SoGE is a Star Wars Total Conversion for SoaSE: Rebellion with it's roots in the Homeworld 2 mod Star Wars: Warlords which features the two primarily sides of the Galactic Civil War, the Clone Wars, and the Yuuzhan Vong War. The current public version works for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion 1.82/1.83 and, with or without, all DLC. Rated #6 players choice in MOTY 2014. An editors choice in MOTY 2015.

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I have to give it a seven. While the mod most certainly looks nice, it's scale, both visually and gameplay-wise, doesn't work well in Sins. All costs have been increased and so has resource collection, but they feel harder to control as a result. As for the appearance, all the systems appear to have been scaled up in size and the ships scaled down. I would have preferred the game to have more of a vanilla Sins feel than it has now because it makes you feel more involved when you can see your ships without having to zoom in nearly all of the way. Also, ships feel too fast, at least from a game play perspective.

It seems like a lot of these elements were made to be more reflective of the scale of the Star Wars universe, but it ends up feeling like the elements of the game were stretched to their limit to get that effect. On the other hand, I still believe it to be a very playable mod and those issues I note are mostly able to be overlooked with a little effort.

Great mod visually but the scale is a bit off. The gravity wells feel too large for the ships and the ranges of ships doesn't allow the beauty of multiple models to be seen at once which significantly reduces my enjoyment.

Technically well done but as mentioned, personally, enjoyment is lacking which is what gaming is all about.

-Models are well crafted
-Size is canon
-Well balanced
-large ships are too fast (put them on slow and they are the same speed as the fighters)
-fighters are too slow
-not enough fighters (more could cause sins to crash though)
-size makes ships difficult to see
-asteroid shipyard has 104 logistics slots???
-The excess ability points bugs me
-600 scout frigates crash the game


Let me Start off with a 7.

Anything less would trash the amount of work put into the development of this mod, and the fact this mod lies in early Alpha means there is still far to be added.

First i would like to start off with the fact that there are very few ships for each Faction, and they all start off researched. This leads into the game being very fast paced in the even early levels of the game which does not fit in well with certain levels of game-play.
Ship are sized awfully small and go awfully fast, which is not even correct from a star-wars point of view and it ruins the whole idea of the Capital-Ship friendly Empire, and not only that but it pushes far from the base game of Sins and overall does not feel well while playing. Large fleet sizes also gets rid of some of the immersion due to Star Wars tended to have smaller fleets.
Research trees are limited and small, and seem a bit repetitive over a few of the factions. This is not to big of a problem but adds to the ideas of the games being a bit rushed.

This is all i will add as of currently, and my review may change as development of this mod continues.

I will have to agree with some of the other reviewers here. The super tiny ships take away from the work put into the ships not to mention the fighters. I would be nice to see the actual space battles and not zoom in only to find my capital ship firing at clip-art in the distance.

The battles themselves seem to be well done haven't felt at a total disadvantage for any side i have played. lots of fire going between ships to make for a good show. some of the smaller ships however take damage so quickly its hard to get them out before they pop.

I like the variety of planets that the player can come across at the fortress worlds with large militia ships makes for a nice challenge outside of the run of the mill pirate base.

when zooming from star system to star system because the icons have all been removed its a task to pick out which star is actually part of the game and not part of the pretty background not to mention you have to check each star to see where allies may or may not be instead of a quick scroll out glace to find out who is where, other missing indicators leave my hunting for the info that show be readily available.

Ship roster for some of the factions like the CIS makes the faction feel a little thin and eventually results in the same 3 ships being built in mass.

So here is my score
+10 because its starwars and you did a really good job getting in all the iconic ships and nifty planets
-1 for small ships
-1 for visual icons and identifiers missing.
-1 for ship roster for some factions

Where to start? Unit sizes are way too small, and the resources to say...Intolerateabble. This complettely ruins the game's amazing features. I like the idea of you can chose wich supercap type you want to use, and absolutely like how the mod works. The only real problem beside unit sizes is the economy... Too easy to loose controll of everithing...
If we would close our eyes over theese, this would be a 10/10 game, but theese are serious issues, what should dealt with.
Do not listen to the 10/10 fanboys and fangirls who give a 10 only cuz it's Star Wars, and the models looks good...

Whilst the mod is very good and both sounds and visual effects are breath taking and awesome, the game severely lacks in stability after enabling the mod, however when the game does work it is very good and I love playing it very much, it would appear however the game likes to crash and make minidump files and decides not to work, even with reinstall of both the game and the mod.

A good mod revamping Star Wars to the next level in Sins of the Solar Empire. It is a great mod but has bugs, but, it is a mod, so they can be "Ironed" out.

Sins of a Galactic Empire is one of five Star Wars modifications for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, and it currently stands as the best. This position is sustained by the mod's wide array of content, good visuals, and consistency of content between the provided factions.

Why a seven? Well, aside from what the mod gets right, there is quite a bit more that it gets wrong. Some of the model quality is inconsistent, especially looking at the lower quality Vong ships. Many of the weapon particle effects are also quite sloppy and uninteresting. From a game play standpoint, much of what made SoaSE a great game was altered, and not for the better. The mod redundantly bloats the entire game economy, ship health and damage, and fighter quantity of the ships, while also making capital ships as available as frigates. The small size of the ships and long range of their weapons also creates visually lacking combat scenarios. The mod does attempt to fix some of this with "extension mods", but that creates extra installation effort without resolving the issues in the core mod, which is a pointless mess. Why would you admit there are problems but not truly fix them? I cannot answer that question. There are also annoyances such as excess ability points on capital ships that remove from the game polish.

Aside from all of this, Sins of a Galactic Empire still stands as the most finished Star Was mod for SoaSE. Will it stay on the top? I personally believe that some of the upcoming Star Wars mods that are aiming for a more polished feel will eventually surpass SoaGE, however they currently fall short of this.

Ratings are quite pointless, as in the end all that matters is whether or not you should spend your time on this mod or not. My verdict is;

Yes, this mod is worth spending your time on.

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