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2009 on ModDB will be a fantastic year, so to start off its time for another Modcast.

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2009 on ModDB will be a fantastic year, so to start off it's time for another Modcast. This time I'm joined by show regular Chris Page and newcomer Mike Petersen for an enchanting discussion to start off the brand new year. So role up role up we have one delicious show for you all!



So that's it for this week modders, but don't fear we will be back next week with more mods and goss for you all to enjoy! Don't forget to send your modding/gaming questions to and we will answer the questions on the show!


yay 1st comment! whitch of these were live?

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This media has been deleted?

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It's not showing in ITunes at the moment.

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BG2 does have bullet drop. (sv_simulatedbullets 1)

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Yes indeed, perhaps you guys should come to a line battle, it doesn't seem like you've experienced the mod.

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Aw come on! My mod has been on the Moddb Headlines since 1 guys could at least have mentioned it! *disappointed*

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You don't want to know what "Spanner" means in German language. XD

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(SPOILER) kind of.

It's not user error on Lux don't worry ;) That first one involves you re-adjusting the focus of the light. You have to reflect the light using your right mouse button, as opposed to absorbing it. You can then adjust the focus by scrolling your mouse wheel, so it fits the receptor.

We are in the process of adding text hints to the demo so don't worry it's not in any way your fault ha ha.

We have now added a video demonstrating how the puzzles are completed. So if you get fed up of trying without any tutorial, you can view the full demonstration on the video.

Thanks for trying it , it's more of a proof of concept at the moment so forgive us for the lack of hints at this stage, we hope you got some kind of idea of what we are aiming for eventually anyway. :)

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Wow, you guys have some screwed up humour :D I'm beginning to listen to these things just cuz they're so damn funny. Heh.

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I never had problems with Kreedz, at least the servers I played in had saving positions.

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The BF2 engine doesnt allow us to swing from ship to ship in BF Pirates 2, but you *can* use grappling hooks to get around. Other than the new naval combat you guys mentioned, another huge update to the mod from earlier versions are the new gamemodes (zombie mode, ctf, etc). Come check us out!

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