Situation Outbreak is an Orange Box mod about the impending zombie apocalypse. Armed with nothing but a 9mm and a pair of brass knuckles, you must do whatever it takes to survive against the thousands of zombies that used to be your friends and neighbors. The cost of failure is nothing less than your free will. There are no heroes. No single person can save the world and there are not enough bullets to go around. The only thing left to do is to kill the damned, hoping that you don’t end up like them.

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Sep 15th, 2012

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Sep 3rd, 2012

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Mar 31st, 2012

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Aug 10th, 2010

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Jul 14th, 2010

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Jun 9th, 2010

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May 9th, 2010

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Apr 6th, 2010

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Feb 5th, 2010

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Jan 30th, 2010

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