SKELETAL RAGE Created by Nikhil Sharma ABOUT Skeletal Rage Skeletal Rage, started out as another Footmen Wars clone, but ended up being more fun and 'evolved' version of that game. Now it sports new unique units and gameplay eliminating any boredom caused by original footmen wars game. Remember, this game is too easy to learn for only those who can spare 20-30 min's max learning the gameplay (prob less time). If you're one of those people who can't bother learning new gameplay only cause you're used to playing age old games like DOTA and Footmen Wars, then don't bother, cause it will only get harder for you. I 'RECOMMEND' playing this game offline against computer AI. First, you can use the cinematic tutorial to learn more about gameplay (NOTE: Cinematic tutorial, not boring text tutorial). If you want a quick tutorial, then you have the option of reading the text version during gameplay. Skeletal Rage comes with two modes: MODE...

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Skeletal Rage (v0.7)

Skeletal Rage (v0.7)

Jan 10, 2006 Multiplayer Map proprietary licence (1.15mb) 1 comment

Skeletal Rage: EXTREMITIES (v0.7) Created by Nikhil Sharma Change Log - Skeletal Rage AI v4.3 - Updated for TFT Patch 1.20b - AI has been...

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