Welcome to the Skyrim Enhancement Project!
So far its just me (OsoDEADLY) working on the mod, if anyone would like to help then be my guest! I plan on mainly enhancing the following things:
-Enhancing and adding on to player homes.
-Reworking cities/towns and expanding them.
-Adding in lots of NPC's (merchants, skill mentors and normals) and followers.
-Quests, glorious quests! (Not to skilled at quest making but anything is possible!)
-Adding in new models for houses,buildings etc... (Im not a skilled modeler so this wont happen until I get one)
-Add Dark Brotherhood initiates to the Dawnstar sanctuary. (It feels empty for its large size)
-REQUESTS! Definatley anything you community followers would like added I will try my best!

And yes, I know the cover is terrible. Its a placeholder (im not that good at computer art&editing either.)

CREDITS TO Star Wars the Old Republic for the mod text.
All screenshots are taken with ENB cinematics mod.
Skyrim Enhancement Project

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Lack of progress...


Lately there has been a HUGE lack in progress, school and social life is getting in the way of my modding. Im still modding skyrim, eaw and cod 4, except not as much as before. You can expect many bug fixes coming up for the kixxi drop, such as her becoming unique and esentail, instead of just invulnerable.

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try multiplayer

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Looks great. Diffidently with the More non player characters. <---
(Didn't want to make myself look stupid by putting wrong abbreviation) in the dawnstar sanctuary. Keep it up!


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I think I have the perfect combination of mods for all-round in-depth feel and basic graphical enhacements.
Realistic lighting (without post processing)
2K textures
Sunglare V3
SkyTEST Improved Animal behavior
Flora Overhaul
Lush Trees
Lush Grass

These mods don't take up that much framerate, so they should be okay for most users, I use it right now and Skyrim looks awesome.

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OsoDEADLY Creator

ill definatley try it, thanks!

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Why would the EnB stuff screw up my Skyrim?
Any ideas?

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OsoDEADLY Creator

ENB is a .dll file and some ini files, so certain graphics mods would be incompatible

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On a serious note, can you kick up the follower count and allow followers to ride horses?

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OsoDEADLY Creator

I can most likely kick up the follower count, but the whole riding horses thing would take alot of work. Ill see what I can do after I finish up to drop 6 and finish mapping for another mod for another game.

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EnB you say?

Sorry, I've tried it and it screwed up Skyrim.
But have you ever thought (just for fun) of implementing the dance mod?

It's pretty easy to install, and a heck of a lot of fun when in a city. If you could improve it so that everyone can play every animation (rather one at any time you play Skyrim) THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!
Peace via DANCE!
New Shout of Power Learned:

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Actually, how about everyone (except beasts like deer, dragons) start dancing after Shouting Par-Ti-Rok? Otherwise the continuous dancong would look a little annoying.
Doubt you would EVER add it though.

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