Sins of a Generation is a full conversion mod for Sins Rebellion. Currently with multiple models ready for the initial development and finally, release of the mod, we are short on hands with this. So, as of now, we are recruiting. Join today! Send Me and Faced a PM to join!

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Anywhere [OLD] Texture Artist Needed at Sub-Atomic Studios

texture artist needed sub-atomic studios anywhere artists we are currently looking for a texture artist and a composer. we currently don't dive a damn about skill but we are looking for people who wish to show their work to the world then please apply. we are very open with what you do but we tend not to stray too far from the original idea. hit me up if you think you have what it takes and we'll talk about it. we are also looking for other people like extra 3d modelers, and concept artists. for the 3d modelers you must be able to model, rig and uv unwrap models and make them acceptable to our standards

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Sub-Atomic Studios
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