from there? My guess is no. You love to make assumptions.

2. The translation is TWO PATCHES OLD. Some of the dialogs have been reworked and just plain moved within the files. The game wont start up with the newest patch with that machine translation, FYI.

3. Your suggestions were dumb. I used the TKGP for about 5 smaller files that I could skim through. The rest I'm hand translating. Why? Because machine translations are WRONG. I would have to sit there and verify that what the machine translation put is correct by going back into the initial Russian files and checking. I would rather just translate the work myself.

I don't know where you got it in your thick head of yours that I wasn't going to credit any work that I used,again you are just assuming.

Again, the mod hasn't bmeen released yet where exactly am I putting the credits and tell me where I said I wasn't going to credit anything?

You are just a hateful person wanting to start **** for no reason. You don't even know me and you come on here badgering me about credit use on something not even released yet. Maybe I should go to your texture mod page and talk garbage on there. Good thing I'm not you.

There, come back with more of your toxic behavior and pretend I say stuff when I don't. I just wanted to have a decent mod page on here and you come accusing me of not crediting.

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I really dont understand your anger here.

In deleted comment all what I suggested was to use older translation for base for new one. You acted like angry kid first posting offensive respond and then deleting my comment and your respond.

All what you should do is just say:
"Sorry, I could not use previous translation because its not compatible, but I used some part of it"

Thats it.

Now tell me how could my simple, polite suggestion could be a toxic behavior?

As I said I have email copy of all those comments and I will be happy to share it with all users.

If you cant handle neutral suggestion send by players I have no idea how you gonna feel when you release it and people will comment about small bugs. Do you gonna delete their comments too?
Im really sad that I need to tell other players about your behavior because Im happy about your work on NS2016 and such approach is really bad.

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He's doing good work on a mod. You're doing internet drama ******** here and on FP. Please stop and move on.

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Actually he doing drama acting like angry kid. I just have fun from it. Just another twitchy kid that dont like when someone suggest something to help him. You should first see original comments to see it.

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Choki broki, fellow STALKERS.

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mint. Creator

Make sure to click on the "Read More" button above to view current updates on the development.

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I'm excited, good luck ! :)

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mint. Creator

Thank you! :)

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