Ever imagined HEV suit as a something more than a tic can? What if rebels used stolen combine techonlogy to create something more advanced, to create NHEV...

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mig81 says

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Clearly, this is one of the best HL2 mods ever made (and one of the best I have ever played)! The high quality amply demonstrates how much work the developers put into the NanoHev suit (the third-person view is quite welcome in this regard) and weapon design (the gun sounds blew me away and the little things—like the gun flourish—were the icing on the cake). I also appreciated the subtle (or not-so-subtle) jokes, like the rather clever take on "Pick up that can!" ;)

BulletTime works great, but I haven't figured out how to navigate the NanoHev suit menu, yet. Otherwise (aside from the occasional "Node graph out of date" message) the game runs well and looks and feels great.

All things considered, the mod (as of 1.5.7c) still needs a little work: a few of the textures are broken, the "quick kick" is a bit wonky (I sometimes need to be at an exact angle to something to break it), the jump is a bit sluggish, the laser dot ("f" key) seems to turn itself off sometimes (this seems to be behaviour inherited from the flashlight), and I couldn't find the "next weapon" and "previous weapon" key bindings.


Darkamo says

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very cool !


Shii says

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will DEFINITELY tweak the .cfg files and merge with css: sci fi levels

this is a great smod...mod...thing.


i think it can be better if you can switch your weapons with mousewhell up and down


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