SMOD Redux Version 9 is a modified SMOD Redux Version 8 by me.The differences in this mod is that all models and textures are updated with phong support and normal map, the normal maps are only updated, the phongs are new.I added a lot more shinny, now I have included them in most of textures, including also walls, floor and others, you MUST see the changes, IF not, please excuse, but you are really blind.I've REBUILT THE MODELS AND MATERIALS from ,,scratch,, I apologize that only the sounds I took from SDK Base 2007.I hope you like it

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Combine Soldiers Patch

Combine Soldiers Patch

Aug 28, 2012 Patch (20.47mb) 4 comments

This is a fix for combine soldier I forgotten to include, it a quick fix but essential, now the phong is no longer overbright, and looks like as exactly...

SMOD Redux Version 9 (V2)

SMOD Redux Version 9 (V2)

Aug 27, 2012 Full Version (295.58mb) 36 comments

This is the second version of smod v9, but now is better, with some new addons, affects, and others. It's a sightly difference, despite not huge. I know...

SMOD Redux Version 9 (V1)

SMOD Redux Version 9 (V1)

Jun 3, 2012 Full Version (389.34mb) 11 comments

This is the downloadable version of the game, full, but more releases soon!

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Released Jun 2012
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