This (D2kA) is my mod for the OpenRA game with the goal to improve on Dune2k gameplay in multiple small steps. New content and inspirations from the Dune books take precedence over balance changes, initialy.
(See DONE FEATURES for new Content)

Join me on Thursdays 18:00 - 21:00 UTC in the OpenRA d2k online lobby for d2k or d2kA games. Info here as soon as my schedule allows it.
June 22 - Yes, Dunesday again! Join me today :) No new maps, yet, (as I have been lazy) but all published maps are on a fairly high standard now :) Btw. look at the awesome new D2kA banner!!!

Step 1 (83% done): Create five interesting modded multiplayer maps for OpenRA Dk2 featuring just-as-much-as-needed content. Those maps are vsMission maps, which means they are mission scripted Co-op maps, but your adversary is actually another player.

Step 2 : Organize a quater annualy D2kA weekend tournament with the vsMis maps, open for all OpenRA players and (if possible) covered by a OpenRA caster.

Step 3 : Publish D2kA as an OpenRA standalone mod while trying to feed as many D2kA features back to the OpenRA developers as possible. So optimaly the mod would merge and vanish into the official d2k release after some (long) time.

Step 4 : Continue with the Dune 2k Extended mod... (featuring Corrino, Mercenaries and Fremen)

* Four [vsMis] maps.
In "Atreides Mission 1" the Atreides defend their harvest operations against Harkonnen air assaults.
In "Three Outopsts" three factions try FFA style to either harvest enough resources or outright detroy all oppposition.
In "Harkonnen Aftermath" Atreides try to seize an abandoned Ordos base from the Harkonnen claws.
In "War of Assassins" Ordos and Harkonnen engage in infantry-only ritual fighting to settle a dispute.
* New faction specific light units.
Atreides (superiority) get a turreted trike and light thopters, Harkonnen (health) a HMG Quad and a troop transport, Ordos (agility&stealth) nothing new ;)
* Reworked and expanded elite Infantry.
The too generic Grenadier was replaced by the Atreides Loyalist, a fearsome and fast warrior. Ordos Saboteurs can now blow up Carryalls, if the timing is right. Harkonnen Sardaukar are now uncrushable and have a close combat attack, making them very hard to remove. A new infantry unit was introduced for each faction: The Harkonnen Assassin, the Ordos Guild Agent and the Atreides Propaganda Corps! (See images)
* New faction specific heavy units.
All Atreides heavy units are veteran. They also get an armend harvester. Ordos get a Harvester immune to worms as well as turreted siege tank and missile tank units.
* Air reinforcement powers on an upgraded outpost.
These allow the three factions to call in reinforcements via carryall to an arbitrary location on the map. Each faction gets other units.
* Silos are upgradeable to increase income.
This is one step to make silos a viable player choice. Right now only gives a flat bonus, but this will change.
* Reworked build queues.
There is no bonus for multiple production structures. The MCV has all build queues, the outpost builds upgrades and the palace defenses.
This makes losing the MCV not as devastating, while providing a new, unique approach to build queues in OpenRA. Intended to force players to master each aspect of their army and use mind games to gain advantage.
* New starting unit option: A (mobile) crane.
This unit also replaces the starport MCV. It can only build basic buildings, is re-deployable and cannot produce defenses or upgrades.
* A mentat advisor.
Helping with mission goals and game rules in general.

PLANNED FEATURES (short, as might change any time):
* Custom heavy factory units for all factions.
* Special passive and reworked active powers of the palace.
* Damaged buildings do not do their job as well as full health buildings.
* Full Mentat Advisor, giving advice and hints to starting players and assisting higher level players.

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What the whole new unit list?

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SirCakealot Creator

Hi Arios,
to answer your question - the strictly new (as in never seen before) UNITS in the mod, when finished will be:
mobile crane(@starport), mercenary tank(@starport), thopter.
turreted trike, turreted harvester, loyalist, propaganda corps.
HMG quad, harvester, troop crawler, assassin.
guild agent, harvester.

Also several units have been changed serverely in how they work:
sardaukar, fremen, missile tanks, siege tanks, saboteurs. For details, please check the images I posted and their descriptions.

Cheers and thanks for your interest!

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