Three years have passed since the events of Black Mesa. After being signed up by the G-Man, Gordon Freeman now works as a secret agent, investigating serious crimes and disturbances. Little does he know that the routine investigation of a crime scene in an abandoned mine would result in an all-out war on terrorism... Solo Operations includes: - New character skins - New textures and HUD - New weapon sounds - Over an hour of tense action and exploration - Gripping story - Highest quality level design Solo Operations. Out now!

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4 TheUnbeholden

Sep 21st, 2012 2 people agree 0 people don't

It's awful good at trying to seem important with the constant objective updates that highlight the obvious, the level design is obviously not really good, like at all. It started to get a little better towards the end but then it takes a nose dive again. I would say for the combat it was quite tough there in the market place. But upto that point it was quite mediocre. There is one consistent thing that is a positive and thats the colour scheme being blueish and greyish, and it keeps that even when the textures change a bit through out the mod.
Its ending was really quite boring and impossible fighting that chopper and dying, in fact the market place key does not work and requires no clipping through.. so its unfinished mod basically.

-deleted- says
4 -deleted-

Dec 18th, 2013 0 people agree 0 people don't

Lots of the models are just reskinned, for example the Crowbar has a black color instead of the red one from Half Life. Same thing for the terrorists, strangely they are wearing soldier's clothes and their weapons are MP5, which is strange because terrorists usually use AK-47s. The mapping is very basic, the only nice part was in the city, but it was too small and the helicopter battle at the ending has a lot of bugs. You don't have any weapons to fight the helicopter and if you destroy it there is no ending cutscenes/credits.

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