Slums 2 is episode 2 engine`s mod. Nine maps, dark and creepy. Nothing innovative in gameplay, but still good regular shooter. Slums 2 was created by only two men, who were inspired by Silent Hill, Condemned, FEAR games. Mod does not provide new weapons or some special features.

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Slums 2 is a fairly short, yet incredibly detailed mod.

Gameplay mostly revolves around generic shooting. This may seem boring at first glance, but the general gunplay is from tried and proven Half-Life 2. AI placement is great, considering the cramped setting of the slums.

The lack of a story definitely hurt the mod. Adding a simple plot line to explain the strange intro dream, and why the character is fighting his way out of the slums, would greatly increase the immersion.

Atmosphere in this mod is absolutely fantastic. Crawling through grim, dark tunnels, just to climb out into the large, ruined cityscape shows the modder's attention to graphical detail and artistic design. The post-processing effects never felt too harsh, and largely influenced the shady art style.

The sounds and music quality is excellent. The new gunfire sounds are top-notch, sounding entirely natural with the default HL2 weapons.
The music was what caught my eye (or ear). Obviously designed to fit the retro style, the music is a fantastic mix of soundtrack and electronic. Timing of the music was impeccable, and usually ended perfectly after the firefights.

Sadly, the levels suffer from some rapid change of pace. One minute, you're fighting Combine in the apartments. A few minutes later, you're slowly heading through zombie-infested tunnels. Again, back to Combine. The style of play changes far too quickly, and I believe it would have been better to have two or three major play-style changes.

For strong atmosphere, solid and proven gameplay, beautiful sounds, and graphical excellence, I give Slums 2 a 9 out of 10.

Excellent mod. It focuses on portraying a slums area very well. Battle is well paced and overall gameplay is fun.

I really like the feel of this mod. Mostly because it's so dark, and depressing but in a good way! I really love how it looks aswell! The graphics are amazing, and the gameplay is pretty much standard. All in all, if you're looking for a short but awesome campaing, then try this mod!

+ Great textures
+ Good Detailing
+ Good damage scaling and gameplay
+ Good difficulty level
+ Good length
+ Color correction was awesome

- Too much shotgun ammo, need more variation
- Ending was a bit dull

One of the best mods I've ever played for HL2:EP2

the atmosphere was really creepy it was real good. Keep up the good work diolator hope u make a 3rd one

Excellent mod, it's long enough to satisfy, creepy enough to get that atmosphere and yet it has a lot of action.


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