Smod: Killpoint is a conversion mod for Half-Life 2. It not only has Smod content in it, but it has beautiful cinematic effects and lightings, adding a realistic touch. It has Five difficulties: recruit, solid, normal, intense, and elite. It also has a realism mode that disables the hud and adds blood to the screen each time the players are hurt. You also will only be able to hold a few weapons at a time. Difficulty descriptions: Recruit: Play with this if you are a beginner at shooters, or just wanna play it fun and simple. Solid: Designed for people who have little experiance with shooters. This is the default difficulty. Normal: If you have an average experience with shooters, this is the mode for you. Intense: If you are a challenger select this. Good luck. Elite: Just play this if you are the best of the best. Go hard, or go home. It also features Half Life 1 campaign! However, even upon release, it'll be VERY buggy.

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