Situation Outbreak is an Orange Box mod about the impending zombie apocalypse. Armed with nothing but a 9mm and a pair of brass knuckles, you must do whatever it takes to survive against the thousands of zombies that used to be your friends and neighbors. The cost of failure is nothing less than your free will. There are no heroes. No single person can save the world and there are not enough bullets to go around. The only thing left to do is to kill the damned, hoping that you don’t end up like them.

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tiki23877 says

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Its good, but if the mapping was better I would give it a 10.

Situation Outbreak, is a near perfect game in the horror category. Not only giving players the feel of a true zombie game, but also allowing players to work together to survive for as long as possible. Situation Outbreak is a co-op survival zombie game, with really intricate maps and giving players the oppertunity to make simplistic to advanced stratergies. This zombie Outbreak deserves a 10 as not only is it a modification that, I believe, has a far more advanced concept for a zombie game but also is still in development with relatively frequent updates.

I would give it a 10 however at the time of this review there was a couple of bugs and features I wish to be implemented. One addition to the game would be the continuation of levels on a server, this would give layers a reason to come back, another would be the ability to see a players experience points and level somewhere in the hud, and I think players would enjoy also if the map swapped on end map, not just at the end of a timer.

Overall Situation Outbreak is a far better free to play game then a lot of others, heck I even would say it even compares if not better then l4d series. 9/10

Its really fun and its just amazing when you get some people playing it. The guns are cool and feel right. The night vision is just, stunning and really help. The only real problems I can see is that most of the maps just do not feel right or even remotely realistic. None of the buildings are ever furnished and the layouts are terrible. It doesn't make the game less entertaining it simply leaves a bad taste in my mouth. ( That's what she said) Like for example, this one map, I believed its called valley, it just makes no sense. You start at the end of a road, and are asending a gentle incline in a valley toward a church. Lining this very short valley are what appear to be bunkers and the church is just strange. Also there is no road. It just makes no sense. I believe most of the weapons are underpowered as well. If you doubled the ammo, tripled the damage of the guns, and doubled the amount of zombies it would be real fun. What these modders need to understand is that we want to shoot something in the head and see it drop...its just satisfying and fun. With all the negativity in my review I still give it a 9 because its so ******* fun and some of the maps are 'A' Ok by me


StriderRider says

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Oh, this game is pretty damn good. And this review shall somehow contain spoilers.


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